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*Prices correct as of 6th April 2020, based upon a 6 month storage including promotional discounts and new customer offers. These prices are for quoted storage within the Kennington area, Central London.

**Competitor prices do not reflect van/vehicle hire, insurance, packing materials or other associated costs. Stored prices shown include London zone 1-3 collection, storage, packing crates and £500 standard liability cover.

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Student Offers

London's best storage service includes:

Pick-up from your home or office

Return straight to your door

Online inventory

Rental of 80L storage crates and packing materials

Flexible pick-up slots

£500 standard liability

5 star service & support

Price guarantee vs self-storage

Self storage pricing

Customise your service with additional options such as packing assistance and disposals.

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Why Do You Need Storage Units in London?

Around 200,000 people a year move to London while the city gets over 30 million visitors annually, a number exponentially rising.

It is also home to one of the largest student populations in the UK. This should start giving you a clear idea of why anyone would be looking for self storage units or searching for “storage facilities near me”.

Being host to a vibrant international student community as well as a national hub for businesses, London has young individuals who move their house as frequently as every 6 months (some even sooner) or annually.

Otherwise, the average person moves house about 11 times in a lifetime. Moving house is one of the many reasons cheap storage facilities or self storage units are required in London.

The need for extra storage facilities in London is also rising as a result of the ever increasing rent prices. The large influx of people results in less available space and a huge increment in rental rates. The size of the average home is now smaller.

As apartments are small, there is little to no place to store extra belongings. As a result, this further increases the need for self storage units to keep all extra belongings safe.

Sounds like gibberish?

All of these statistics and situations are legitimate proof that long term storage units in London are the need of the time!

If you can relate to one of the stats mentioned above and have searched for cheap storage units near me on Google, STORED’s all-inclusive cheap storage services in London are great news for you!

Need more statistics emphasizing the need for cheap storage space or self storage units?

The city hosts a growing number of startups and small businesses. Moreover, the average household has over 300,000 items and growing.

Everyone from business owners to the average person living in London, should definitely be looking for “cheap storage facilities near me” and easy access to long term storage.

Finding cheap self storage units would definitely be an option- but we can take the “self” out of self storage and give you something even better!

Access to a cheap storage unit helps you make the most of space as well as save money without much effort or stress.

If you have not given a thought to renting out a cheap storage unit to safeguard your belongings, inventory, or furniture, then now is the perfect time to do so!

And, if you choose STORED’s storage service, you will be doing nothing at all yourself and saving money, time, and energy at the same time.

What can be better than this?

Ready to get a service better than renting a self storage unit in London? Stop searching for “self storage facilities near me” and start using STORED!

Stop searching for “self storage facilities near me” and start using STORED!

We have the perfect solution - taking the “self” out of self storage and giving you a thoroughly convenient package!

We offer both short-term and long term storage at incredible prices. We don’t just rent out self storage units but we offer a full-fledged complete solution that goes from your doorstep to the storage unit and back!

So it’s definitely very convenient storage, but since you aren’t doing anything, it’s not “self storage” anymore!

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STORED Cheap Storage Units in London for Home Use

STORED’s cheap storage units are not only suited for people moving to a new house or students but are just as much needed by everyone else for different reasons.

You probably fret over the lack of space to put all of your stuff in on a daily basis and if you have searched for “cheap storage units” or “long term self storage facilities near me”, you are exactly the type of person that will appreciate the cheap storage units offered by STORED.

What makes STORED’s cheap storage services stand out compared to self storage units is their exceptional customer service along with all the additional services that are offered, such as FREE collection!

Normally, self storage units require you to pack your stuff and transport it to your selected unit yourself. However, STORED offers you a door-to-door cheap storage service that will do all the hard work for you at a low price!

We pick up from your doorstep, take your stuff to the storage units, and you can book a return when you wish and your belongings will be returned where you want them!

Coming in a variety of sizes and having the ability to hold all sorts of things, STORED’s cheap storage units are ideal for you if you need to store the extra sports equipment you have for fun family sports events, your gardening tools and equipment, your camping gear, etc!

Short and long term storage units have never been so economical.

If you are a fashionista, you probably have an overflowing wardrobe and need to keep the clothing not in season, out of the way.

Free up some wardrobe space by utilizing STORED’s cheap storage services! Your home deserves to be organized and spacious and we can take the extra stuff off your hands.

We offer a convenient and a hassle-free arrangement. All this stuff will be picked up from your doorstep and safely put away to complete a service that is better than renting self storage units. Enjoy the extra room at your house or apartment!

Everyone needs a cheap storage space at some time and we provide a service that cares about your situation and your budget! We are priced much lower than the costs you would incur if you were renting self storage units.

You can also get great deals on long term storage units to store your bulkier items, like your extra furniture, after you move house or get new furniture.

Perhaps you have extra chairs for parties, a projector for your garden, some old statues, and a million other things that you use once in a blue moon! We keep everything safe and sound.

When renting long-term storage units for periods over 6 months, you can avail a fantastic 15% off rental price.

With such fantastic deals, there is no need to search for “storage facilities near me” and you can simply opt for STORED. We pick up your belongings from any London address without you having to go anywhere.

And we re-emphasize, the best part about our cheap storage service is it is all-inclusive.

That means you call us, we help you pack and disassemble, pick up the stuff from your address, take your stuff to the storage units, and then you can book a return when you require it.

Our service comes with a moving van and a two-man team to help handle your belongings! A complete STORED service that offers much cheaper storage than those offering self-storage units!

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STORED Storage Units in London for Students

Going for a vacation or dying to go back home? As a student, you will come across many situations when you will need some cheap storage space (literally)! We can give you access to cheap storage units and the easiest and most hassle-free storage facilities in London that exist!

As a student, you are probably always on the clock and on a tight budget- we make sure our package is a total time and money-saver, plus a lot more!

Hiring a self storage unit would require you to pack all your stuff yourself, transport it to the self storage units and unload it there as well. This is quite a tiring and time-taking process even if someone has opted for “storage facilities near me”.

STORED’s all-inclusive cheap storage service comes to your rescue!

Your self storage worries are ours now! Your stuff is our business and we handle it from your doorstep to the storage unit! No hassle, no extra travel expenses, and minus the tug and pull required in case of renting self storage units.

Customization is our biggest strength.

We understand that not all people have generalized needs. If someone is looking for “long term storage facilities near me”, we offer them something different from those that only want to rent a unit for a month or two.

We believe in offering customers flexibility at STORED and we strive to achieve it thoroughly.

We offer flexible packages for different durations either short- or long-term storage.

Additionally, you can opt for our seasonal storage package, lite package, opt for a little more help with packing, share a larger storage unit with friends, or ask about any other arrangements that suit you!

We also provide a 15% discount for students when they are storing for over 3 months-savings all around!

STORED offers the easiest and most affordable storage solution in London you can ever hope for! People looking for long term storage options tend to prefer storage facilities in close vicinity and that is why our services extend to most zones in London- you book and we’ll be there!

As we said, it all starts with a call or an online booking.

After that, our team arrives at your doorstep, helps you pack if you wish, takes your belongings, and brings them to the storage unit. The service is fast, cheaper than self storage units, and gives you a complete solution- because it is not just storage, it is much more than that!

Transportation, loading time, and £500 standard liability coverage is included in the package. Plus, you can rent crates and other packing material to pack your belongings.

We can also ship your stuff internationally if you ever need it while you are out of the country. In addition to this, we offer online inventory for you to be aware of exactly what your storage space holds all the time!

No need to search for “self storage facilities near me” or “cheap storage units around me” when you have a high-quality, top-notch affordable service that you will choose for a lifetime!

Check out STORED storage services now and you will never be on the lookout for cheap storage units and packing or transportation services again! We are the best because you do not come to us, we come to you!

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STORED Cheap Storage London for Businesses and Commercial Needs

Are you a business or a startup that needs extra space for inventory, machinery, and supplies? With the high rental rates for office space, an increasing number of businesses are opting for commercial self storage space to cater to their needs!

It is also best for online businesses that need a place to store their supplies and merchandise!

We understand how important the other things in your business are- such as growth, employee motivation, achieving new milestones, and making tons of sales.

Packing and storing your stuff in self storage units should not be a priority on your list of things to do. This is exactly why we take care of it for you! Your growth is our growth.

What else could be better than getting long term storage facilities offered by STORED rather than opting for self storage units that would eventually end up costing much more due to packing and transportation of your belongings?

STORED’s long term storage facilities are the perfect answer to your short and long term storage woes.

How does it work? We help with all of it.

Book a day and our two-man team arrives to pick up your items, takes them to the storage units safely, and then also returns them whenever you need them!

It is a simple process that gives you the opportunity to focus on your business rather than always being on the lookout for short term or “long term storage facilities near me”! An easy, no-hassle, no-stress formula for a never-ending success story!

At STORED you can not only rent out cheap storage units, but you can also rent packing material, keep a close eye on your inventory with our online inventory service, and we also offer £500 liability coverage.

You will never opt for self storage units again and terms like “long term storage facilities near me” and “cheap self storage units” will definitely never come up in your internet search history. Today, STORED leads the way!

If you want to find out more about our business and commercial storage services and how they can be of use to you, click here.

Located in Brighton and are not sure if you can avail our cheap storage services? We provide excellent commercial short term and long term storage services in Brighton as well!

Our aim is to facilitate as many businesses as possible and create an unmatchable experience for them, which is why we are expanding our horizons to reach London's surrounding areas!

Located in Brighton and are not sure if you can avail our cheap storage services? We provide excellent commercial short term and long term storage services in Brighton as well!

Our aim is to facilitate as many businesses as possible and create an unmatchable experience for them, which is why we are expanding our horizons to reach London's surrounding areas!

Keep your stuff safe and store with us!

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Moving house in London

Hassle-Free Self Storage in London By STORED

Self storage units may sound like an easy and, at times, cheap storage option but the effort of packing, travelling, and picking up items from your home and taking them to the storage units causes a lot of sweat and tears.

Furthermore, there is all that time wasted that you could have spent doing something else. Also, it adds to travelling costs even if you have picked an option from your list of “storage facilities near me”.

The addition of these extra transportation and loading costs makes these self storage units much more expensive.

We love celebrating life with you- just as it should be- convenient, happy, and affordable. That is why we offer cheap storage units with a complete package that includes pickup & returns, online inventory, and £500 liability coverage.

We understand the sentimental value of your belongings. Treating your belongings with the utmost care and consideration is our foremost priority. What means a lot to you, means a lot to us, and we make sure your stuff is taken good care of!

Our short term and long term storage service is better than self storage for a variety of reasons including:

  • No travel expenses
  • No tug and pull as compared to self storage units
  • Online inventory management
  • Storage units are cheaply priced
  • £500 liability coverage
  • Extra packing services and packing materials available
  • And complete peace of mind!

A worry-free formula for you to spend time on other important things that matter rather than running back and forth from self storage units or looking out for “long term storage facilities near me”!

Enjoy London’s most hassle-free storage service, that takes the “self” out of self storage!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much are STORED storage units near me in London?

Prices of storage units differ based on their size and how long you are planning to use them. Longer durations equal bigger discounts. The prices for storage units range from £75.65 for a 12 sq ft unit to £644.3 for a 200 sq ft unit per month. You can view prices here.

How do I book STORED’s storage units facilities near me?

You can book through multiple ways. You can choose to call us at 020 3637 1234 or email You can also choose to live chat with us or click here to book our services.

How much time is needed to pack up and move my stuff into the Stored van?

Your package comes with some free loading time ranging from 15 minutes to one hour based on the size of your storage unit. You can purchase extra loading time on a 30-minute basis for additional help. You can also purchase time to help you pack and disassemble items.

Any custom storage plans available?

You are welcome to speak to our experts for a custom storage plan. Call 020 3637 1234 or live chat with us whenever you wish.

Do STORED storage units in London cover any liabilities?

Your package comes with £500 liability coverage and you can opt to purchase extended coverage if you wish.

Is the STORED self storage alternative available outside of London’s 1-3 zones?

Yes, you can easily use our great service in Zones 4-6 at a nominal surcharge. If you live beyond zone 6, please speak to the team in order to discuss options and pricing accordingly.

I have found a self storage alternative in London near me - What’s the extra/add-on offered by STORED?

STORED offers a pick up and return service that includes a moving van, two-man team, £500 liability coverage, and extra services that make the experience much more convenient. These extra services include a packing service, option to rent packing materials such as 80 litre crates, purchase packing boxes, and you can also purchase extra loading time.

You are free to choose slots for collection and purchase evening and weekend slots and opt for returns or part-returns of your items.