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When you want to clear some clutter but don’t have the heart to get rid of it all, professional storage is the best option. STORED provide Stonebridge storage services to help you out of lots of situations. Rent a storage unit in our secure South London warehouse at an affordable price.

We take as much stress as possible out of the storage process. We’ll send our men to pick up your things for free, even packing and disassembling for you if you want to pay a little extra. They’ll transport your things to our warehouse (don’t worry about paying any petrol costs) and pack everything up securely in your storage unit. Whenever you want some or all of your items back, just book a delivery with us and let us know what you want us to return. Stonebridge storage is as easy as that with STORED.

image step 1 book

You book

image step 2 collect

We collect
your stuff

image step 3 store

Store it

image step 4 return

Return it
where and when
you want it

It's as Simple as that.
Here is what our customers say about their experience

I was massively impressed by the STORED packing team today. Worked SO hard and I couldn't offer them so much as a cup of tea before they'd finished packing.

Jason + Amanda

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