24 Kitchen Storage Ideas for Your Tiny Kitchen (2019 Edition)

Are you looking for kitchen storage ideas for your small kitchen? 

Then you must read this article. 

Here is what you’ll find inside:

  • Kitchen storage solutions
  • Kitchen storage racks
  • Kitchen cabinet organisers
  • Spice rack ideas
  • Kitchen cabinet storage ideas
  • Kitchen cupboard storage solutions

So if you want to free up some space in your tiny kitchen, you’ll need these 24 kitchen storage ideas. 

Let’s dive right into the ideas!

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Idea #1: Use The Tops Of Your Cabinets

Idea #2: Downsize Your Appliances

Idea #3: Turn Windows Into Storage

Idea #4: Under The Shelf Storage

Idea #5: Use The Top Of Your Fridge

Idea #6: Use The Space Next To The Fridge

Idea #7: Get Creative With Blind Corner Cabinets

Idea #8: Use A Magnetic Strip For Storage

Idea #9: Use Tiered Shelf Organisers

Idea #10:  Turn Your Stove Into Counter Space

Idea #11: Over The Door Storage Rack

Idea #12: Over The Sink Caddy

Idea #13: Pull-Out Storage Basket

Idea #14: Pot and Pan Organiser

Idea #15: 2 Tier Fruit Bowl

Idea #16: Expandable Dish Drainer

Idea #17: Add A Kitchen Trolley

Idea #18: Rotating Jar Organiser

Idea #19: Hang Your Pots And Pans Above You

Idea #20: Organise Your Food Containers

Idea #21: 3 Tier Vegetable Stand

Idea #22: Use The Space Next To The Fridge

Idea #23: Use Seating With Storage

Idea #24: Find a Reliable Storage Solution

Idea #1: Use The Tops Of Your Cabinets

White kitchen having items stored at the top of the cabinets.

Image Source: The Spruce

Using the empty space above your cabinets is one of the easiest and cheapest kitchen storage solutions. Some people decorate this area but if you have a tiny kitchen, use that free space to your advantage.

It can be hard to reach so don’t store items you use everyday up there but this is a good spot for those holiday or seasonal items. You can even store them in a decorative bin if you want it to look less cluttered.

Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Cabinets With Space Between the Top and The Ceiling

Price: Free

Website: N/A 

Idea #2: Downsize Your Appliances

Small kitchen appliance full of plates, spoon, knifes, porks and glasses.

Image Source: Remodelista

Downsizing your appliances can be a great solution for small kitchen organisation although it is one of the grander kitchen organisation ideas. Normal kitchen appliances are big and bulky. They can eliminate a lot of storage space in any kitchen.

The small kitchen appliance market has grown over the past few years with the trend of people living in smaller homes. Now there are many options for narrow fridges, countertop burners, drawer dishwashers and more. With a little kitchen remodeling you can really transform storage areas.

Category: Kitchen Appliances

Ideal for: Small Kitchens

Price: £599.55

Website: AJ Madison

Idea #3: Turn Windows Into Storage

Windows having pans stored in front of them in a beautiful kitchen.

Image Source: Julia-Brenner

Transform your window into a kitchen storage unit. Not only can you store your plants in the window ledge, you can also utilise this space to organise your pots and pans or any other dish that you don’t have room for in a cabinet. This is a cheap kitchen storage idea that you do not want to pass up on. 

This is also simple storage solution for a small kitchens. If you don’t have the cabinet space for all your cookware, install a shower curtain rod and some hooks to use the space in the window. It can also spice up your kitchen and act as decoration in your home. 

Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Kitchens with Medium Windows 

Price: £12.50 for 5 hooks, £10.02 for a curtain rod

Website: www.nordicnest.com, house365.eu

Idea #4: Use Space Under Shelves

Space under shelves used as a place to store items.

Image Source: A Place For Everything

Have too many spices that you don’t have enough counter space for? This spice rack idea extends your storage beneath the shelf. Add a small hanging shelf inside your pantry or cabinet to create additional space. 

Most spices are the same size so it can be difficult to see the ones in the back. This simple kitchen shelf idea will also help organise your spices or food so you can easily see them.

Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Kitchen With Limited Counter Space

Price: £11.44

Website: A Place For Everything

Idea #5: Use The Top Of Your Fridge 

Items stored at the top of a white fridge.

Image Source: Pinterest

Whether you have an open space above your fridge or a cabinet, utilising this area is one of many clever storage ideas for small kitchens that you will read about in this article. Use this area to display kitchen accessories or store dishes you don’t often use.

You could also invest in a couple of kitchen storage baskets to contain the items you chose to store above the fridge. This will add a decorative touch if the items are unflattering.

Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small kitchens

Price: £72.27

Website: My Gift Store

Idea #6: Use A Tiered Utensil Organiser

Tiered utensil organiser.

Image Source: Kitchenware

This tiered utensil organiser is one of the most genius kitchen drawer organiser ideas. Traditional utensil holders lay flat, taking up a lot of horizontal space inside a drawer. 

This tiered utensil holders stacks your spoons, forks, butter knives, etc. vertically which clears up some drawer space next to them for those larger spoons or spatulas.

Category: Drawer Storage

Ideal for: Drawer Organisation

Price: £15.37

Website: Kitchenware

Idea #7: Get Creative With Blind Corner Cabinets

Blind corner cabinets inside a kitchen.

Image Source: Kornerking.com

There are many blind corner kitchen cabinet ideas because they offer a lot of storage space but can be difficult to organise. Some options for this storage space are a lazy susan self, roll out shelves or a swing out shelf as pictured above. 

They all make it easy to organise and access whatever items you choose to store here so research the different designs and find the right one for your kitchen.

Category: Blind Corner Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Blind Corners

Price: £599.56

Website: Woodworker Express

Idea #8: Use A Magnetic Strip For Storage

Magnetic stip for storage inside a kitchen.

Image Source: Coninx

Using a magnetic strip is one of the most creative small kitchen storage ideas because it can free up many areas in your kitchen. You can gain some drawer or countertop space by removing bulky containers and storing the knives or kitchen utensils on the magnetic strip.

This can also be one of many great kitchen wall storage ideas. Even if you don’t have a lot of free wall space, the strips can be installed vertically to make the most of the room you do have.

Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Storing Metal Items

Price: £15.99

Website: Coninx

Idea #9: Use Tiered Shelf Organisers

Tiered shelf organiser inside a kitchen.

Image Image Source: Wilko

Small kitchen organisation can be tough because you don’t have a lot of room to work with but this tiered shelf organiser helps. It is a cheap and easy pantry cabinet idea because it’s adjustable to fit in whatever space you have.

The tiered shelves help lift up the items toward the back of the cabinet so you can easily see and access them.

Category: Shelf Organiser

Ideal for: Small Cabinets or Pantries

Price: £4.00

Website: Wilko

Idea #10: Turn Your Stove Into Counter Space

Stove turned into a counter space.

Image Source: Gadgetrio

The stovetop can be wasted space during meal prep time and counter space is already scarce in a tiny kitchen. These covers can create additional countertop space over your stove. They come in many different varieties, for stoves with burners or flat tops. 

You can get a cover that is only decorational or you can get one to transform the top of the stove into a cutting board. They even make some with juice traps so you don’t have to worry about any liquid getting in the stove.

Category: Countertop Idea

Ideal for: Kitchens With Limited Countertop space

Price: £39.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #11: Over The Door Storage Rack

Over the door storage rack.

Image Source: A Place For Everything

Under sink storage ideas help to increase the little storage space you have in your cabinets. With this handy two shelf rack, you can fit all your household cleaning products as well as your other miscellaneous kitchen items. This still leaves space inside your cabinet to fill with the more bulkier items you may have.

Category: Under Sink Storage Idea

Ideal for: Cabinet Organisation

Price: £12

Website: aplaceforeverything.co.uk

Idea #12: Over The Sink Caddy

Over the sink caddy.

Image Source: The Holding Company

This over-the-sink caddy is ideal for holding sponges, scrubbers, bar soap and other cleaning items. With it conveniently hanging over the sink you don’t have to worry about water getting on your counters and the sponges dry right on the rack.

It’s easy to detach and reattach when you need your full sink and with it’s extendable bars you can place it either vertically or horizontally across your sink. Add some organisation to your sink with this caddy so everything has its own place.

Category: Sink Storage

Ideal for: Kitchen With Limited Counter Space

Price: £18.95

Website: theholdingcompany.co.uk

Idea #13: Pull-Out Storage Basket

Pull-out storage basket.

Image Source: Houzz

This kitchen cupboard storage solution attaches to the inside of your kitchen cabinet and has a small storage basket on the side. It also includes the 27 litre rubbish bin. Transform the storage space in your cabinets with this simple pull out basket for easy access.

This  storage basket also has room in the side compartment for rubbish bags or other small items. There’s also the possibility of stacking in order to maximise the space provided with the side bin.

Category: Cupboard Storage

Ideal for: Any Kitchen

Price: £91.66

Website: Houzz.co.uk

Idea #14:  Pot And Pan Organiser 

Pot and pan lid organiser.

Image Source: Amazon

Stop stacking your pots and pans only to make it harder on yourself to find the one you are looking for. Instead of having to take out each pot when trying to find the right one, use this kitchen cabinet storage idea to clearly see which one you are grabbing. 

This kitchen storage rack gives you the option of vertical or horizontal installation in your cabinets and can also be placed, free-standing, on your counters. Save storage space in your cabinet and organise your pots and pans.

Category: Cabinet Storage

Ideal for: Any Kitchen

Price: £15.66

Website: Amazon.co.uk

Idea #15: 2 Tier Fruit Bowl

Tier fruit bowl.

Idea #16: Expandable Dish Drainer

Expandable dish drainer.

Image Source: Lakeland

The best thing about this product is that you can put it wherever you have space in your kitchen. It expands to fit your extra dishes when it’s needed. The cutlery holder is also removable to make more room for all your plates or bowls. You don’t have to use all your counter space anymore drying your dishes.

It also has an easy to use drainage spout that clears the water into the sink hassle free. Use this expandable dish drainer in your home to maximise the storage space on your counter tops.

Category: Dish Dry Rack

Ideal for: Small Kitchens

Price: £54.99

Website: Lakeland.co.uk

Idea #17: Add A Kitchen Trolley

Kitchen trolley.

Image Source: Wayfair

Add this trolley to your home as a piece of kitchen storage furniture and it will conveniently store your most used items. Place this trolley in the middle of your kitchen to also use it as a small island where you can cook and organise your meals. 

The wheels make it perfect for removing from the kitchen all together if you need more space. It’s sleek design helps it blend into your kitchen and helps you organise all your kitchen accessories. 

Category: Kitchen Storage

Ideal for: Open Space Kitchens

Price: £83.99

Website: Wayfair.co.uk

Idea #18: Rotating Jar Organiser

Rotating jar organiser.

Image Source: Lakeland

The RotoCaddy comes with a turntable that rotates your cans to help you select the one you are looking for. This is a great cabinet or pantry organisation idea.

You can make it stackable for even more storage on your kitchen racks and shelves. This will also help you save money since no can will be forgotten in the back of the cabinet anymore. It’s even available in a larger size for those bigger items or a smaller size for your spices.

Category: Kitchen Organiser

Ideal for: Cabinet or Pantry Organisation

Price: £20.99

Website: Lakeland.co.uk

Idea #19: Hang Your Pots And Pans Above You

Hanged pots and pans inside a kitchen.

Image Source: Wayfair

This tip is similar to tip #3 but if your kitchen doesn’t have a window you can use any free overhead space. With this kitchen storage idea you can increase the space you have to store other items by hanging bulkier pots and pans above you. 

Maximise your storage space with this kitchen rack and create an eye-catching centrepiece in the middle of your room. This would also add a nice touch in your kitchen if you are looking to redecorate.

Category: Pot Rack

Ideal for: Any Kitchen

Price: £63.99

Website: Wayfair.co.uk

Idea #20: Organise Your Food Containers

Organised plastic food container inside a cabinet.

Image Source: Amazon.co.uk

Food containers and lids can be hard to organise and can make a cabinet feel very cluttered. There are many kitchen cabinet organisers but finding one designed specifically for food containers and their lids makes it easy to eliminate that clutter.

This organiser also helps resolve the classic problem of searching for the right lid to match a container only to discover it’s missing.

Category: Food Container Organisation Ideas

Ideal for: Cabinet Organisation

Price: £17.40

Website: mDesign

Idea #21: 3 Tier Vegetable Stand

Tier vegetable stand.

Image Source: Argos

This is your kitchen food storage solution for all your vegetables that take up a lot of space normally. With this 3 tier vegetable stand with three baskets you can arrange your food in a visual way that makes it easier to select what you are looking for. 

Conveniently place this along a wall in your kitchen or in your pantry to make your kitchen life easier. You can also use this 3 tier kitchen rack for any food items that you don’t have storage space for in your cupboards or pantry.

Category: Food Storage

Ideal for: Kitchens With Small or No Pantry

Price: £25

Website: Argos.co.uk

Idea #22: Use The Space Next To The Fridge

Little furniture that allows you to use space next to the fridge.

Image Source: LeLong.my

The small space between your fridge and a wall or cabinet can be the perfect area for extra kitchen food storage. Small rolling organisers have been designed perfectly to fit into the small space and allow you to easily pull them out to access your kitchen items.

This is a creative kitchen pantry idea for small spaces. Most have several tiers that you can place kitchen products or food in, making it one of the simplest storage solutions for small kitchens.

Category: Food Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small Kitchens

Price: £11.72 – 28.46

Website: Ali Express

Idea #23: Use Seating With Storage

Seating with storage inside a kitchen.

A kitchen bench is another great option for kitchen storage furniture. It takes the wasted space below a chair or bar stool and turns it into a hidden storage option.

Seating and storage space are limited in a tiny kitchen so this offers a solution to both problems. Storage benches can also add a nice decorative piece of furniture to your kitchen instead of traditional chairs.

Category: Kitchen Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Seating + Storage

Price: £71.30

Website: SoBuy

Idea #24: Find a Reliable Storage Solution

Storage box outside of STORED's storage facility in London.

The last idea I have for you is to find a reliable storage company.

There are many companies offering self-storage solutions, but most of them have limits and serious drawbacks. 

For example, most of these companies require you to move the things you want to store to the storage facility by yourself. 

But, this takes time and is not easy, especially in a big city like London. 

So regardless if you are looking for a short term or long term storage solution, you need to find an easier way to store items from your kitchen. 

Storing some of your items is the best way to save space for your small kitchen. 

Missing Some Extra Space in Your Kitchen? 

Now that you know what are some of the best kitchen storage solutions out there, you feel a lot better. 

As you can see, there are many different ideas you can use to save space in your kitchen and thus make this part of your house more live-able. 

However, if you’ve tried everything and still haven’t managed to move the needle, you might need to consider a reliable storage service. 

Needless to say that this is what we do here in STORED. 

We help you with your storage needs, with a service that is far superior than self-storage

So if you need a reliable and affordable moving and storage solution, you can contact us at 020 3637 1234, and talk to one of our storage experts.

We are here to help you with your needs.

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