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Are you looking for small bathroom storage ideas that will help you “breathe” in your own bathroom? 

Then you’ve got to take a look at these 20 AMAZING ideas. 

Here is what you’ll find in this great list:

  • Bathroom cabinets and units
  • Bathroom wall cabinets
  • Bathroom shelf ideas
  • Bathroom cupboards
  • Bathroom drawers
  • Towel storage AND
  • More

So without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Idea #1: Invest in freestanding, tiered pieces

Idea #2: Consider a slipper bath

Idea #3: Wall-mounted taps

Idea #4: Build In Recessed Shelving

Idea #5: Hang Towels Behind The Toilet

Idea #6: Be creative with wall space

Idea #7: Use common items as decorations

Idea #8:  Shower Curtain with Pockets

Idea #9:  Over The Toilet Storage

Idea #10: Corner Bookcase

Idea #11: Vertical Storage Tower

Idea #12: Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 

Idea #13: Towel Storage Ladder

Idea #14: Storage Trolley

Idea #15: Adjustable Hanging Storage

Idea #16: Utilise the space next to the toilet

Idea #17: Hooks aren’t only for towels

Idea #18: Use magnets to magnify your storage space

Idea #1: Invest In Freestanding, Tiered Pieces

Freestanding Pieces Inside Bathroom.

Photo by Phebe Tan on Unsplash

Bathroom furniture doesn’t need to be boring. 

Tiered pieces allow you to have multiple layers for bathroom storage and can help with organisation. 

Freestanding bathroom storage gives you the opportunity to easily move it from room to room if you have several people sharing one bathroom.

Category: Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Ideal for: Flats or Bathrooms shared by multiple people

Price: £14.99

Website: VonHaus

Idea #2: Consider a Slipper Bath

Bathtub Inside Bathroom.

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

Sorry renters, this probably isn’t an option for you but for those who are remodeling this could be the perfect small bathroom solution. 

If you don’t have room for a traditional roll-top bath, slipper baths are a great alternative. Many come in shorter versions and they offer a great back rest for relaxing after those hard days. 

The shorter bathtub allows more floor space in your tiny bathroom. It’s a great way to find extra storage space in your bathroom, so make sure to check it out.

Category: Space Saving Ideas

Ideal for: Small Homes

Price: £749.95

Website: Victorian Plumbing Ltd

Idea #3: Wall-mounted Taps

Wall-mounted taps are great for saving space. 

They allow your pipework to be hidden and free up space for storage underneath by eliminating the basin pedestal. 

Once you don’t need the basin pedestal anymore that opens up countless options for bathroom storage ideas. 

Install a small cabinet and read through the rest of the list for under cabinet bathroom storage ideas.

This will help keep you organised so you get the most out of your new storage space.

Category: Space Saving Ideas

Ideal for: Any Bathroom

Price: £69.99

Website: Tapwarehouse

Idea #4: Built-In Recessed Shelving

Again, this might not be possible for renters but for homeowners this can be a great and simple diy renovation. 

Recessed shelves can create a great visual piece for your bathroom while also being a great space saver. 

Recessed shelves give you the convenience of adding a shelf unit at any height. 

In there, you can put your hairbrushes, towels and thus keep your space clean and organised.

Category: Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Ideal for: Bathrooms that can be remodeled

Price: £29.80

Website: PureAdhesion

Idea #5: Hang Towels Behind The Toilet

Hanged Towels Behind the Toilet.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

Utilise the space behind the toilet by hanging shelves higher, giving you enough space to hang towels underneath. 

Don’t sell yourself short and hang it too low. 

This can be a great vertical area for body towels as well as washcloths. 

Make sure you buy a shelving unit with storage space up top too so you really get the most out of the area. 

This is one of the best decorating ideas in this list. Use it wisely! 

Extra Tip: To hang towels in your bathroom, you can also use hanging baskets. They cost nothing and they are very practical.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small Bathrooms With Limited Storage

Price:  £40.95

Website: Melody Maison

Idea #6: Be Creative With Wall Space

Wall space can sometimes be the only open real estate in tiny bathrooms. 

Different shelving types give you more bathroom storage space and provide better functionality while adding a nice decorative touch to the room. 

Having a shelf with different layers and different sized openings can help with organisation as well. 

But, most importantly, it can help you have your bathroom accessories organised and at the same time have enough space to breathe in your small bathroom.

Category: Bathroom Shelf Ideas

Ideal for: Bathrooms with limited Storage

Price: £28.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #7: Use Common Items As Decorations

Two Wooden Boxes.

Photo by Rumman Amin on Unsplash

Using common items like cotton swabs or lotions as decor can free up cabinet space. It can also be more functional because you aren’t having to bend down and search in a deep cabinet or bathroom drawer. 

These containers can be used to store almost anything so don’t be afraid to get creative with it. 

It is a great way to declutter and free up space in your small bathroom.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Bathrooms with limited Storage

Price: £12-14

Website: Dunelm

Idea #8: Shower Curtain With Pockets 

Bathroom Curtain.

Photo by Christa Grover on Unsplash

Out of all the ideas on this list, this one might be the most unique bathroom storage idea.

There are so many ways you can use this shower curtain to save space. From shower items to hair accessories to cleaning products, this product can store them all.

Organise your personal care items with the multiple sized pockets and use it as a shower curtain or be more discreet and make it a shower liner with a curtain on the outside.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small bathrooms with no shelves 

Price: £17.18


Idea #9: Over The Toilet Storage 

Over the Toilet Storage.

Photo by Unsplash

This piece conveniently fits over your toilet and provides a combination of shelves and cabinet storage. 

Depending on the height of the shelf, you could install hooks underneath to hang towels as well.

Hooks could also be installed on the side of the shelving to provide additional hanging space if underneath the shelf is not an option.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Any bathroom

Price:  £103.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #10: Corner Bookcase 

Use this budget-friendly bookcase in your bathroom to store and display your belongings with style. Four different levels provide more opportunity for storage space for your smaller bathroom. 

The ability to fit in a corner is extremely helpful for tight spaces like a bathroom in a flat.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Bathrooms with available corner 

Price:  £24.80

Website: Wayfair

Idea #11: Vertical Storage Tower 

Vertical Storage Tower.

Photo by Curology on Unsplash

Do you not have any space for your toiletries or towels? 

This storage tower is the Bathroom storage solution for your tiny bathroom by opening up more floor space and offering plenty of vertical storage. 

Conveniently find what you need in these organised baskets. 

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Any bathroom 

Price:  £20.00

Website: Argos

Idea #12: Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet 

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet.

Photo by Harry Cunningham on Unsplash

Get organised with this wonderful mirrored cabinet that you can install above your sink. 

The medicine cabinet serves as additional storage and includes 5 shelves that will come in handy for all your toiletries. 

Mirrors are also helpful for making a room look bigger which will help give your tiny bathroom the illusion of more space.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Any bathroom

Price:  £26.64

Website: Argos

Idea #13: Towel Storage Ladder

This towel ladders narrow design makes it perfect for small bathrooms, creating towel storage space or an area to dry your clothes. 

It’s narrow design make it a perfect towel rack idea for small bathrooms or you could place it over the toilet if you removed the bar from the bottom. 

Category: Towel Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small bathrooms 

Price:  £40.00

Website: Habitat

Idea #14: Storage Trolley 

This cabinet has everything you would ever need. There is a cabinet door for privacy, two shelves inside and one on top for storage.  

It also has wheels so you can easily move it around the room or remove it from the room completely if you have to share the bathroom.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: People who have to share a bathroom

Price:  £62.95

Website: Furniture In Fashion

Idea #15: Adjustable Hanging Storage 

Adjustable Hanging Storage.

Photo by Holger Link on Unsplash

This looks like your typical shower caddy but it can be used for so much more than that. It can also be placed behind a cabinet door or on a wall for more storage. 

The storage pockets are moveable to adjust to several different product sizes.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Any bathroom 

Price:  £14.99

Website: Lakeland

Idea #16: Utilise The Space Next To The Toilet

Space Next to the Toilet.

Photo by Charles ?? on Unsplash

Not much can fit in that narrow area next to the toilet and it can feel like wasted space. 

At least that’s how it has felt, until now. 

This slim storage tower is a perfect fit for that narrow space and it rolls out to give you more accessibility to your toiletries, toilet paper or whatever other products you choose to store in your newest storage solution.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small bathrooms 

Price:  £14.99


Idea #17: Hooks Aren’t Only For Towels

Hooks Inside Bathroom for Towels.

Photo by Unsplash

Using more hooks might be the simplest storage solution.

Let those brushes, hair dryers and other accessories hang.

Hooks aren’t just for towels anymore.

You can tuck these hooks inside a cabinet door as shown above, to be more discreet, or place them on the wall, next to the towels, for easy access.

Hooks are very versatile and allow you to personalise your bathroom organisation.

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small bathrooms 

Price:  £7.99

Website: Drench

Idea #18: Use Magnets To Magnify Your Storage Space

Use Magnets To Magnify Your Storage Space.

Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash

 Magnetic tape or strips can be a great way to organise small metal hair clips, bobby pins, tweezers and toenail accessories.

With a strong adhesive back, they can easily attach to the back of a cabinet door or inside a drawer.

Don’t ever search for that tiny hair clip that’s fallen to the back of the drawer or under a cabinet again!

Category: Bathroom Storage Ideas

Ideal for: Small bathrooms 

Price:  £4

Website: Hobbycraf

Looking for Extra Space? 

As I hope it is evident by now, there are many solutions when it comes to storage ideas for your small bathroom. 

If you need more extra space in your house, then you should consider:

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