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When you think of long-term storage we all think of the giant coloured unit on the corner of every industrial estate across the country, but there’s so many better options than that.

bySTORED’s long-term storage packages are here to revolutionise the way we all use space in our homes and lives by clearing out those items that you don’t need right now or all the time but aren’t willing to give up.

It could be anything, like the contents of your kid’s bedrooms now that they’ve flown the nest to University or to other parts of the world, but they’ve said they want back one day when they have their own home. Or it could be that it’s come time for you to start a family, but glass coffee tables and expensive ornaments aren’t going to be baby-friendly, but you worked too damn hard to just chuck them.

This is where long-term storage units can come in very handy. Think of it more as an investment into the ever-changing space that is the modern home rather than an extension of your wardrobe or loft space.

Our long-term storage packages are designed to fit around your needs and make the process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Each package includes the use of our bySTORED van and petrol and one of our 2-man expert teams. There’s also the opportunity to use our 80L storage crates for free as well as £500 standard liability cover.

We also provide a number of extra services as part of the long-term storage packages:

Free Collection: One of the biggest differences about us compared to traditional self-storage is that we don’t expect you to ever step foot in the unit yourself. Our two-man teams will arrive at your house on collection day and move everything into the van and get it over to the unit for you!

Online InventoryOnline Inventory: It’s super easy to forget what you’ve handed over to our drivers. So that everyone can keep track of what we are storing for you, we upload all of your items into an online inventory that you can access at any time. The drivers will help to fill this out during the collection and each item is given an individual tracking code so that we can keep tabs on everything. Should you need something specific back this is also a good way of easily locating it and getting it back to you rather than bringing your whole unit back for you to find one small item.

Storage Experts: We totally get that there can be a lot of questions involved when you are signing a contract for anything, and in a long-term game like ours where we are doing something new and different, there can be even more questions. Our in-house team of experts are on hand via phone or online chat to help you out with any questions you may have regarding price, logistics, returns, etc.

For an extra fee, we also have a number of solutions for if you happen to relocate internationally or decide you no longer want your items.

International ShippingInternational shipping: If your stuff is in our long-term storage because you’ve gone travelling for an extended period of time or are trying your luck in a new city somewhere and decide that you’d rather stay there permanently than come back to blighty, then we can help. Let us know where in the world you have ended up and we can grab you a quote on how much it is going to cost to have it shipped to you using our services.

Recycling: We see it time and time again where people put stuff into storage for an initial declutter and then realise that they can live without or don’t have the space for this stuff any longer. We can help out by offering long-term storage recycling services where we will get rid of your items for you, so you don’t have to lift a finger – just let us know what it is you want rid of and we’ll pull together a quote!

bySTORED’s long-term storage solutions are an extremely cost-effective way to store your belongings over a period of months or years. IF you need a more temporary storage solution, we also offer short-term storage.

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