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We’ve made a list of the 14 best property websites in the UK. 

Here are some of the websites included in this list:

  1. Rightmove
  2. Zoopla
  3. Rentify
  4. Prime Location
  5. Smart New Homes

And many more. 

If you want to find out what’s best about each of them, read on. 

Best Property Websites

Website #1: Rightmove

Website #2: Zoopla 

Website #3: Rentify

Website #4: Nethouseprices

Website #5: Smart New Homes

Website #6:

Website #7: Find Properly

Website #8: Waterside Properties

Website #9: UK Land Directory

Website #10: OnTheMarket

Website #11:

Website #12: Nestoria

Website #13: Mitula

Website #14: Gumtree

Website #1: Rightmove

Rightmove homepage.

Image Source: Rightmove

Rightmove is the UK’s biggest property portal that has more than 800,000 properties for sale at any given point. In addition, they have rental homes that are available too.

They also have a decently sized catalogue of resources and articles that can help you with your questions regarding mortgages, financing, buying/selling a property and more. 

Author’s Note: If you are looking for less formal guides on moving tips and London advice, check out our blog where you will find guides on 30 outdoor decor ideas or how to find a job in London.

Even if you don’t find your ideal home here, you can still use the different prices and amenities to compare with other portals

On their website, you can search for what’s happening in market trends for properties in the UK to compare multiple homes. 

Rightmove Market Trends uses a comprehensive set of UK property data to provide you with an insight into market activity in your area, as well as how it’s changed over time in different areas.

You can also download their mobile app for free on Apple or Android to research on the go whenever it is most convenient for you. 


Best for: Property Searches

Why we like it: Besides the great search tools and property maps, they also offer many resources for buyers and renters. Resources like school information, a mortgage calculator, plus renter and landlord advice can provide essential information and relieve some of the stress and anxiety of moving.

Website #2: Zoopla

Zoopla homepage.

Image Source: Zoopla

Zoopla offers an extensive property search engine to help you find your perfect property to buy, rent or sell. 

Two amazing UK property search tools they offer are SmartMaps, which allows you to draw your own boundaries of where you’d like to buy or rent, and the travel time search, which allows you to search for properties based on how far you want to travel.

Besides, buying or rental help, they also offer other services such as house valuations, find an agent and discover your home.

The find an agent tool allows you to easily locate estate agents and letting agents.

They have a quick search tool or a database separated by region. Find the right local expertise fast!

If you are selling or letting your home, they also have a free valuation tool to quickly determine how much your home is worth.

While you’re doing your research, Zoopla has house price sections that allow you to track house price fluctuations for a specific area. 


Best for: Buying Property

Why we like it: They offer unique search tools that help you discover which locations are within your preferred commute time from work – valuable information that can be easily forgotten.

Website #3: Rentify

Rentify homepage.

Image Source: Rentify

Rentify offers many perks for tenants as well as landlords. For tenants, you can pay a traditional security deposit or choose to become a Rentify member.

With a Rentify membership, you can boost your credit rating with each payment and consolidate all of your household bills into one simple, headache-free payment system.

The perks for landlords come from Rentify taking on a lot of the costs they would traditionally have to pay. If a property is left sitting empty or a tenant fails to pay rent, Rentify will pay.

They also deal with property issues and maintenance required.


Best for: Letting Agents and Renters

Why we like it: The technology platform they are using accurately predicts rent to within 0.5% and automates much of the letting process, saving letting agents the hassle while making more money.

Website #4: Nethouseprices

Nethouse Prices homepage.

Image Source: Net House Prices

Net House Prices offers free access to housing prices in the United Kingdom and connects you with local estate agents.

They also offer free instant online valuation to find the exact value of your home.

Search through their database by top streets, top towns or London and other city postcodes.

What really sets them apart from another estate agency is their millions of records of sold prices.

They have records from 1995 and are constantly updating information on property prices throughout England and Wales.

You can even sign up for alerts to keep up with property market sales in your area.


Best for: Finding Sold Prices

Why we like it: The extensive records they collect on sold prices across the UK and that the property types they list extend beyond sales and rentals to include auction properties as well.

Website #5: Smart New Homes

Smart New Homes homepage.

Image Source: Smart New Homes

Smart New Homes is a great resource for new build properties and they list new developments available for sale all across the UK. 

They partner with over 250 developers that work on keeping its users up to date with information on the latest deals and incentives. 

They can help you with the different methods of buying a new home, developer deals, Government schemes and special mortgage rates.  

One of those incentives is the Help to Buy government scheme. It helps first-time buyers and homeowners purchase a home by assisting with some of the out-front costs. 

As long as you can put a 5% deposit, the Government will provide an equity loan of up to 20% of the property value. You will then have to get approved for a standard mortgage for the other 75%.


Best for: New Build Properties

Why we like it: The different government programmes that are available for new home buyers is such a great resource to help you get started on the home buying experience. 

Website #6:

Prime Location homepage.

Image Source: Prime Location

Prime Location provides a space for house hunters and property owners to buy/sell/rent/lease properties at a reduced price. However, this is not an estate agency. 

Prime Location is a platform that provides information regarding homes for sale and rent. You can then use this information when you are researching new homes in different areas.

They advertise many different listings with the top estate agents across the UK. Their homepage includes rural and urban living, outdoor luxury living, and you can even select the location you are interested in buying a home. 

Their overseas property listings include more than 60 countries, including France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, South Africa, Dubai, Australia, Croatia and Bulgaria.


Best for: Finding homes in specific locations

Why we like it: Their interface is easy to use and you can find a variety of places ranging from studio apartments to luxury mansions all available from the leading letting agents. 

Website #7: Find Properly

Find Properly homepage.

Image Source: Find Properly

Find Properly lets you enter your price range and use a map to pinpoint places you visit each week (like work, university or your favourite club) and they’ll automatically calculate places with the shortest travel times. 

You can also narrow your search by multiple categories that are important to you, such as crime, green space or tube zone and gives you the homes that meet your criteria.

Find Properly is a great resource for people that are new to London and not sure what area to live in, and for people looking for a place with friends. 

As a new potential buyer, there are so many things you have to consider when finding a place to buy or rent.

Find Properly tries to help minimise your stress and worries through their search feature. 


Best for: People New to London

Why we like it: Many property websites work great for people who know where they want to live but Find Properly gives you more insight into the neighbourhood you’re interested in moving to. 

Website #8: Waterside Properties

Waterside Properties homepage.

Image Source: Waterside Properties

Waterside Properties is the perfect place to find your next sea view home, whether that’s by a marina, the sea, a river or a lake.

You can filter by location, price, property type, and number of bedrooms. Find your next dream home on the water and you’ll wish you moved there sooner. 

They even have a page on their website dedicated to used boats available to buy and sell. Waterside Properties is an authorised agent for Legend Yachts, Sedna Trailer Sailers, Pegazus motorboats and Sasga Motor cruisers.


Best for: Sea View Properties

Why we like it: Looking for a holiday apartment? With Waterside Properties your search is narrowed to exactly what you are looking for and can speed up the process by only showing relevant homes along the water.   

Website #9: UK Land Directory

UK Land Directory homepage.

Image Source: UK Land Directory

UK Land Directory is a great resource for anyone looking to build a home or commercial property from the very beginning.

They provide land registry, land agents and guides on how to buy land in 43 different counties around the UK.

Easily search through their database by location, price range, land use and planning status. 

They currently have 536 available plots of land for sale but if you don’t find what you are looking for, you can opt-in to automatic email updates when a new listing is added that matches your search criteria.


Best for: Buying Land

Why we like it: Not only does it provide an extensive list of land for sale in the UK and the surrounding areas but they also connect you with certified land agents to create a stress-free buying process.

Website #10: OnTheMarket

OnTheMarket homepage.

Image Source: OnTheMarket

With OnTheMarket, you will find hundreds of thousands of properties, homes and flats for sale or rent.

They offer a property search engine broken down into four different sections with even more filters in each.

They also offer alternative ways to search if you are a student or looking for specialized property such as farms or overseas.

One of the best things is, you can access the extensive property search engines from a mobile app as well.

Besides providing outstanding property information, they also offer instant property alerts and property news so you can easily stay up to date with what is happening in the market.


Best for: Property Searches

Why we like it: Instead of one very extensive search engine, OnThe Market has a separate search engine for sales, rentals, sold prices and for locating an agent. Having a specific search engine for your needs helps save you time in the long run by not having to weed through properties you aren’t interested in.

Website #11: homepage.

Image Source: claims to be the most comprehensive property search with 642,020 homes for sale and rent, 16,674 estate agents and 16,598 letting agents. 

Even with all of this information, the website may seem simple at first glance, especially when compared to the other websites in this guide, but that is the great thing about it. 

The main page of the website is focused on the search bar to get you right into the information you are looking for.

They still offer the extra benefits of other sites, like property news and an asking price index but on, these links are discreetly tucked under the main search bar and do not distract from it.’s search feature is also broken down into four sections to deliver the most relevant results to you.

They also allow you to create a profile to save results and easily jump back into your search when ready.


Best for: Property Searches

Why we like it: The simple web design and user-friendly search engine make it easy to search for the property you want without getting overwhelmed or distracted by additional information.

Website #12: Nestoria

Nestoria homepage.

Image Source: Nestoria

Nestoria is a vertical search engine and they work hard to make it as easy as possible to find your next UK property. 

Their algorithm will take into account your location and quality of the listing to provide you with a comprehensive list of property listings. 

While Nestoria doesn’t aggregate listings directly, it pulls real estate listings from property portals (like and Commonfloor) and provides you with all the results in one convenient place. 

Once you click on the provided link, it will take you directly to that companies listing for further information about houses for sale.  


Best for: Finding homes in specific locations

Why we like it: It compares many different online sites to show you a good variety of what’s listed for sale and rent in the surrounding London area. 

Website #13: Mitula

Mitula homepage.

Image Source: Mitula

Mitula Group is a digital classifieds group that operates via vertical search and portals sites. 

You have the chance to search for listings across multiple verticals (real estate, employment, holiday rentals) and obtain search results from multiple advertisers all with one search inquiry. 

It operates more than 100 classifieds searches in more than 50 different countries and in 19 different languages. 

Website: Mitula

Best for: Property, Car and Job Searches

Why we like it: This site is the whole package. Save time by eliminating the need to search through several sites. Find a new home, new job and new car all in one place.

Website #14: Gumtree

Gumtree homepage.

Image Source: Gumtree

Gumtree is an online platform for buying and selling spare things and has grown the past two decades to be one of the number one classifieds sites in the UK. 

Besides just rental properties, they also have information relating to jobs, vehicles, tutors, and clubs.  

They also joined forces with Government and enforcement agencies to improve cybersecurity and help people to enjoy a great online experience.

Gumtree also has a business option where they work with local businesses to be able to advertise to reach the right tenants for private homes, flats or commercial property.


Best for: People new to the city

Why we like it: Not only do they provide information on homes to buy and sell, they can help you adjust to a new city by helping with jobs and different classes. 

Are you Looking for a New House?

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Now Let’s Hear From You

So there you have it. 

You now know what are some of the largest property websites out there. 

Of course, having this list of property websites is one thing. 

Actually visiting those websites to search and find the ideal property is another. 

Also, you have to keep in mind that the research doesn’t stop there. 

Simply put, there are many things involved in trying to find your dream house. 

Now we’d like to hear from you:

Which one of those property websites have you visited already? Which ones have you never heard of?

Let us know with a quick comment! 

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