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Real estate prices in the UK are at all-time highs, and space for rent is at all-time lows. Businesses need storage space for their warehousing and inventory, while individuals need some extra space to declutter, downsize, and move.

Consequently, the need for self storage is engulfing London, very quickly. Two prominent storage companies have taken it upon themselves to fulfill the people’s needs, Big Yellow and ByStored.

ByStored and Big Yellow are similar and different in certain aspects, like storage unit types, service types, price, and customer satisfaction. Our goal today is to compare all of these aspects and find the best option. We want you to have the best self storage experience in the UK, so let’s get to it.

Big Yellow vs ByStored: An Overview

Here’s a quick rundown of what each storage company offers, and the stark differences between them.

ByStored Big Yellow
Second Largest Storage Company in UK Largest Traditional Self Storage Company in UK
Base Price for 15 sq ft is 81 Pounds Per Month Base Price for 15 sq ft is 104 Pounds Per Month
Upfront and Transparent Pricing Requires Traditional Quote Generation
Innovative Self Storage Conventional Self Storage
Offers Pickups Offers Pickups
Offers Removal Services Offers Removal Services
Universal Storage Units Diverse Storage Units
Convenient Online Booking Convenient Online Booking

These are some of the most apparent similarities and differences between Big Yellow and BySTORED. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. To understand why each service serves a different goal and purpose, we’ll have to look at their features in detail.

BySTORED vs Big Yellow Storage Service Model

Big Yellow Self Storage Company is the largest traditional storage company in the UK. It has multiple storage sites across the United Kingdom. Their storage unit sizes start from 9 sq ft and go all the way to custom orders for gigantic units larger than 500 sq ft.

Their storage units lie inside secure facilities. Big Yellow uses the classic storage model, where the customer has to store their belongings in the storage unit. They can help you move and pack things, but the ultimate responsibility of storage lies on your shoulders. Big Yellow is inarguably the best traditional storage company.

BySTORED is the second-largest storage service in the UK, with multiple major storage units across the UK. We offer storage units of various sizes and volumes. Each storage unit is inside a secure facility, under 24 hour CCTV cameras, and a professional security team.

Unlike Big Yellow, BySTORED has an entirely different approach to storage. Instead of the customer, BySTORED employees take your belongings to the storage facilities. The employees can also help you pack, and provide packing materials, to make your storage more efficient. It also eliminates the hassle of driving and lugging your belongings to a storage facility.

Which service type is better?

Big Yellow and BySTORED have different storage service models. If you prefer doing things the good old-fashioned way, then Big Yellow is much better for you. If you like to keep things more efficient and innovative, then BySTORED should be your go-to option. It all comes down to your personal preference.

Big Yellow vs ByStored Storage Price Comparisons

Big Yellow charges a base price of 104 pounds for a 15 sq ft storage unit per month. Big Yellow has hundreds of storage locations across the UK. To maintain a standard of quality for storage in these locations, the prices of their units are higher compared to the competitors.

However, you get the ultimate security and guarantee the safety of your products for the money you pay. In our opinion, the price is worth it. On the downside, you have to account for fuel, time, and damage costs while transportation, etc.

It indirectly increases the cost incurred for storage. At the same time, Big Yellow offers some amazing discounts for different enterprises and individuals, that you can use to get cheaper storage units and bring down your costs.

BySTORED charges a base price of 81 pounds for a 15 sq ft room per month. We have large secure facilities in most major cities. We offer storage in London, Brighton, Birmigham, and other cities. However, since our facilities aren’t scattered around, their maintenance costs are lower compared to Big Yellow. Consequently, we have affordable and great prices.

We at BySTORED also eliminate transportation and time costs because our storage specialists take care of transportation and packing (if the customer desires it). We also offer reasonable discounts on long-term storage. Like Big Yellow, BySTORED also offers amazing discounts to students, certain individuals, and budding businesses.

Which one is more affordable?

When we compare prices, BySTORED is undoubtedly more affordable compared to Big Yellow. BySTORED offers much better discounts compared to Big Yellow and takes a chunk of expenditure off your commute and other moving costs.

If you’re thinking of using a self storage facility for the long term, then BySTORED’s cheap storage units and services are much better for you. STORED even has standard liability coverage of 500 pounds in case something gets damaged.

Big Yellow vs ByStored Pick-up and Drop-Off Comparison

Big Yellow follows the classic self-pick-up and drop-off model, like conventional self storage units. Big Yellow offers vans for hire to help you move your belongings to their storage units. They can also help you sort, arrange, and move your belongings into their storage units.

Since all of their employees are specialists, they’re efficient and can help you store your items very quickly. As for drop-offs, you have to remove or retrieve your items by yourself. Their employees can help you on short notice, but the responsibility lies on your shoulders.

STORED uses a more innovative pick-up and drop-off model. You book an online appointment after choosing your desired date and time. The movers show up on time and load everything within a 4-hour time window. Even if you have a lot of stuff, 4 hours are usually more than enough to store everything.

After which our experts drive and store everything in STORED’s storage units. They load everything safely into the storage unit and update your online inventory. When you need something back, you place a retrieval request and we return everything to the address you provide, even if it’s not domestic.

If you rent a storage unit for a specific period of time, you even get a Free Collection. Apart from that we also offer storage crates, boxes, and other packing materials. Our helpful movers can assist you in packing at a small extra cost, while you sit back and relax.

Which pick-up and drop-off storage option is better?

Based purely on convenience, BySTORED’s pick-and-drop service is better. It’s much smoother and hassle-free because you don’t have to drive around or load stuff. Our movers and experts are the ones who take care of everything. Additionally, if you move to a foreign country, STORED arranges international transport solutions which is a lifesaver if you’re not planning on coming back to the UK soon.

Big Yellow vs ByStored Storage Unit Variety Comparison

Big Yellow has a range of storage units for numerous purposes. You can find storage units for clothing, wine storage, multi-site storage, and more. It’s no wonder they’re one of the largest and best storage companies in the UK. They have the complete storage unit collection from A to Z. They even have plexi offices.

We at STORED use a universal storage unit design. We have student, personal, decluttering, and business storage in the UK. However, since we have insulated, secure, and climate controlled storage units, you can use them in the same ways and for the same purposes as Big Yellow’s units. We even have some great ideas about 10 businesses compatible with storage units.

Both Big Yellow and BySTORED offer their storage units for the long-term and short-term. Although, considering the prices, you can afford BySTORED’s units more easily for the long term (for example 6 months) compared to Big Yellow. If you want to store a very specific item like wine, then you’re better off using Big Yellow’s dedicated wine storage units.

It all comes down to your personal preference. You can check out STORED storage units right away, to find one that suits your needs.

Which variety of units is better?

Big Yellow takes the win here because it has much more variety compared to STORED. Big Yellow has a storage unit for everything. You can choose a storage unit based on your needs. We at STORED on the other hand have more universal storage units, that can store anything quite easily.

Big Yellow vs ByStored User Friendliness Comparison

Big Yellow has been in the industry for a while. They have nailed communication and have a very friendly customer service team. Most users have reported great communication throughout their storage journeys. It’s why Big Yellow is one of the best self-storage facilities in the UK.

However, their navigation and price gauging are a bit traditional. Instead of giving you static prices, you have to get a customized quote. It usually doesn’t take more than a few hours, but some people prefer a choppy and concise pricing guide. Nevertheless, Big Yellow is an efficient service and an indomitable conventional storage company.

At the same time, we at BySTORED aren’t far behind. We have great service and good communication. We also value transparency and trust over everything else, it’s why trust us with their hearts. BySTORED offers more direct prices, which that you can find on our booking page. You get the prices for each storage unit upfront. You can also book your storage unit in less than 8 minutes.

Their customer support is very friendly and helpful. They also work around the clock to solve any problems that a customer may face. They offer guides and are more than willing to help customers in finding storage units to suit their needs. People who have been using BySTORED are quite content with their support and assistance.

Which storage company is user-friendlier?

Both companies are very friendly and have awesome customer support. We are always ready to help customers at a moment’s notice. Our super heroes Costa and Adrian are always ready to anyone nearby. We have a slightly better and more efficient online booking process compared to Big Yellow. But we also have to give credit to Big Yellow for their peerless service over the last decade.

Our Take on Big Yellow vs Bystored

Both BySTORED and Big Yellow are amazing self-storage companies. Big Yellow follows a more traditional approach to storage where the customer has to do everything. It gives the customer more power over how they want to handle their items. At the same time, it increases their cost and takes more of their time, and energy.

BySTORED follows an innovative model, where we “remove the self out of self-storage.” It means you have the power to choose the storage unit, pricing, storage window, and features, but we takes care of the moving and storing process. It makes storage more affordable and easier to use.

We would happily recommend trying out our services because it’s more convenient. You don’t have to worry about moving costs, or lugging heavy boxes on a Saturday afternoon. You can also store and retrieve items at a whim from your current location easily. You can contact us via 020 3637 1234 or email us at info@, or book online right now, to get STORED the right way.

Stored is a new kind of storage company — Making storage as simple as it gets and making our customer’s lives easier is what we’re all about.

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