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Climate-controlled storage units are well-known in the storage industry. They have a vast demand overall and have proven to achieve success. Do you have temperature-sensitive belongings and are prone to be affected by harsh weather? You should steer away from traditional storage units.

Traditional storage units are practical and get the job done. Still, if you plan to store your belongings for a more extended period or have items that can get damaged from intense weather such as heat, cold, or humidity, climate-controlled storage units are your best option.
Climate control storage

Is Climate Controlled Storage Necessary?

Climate controlled storage units do become necessary in some conditions. If you live in a place with extreme heat and cold, you cannot risk putting your belongings in a traditional storage unit. Storage units are usually made of steel; they can heat up like an oven in hot weather and potentially be an icebox under extreme cold. 

Storage companies usually offer a limited number of climate-controlled storage units in a few sizes. People typically think spending a little extra on climate-controlled storage units is not worth it, but trust us when we say intense weather can ruin your stored belongings faster than you will know. 

What Should Be Stored In Climate Controlled Storage Units?

Climate controlled storage units cost more than ordinary ones, but the benefits of climate-controlled storage units make them worth the price. We highly recommend renting a climate-controlled unit if you wish for the following items. 


If you wish to store your furniture in a storage unit for the long term or a couple of months, we highly suggest getting a climate-controlled storage unit for this purpose. Wooden furniture can get ruined within a few weeks if placed in a humid place. If you are setting your dressing table, Chester of drawers, or cupboard in a storage unit, remember humidity is the mortal enemy of wood.

The same goes for original and faux leather; intense heat or cold can have diverse effects and ruin your furniture pieces, making them useless. Investing in a temperature-resistant storage unit and paying a little extra is better than completely losing your expensive furniture. 


Most people rent storage units to increase their storage space. They use them to store seasonal clothing items, accessories, and shoes. Whether you want to keep your winter coats, boots, and scarves or put away your designer wedding gown, a climate-controlled storage unit is a must.

Your clothes will remain the same as new, without any odour or unpleasant stench. Intense heat coupled with humidity can produce mould and mildew in clothes, which can ruin even the expensive pieces. 

Artwork and Books

If you are fond of collecting paintings, doing arts and crafts, and want to store everything, a climate-controlled storage unit is your only option. There are some prerequisites if you want to keep the artwork in a storage unit; you must put everything in files and folders and place everything in cabinets. Even then, a climate-controlled storage unit is highly recommended. 

Canvases, paintings, books, and colours tend to get affected by intense weather, UV rays, and moisture. You don’t want your beloved collection to get ruined to save a couple of bucks. 

The perfect temperature for storing books, paintings, and artworks falls between 70-75°F, with a 50% humidity level. This temperature will make sure everything remains in pristine condition. A climate-controlled storage unit can maintain this temperature easily.

Electronic appliances

People who are mainly relocating store all their electronics and household items in storage for a few months. You cannot risk your expensive items getting damaged if you are one of them.

Electric appliances tend to get affected by moisture and humidity. Moisture build-up in electric appliances poses the danger of short circuits when used. Experts strongly recommend choosing a climate-controlled storage unit for all household appliances and electric gadgets. 
Benefits of Climate control storage units

Benefits Of Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate controlled storage units help protect your belongings by maintaining a specific temperature; you get the gist. But there is much more than a layman can comprehend.

Following are some of the benefits of climate-controlled storage units. 

Air quality

Whether you choose indoor or outdoor storage units, having good air quality is mandatory. Climate-controlled storage units have integrated airways to maintain temperature, which is why airflow is much better in them. 

Good quality air in storage units will ensure a clean and fresh environment, providing everything remains in top-notch condition. 

Clean and dust free

Climate-controlled storage units are usually built indoors. They are tightly sealed and usually have insulated walls to help maintain temperature. All these factors prevent dust particles from entering your storage unit and keep everything squeaky clean.

Because climate-controlled storage units are built indoors, they have fewer chances of dust build-up and are free from any kind of debris as well.

Better security

You pay a little higher when you rent a climate-controlled storage unit, and you get several benefits. One more added benefit of a climate control storage unit is that they are far more secure than a regular one.

People store stuff in storage units to keep them safe and secure. An indoor, purpose-built storage facility with climate-controlled storage units is more secure and better for your peace of mind.

The Final Word

Now that you have all the information about storage units and have a clear idea about their practicality, we recommend you to take the plunge and go for it, especially if you have temperature-sensitive belongings or live in a place with extreme weather. 

Spending a few extra bucks can be the perfect investment for the safety of your precious belongings. No matter how old or new your furniture is, you would want to preserve it in the right conditions, so it doesn’t lose its quality. 

Likewise, your leather shoes still mean to you if you haven’t thrown them away. And so, you would want to store them in the most suitable conditions as well. Hence, choosing a good  climate-controlled storage facility like STORED is the best option for you.

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