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Living with kids means constant toy organisation. Even after cleaning up after them, toys still end up everywhere! Keeping them organised is a continuous challenge, and maintaining a foolproof clean-up system is even more challenging.

Within the realm of toys, one category that’s the most prominent problem is stuffed toys. As cute, decorative and fluffy as they are, they are bulky and take up considerate space in the room. If you dump them all in a pile, the ones at the bottom never get played with or seen.

As we all know, kids just seem to keep acquiring more of them, so keeping the collection at bay is hard. It’s a constantly-evolving struggle! You need efficient, cost-effective, and easily manageable stuffed animal storage ideas.

Our clever ideas will work no matter how much room you have. With some, you can contain little collections and display them on the walls. Others are more serious but will hold more toys and look nice in a kid’s room. You can talk to your child about donating stuffed animals to a good cause if it’s still overwhelming.

  • Stuff animal imageDIY Swing for Stuffed Animals

This clever swing storage is the perfect storage idea if your kids don’t play with their stuffed toys anymore but getting rid of them is still not an option. It’s also an excellent way to segregate each stuffed animal according to its type, size and colour. Or according to your kid’s personal preference.

Get all those stuffed animals off the floor with this hanging toy storage system! This DIY swing toy storage fits the ticket to help you get those stuffed animals organised. And the best part is that you can build it in an hour or two with only a few readily available tools.

Using only two materials, plank woods and bungee cords, you can make simple yet creative storage stuffed animal swing. It’s the ideal storage for medium to large-sized stuffed animals since it is more spacious than baskets or bins.
Additionally, you can make more layers of it for extra storage. You can also opt for tube mailers tubes to place a few toys inside and on top!

  • Invest in Good Quality Baskets

Baskets are the most versatile when it comes to storage. They are great for storing stuffed animals because they come in different sizes and materials! Huge ones make it easy for the stuffed animals to be carried by kids and adults from one room to another. Kids can use the built-in handles to drag them to wherever they want to play.

Moreover, baskets require low maintenance; that’s why they are perfect to be placed in a kid’s room. They genuinely are a mom-life god-send! It’s an affordable option with an added element of whimsy and fun which is important when decorating a kid’s room.

Additionally, everything looks posh and put together in a basket, including stuffed animals. Besides, you can choose woven, wicker, plastic or rope baskets. There are no limitations! Let’s not forget their practicality.

They are down on the ground so kiddos can pull them out independently to play and cuddle as desired. It also makes cleaning up much easier and more manageable for the little hands.

Lastly, here’s a neat organising trick! Place the more giant stuffed toys at the bottom first and the smaller ones on top for easy stacking.

  • Sew a Toy Hammock

Hammocks aren’t just for people — they can also be used for stuffed animals! The neat crochet pattern of hammock storage will make it a cute addition to the kid’s bedroom or playroom. They can be bought anywhere in different colours, designs and patterns, so you can be as creative or simple as you like.

However, if you are more inclined on the DIY side and would love to make one for your child, then we can help you out. Toy hammocks are usually smaller than regular hammocks. Take note that height will matter for this one.

You can hang the hammock high if the stuffed animals are just for display. But if your kids play regularly, ensure the hammock is within their reach.

DIY Toy Hammock:

You can use a fitted sheet with elastic only at the ends or all the way around. Drill a screw right under the middle of the elastic end into the corner where you want to hang it. And two more into the corners of the folded sheet on the walls. You could also use grommets and screw-in hooks for durability. Now, pile it full of stuffed animals and toys!

  • Hang Storage Baskets on Hooks

If you struggle with limited floor space, hooks on the wall with hanging baskets are an easy way to keep track of stuffed animals. It will allow your child more room to play! Depending on your preference, the baskets can either be detachable or attached to the hook.

With attached baskets, even if playtime gets chaotic, they will still be on the wall, intact in their designated place. Remember to keep the hooks low on the wall if you opt for removable baskets. So they are easy for kids to grab and clean up independently.

Another convenient way to use hooks for stuffed toy storage is to hang toys directly on the hooks. However, if most of your stuffed animals don’t have hanging loops, consider hanging clips (alternate to baskets) from the hooks to place them in.

Luckily, it’s as simple as adding a few hooks and choosing baskets that work with the room’s colour scheme. It’s a highly affordable option as the hooks, and the storage baskets can be selected depending on your budget.

  • Easy DIY Animal Zoo Storage

Want to take child’s play to a whole new level? Get an animal zoo for your kids to play with and for toy storage. Scattered piles of stuffed toys won’t be a problem anymore; just stuff them inside the zoo.

This toy zoo will also encourage independence. Your kids won’t have to ask you every time to get a toy since they can simply reach them, and cleaning up is also easier.

Creativity is essential here! A zoo or barn-themed cage would be perfect for your child’s ever-growing stuffed animals. Your kids will love it and would be more than happy to have an indoor zoo with all their favourite animals.

To make a DIY stuffed animal zoo storage is not rocket science. If you have an elastic cord roll and a drill, you can transform any cabinet into an amazing stuffed animal storage cage. The elastic cord forms the cells of the cage. So it makes it easy for your child to move stuffed animals in and out without assistance.

However, if you don’t have a cabinet to experiment on, use PVC pipes and bungee cords to build a stuffed animal storage cage. You can also try making the zoo out of a painted and repurposed crate. Or if you have an old crib you no longer need, that’d do great, as well.

  • Install Floating Shelves

Floating shelves serve double-duty if your child has a small stuffed animal collection or wants a special place to display and separate their favourites. They keep stuffies organised and provide instant room décor! It’s a win-win situation for the parents and the child.

Also, tiny shelves are always fun and a cool way to display stuffed animals of odd shapes and sizes. The best part is you can customise them however you like, add books, action figures, or even Barbie dolls with stuffed animals. On top of that, they don’t take up much space.

You can get creative and initiate child’s play too. Ask your kid to select the toys they want to put on the shelf. Take their favourite action figures or stuffed animals and place them on the floating shelves to spotlight them. Allow them to change the display monthly to avoid an out-of-sight, out-of-mind situation.

  • professional storage unitRent a Professional Storage Unit

If all else fails, a storage facility will provide the perfect solution for stuffed animals and other items lying around the house. Sometimes investing in a storage unit is cost-effective and better for the long-term rather than spending thousands on small storage projects.

A personal storage unit or even commercial storage can come in handy in many situations like – if you have limited space to store toys regardless of using every nook and cranny at your home.

Maybe you live in a small house with a big family, and there simply isn’t enough space for ample toy storage. Perhaps your kids have outgrown their stuffed toys, but you wish to keep them safe for emotional reasons.

Whatever your reason, we’ve put together a guide to help you properly store stuffed animals for the long term, along with a few key tips to keep them in great shape. Cleaning stuffed animals is a crucial step in preparing them for long-term storage. Remove any lasting odours by gently washing (and drying) them to deter pests and rodents.

Next, wrap your plush toys in acid-free tissue paper, especially if you’re storing antiques or collectable stuffed animals. Then put the toys in plastic tubs with lids to properly secure them. Try not to overpack the tubs to avoid damaging the fur or shape. Now, you are good to send your boxes to the storage facility!

We hope this guide has helped you figure out how to store stuffed animals properly and creatively. Lastly, no matter how long you plan on keeping your plush toys in storage, STORED’s clean and spacious storage units are the best option!

Are you now ready to store your kid’s stuffed animals? Find your nearest storage facility with STORED.




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