Climate Controlled Storage

Storage facilities that prevent extreme heat or moisture

Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions by STORED

The climate-controlled storage facilities at STORED are designed to manage temperature and humidity levels throughout the year.

They are perfect if you want to protect your favourite books, paper items, and photographs, as well as musical instruments or your prized collection of vinyl records.

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Climate-controlled spaces are facilities that are fully equipped with cutting edge dehumidifiers.

Here are some benefits of climate-controlled storage facilities:

  • • Moderated and controlled temperature and humidity level
  • • Great air quality
  • • Prevent malfunctions like warping
  • • Stores items that must be kept in excellent condition

If you’re looking for niche storage for objects that shouldn't be stored in a traditional storage unit, then climate-controlled facilities are what you need.

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Types of Objects You Can Store in Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Our units can be found in climate-controlled buildings where you can store various types of objects, including some of your most sensitive ones.

Climate-controlled storage facilities are ideal for items that may need controlled environments in terms of air quality and air conditioning and we are happy to provide this service to you.

You can store wooden furniture that needs controlled humidity levels, your wine collection, or even CDs and paper documents that extreme heat or humidity could damage.

We are aware that other storage companies advertise that they can store fine art pieces or haute couture garments within their climate-controlled facilities, although they don’t provide insurance for them.

We don’t offer storage for this type of item.

However, we do offer a £500 standard liability insurance for your objects.

Our storage facilities are also perfect for storing a wide range of items.

With us, you can store books, any kind of furniture, and other general household objects that you may not use frequently.

You can also use storage to keep memorabilia and sentimental items that you want to hold on to but you’re not currently making any use of.

Students can store their belongings during university breaks.

We also provide commercial storage for business owners who want to keep their inventory safe or might need some extra storage space that will help them to declutter their offices.

Choose One of Our Climate-Controlled Storage Units

At STORED, we are happy to offer secure and affordable solutions for various types of storage, such as home and business storage.

We also offer student storage and furniture storage so you can choose the storage option that best suits your needs.

Our units range in sizes from 12 sq ft and go all the way up to 400+ sq ft, depending on your requirements.

We’ll make sure that you’re not going to pay for space that you don’t need.

Additionally, we take the security of your belongings very seriously. Our security measures include:

  • • CCTV surveillance monitored by a professional security company.
  • • Dual security locks on all doors at our facilities.
  • • Alarms monitored by a professional security company.

We know that many self-storage companies advertise that they have the lowest prices in the market.

However, they sometimes have hidden costs and extra fees that you only learn about when it’s too late.

We are proud to say that we don’t operate like this.

What’s even better is that when you store long-term with us, meaning for longer than 6 months, you get a 15% long-stay discount.

You can find the prices for our storage locations online and book your unit in just a few minutes.

If you need any additional information before you book with us, you can always get in touch with our team through our live chat option on our website, or you can call us at 020 3637 1234.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What are climate-controlled storage facilities?

Climate-controlled facilities are storage buildings where we use state-of-the-art equipment to control extreme temperatures and humidity levels. Humidity control and a constant temperature are very important when storing sensitive items. Consider climate-controlled storage with us and be sure that high humidity levels or extreme cold won’t be a problem for your items.

2. How much does climate-controlled storage cost?

Climate controlled storage costs the same as regular storage with us. It’s important for us that you know that we at STORED, unlike other self-storage companies, don’t have any extra costs or hidden fees. The pricing depends on how much space you’re going to need. For more information about our pricing, you can visit our website and find our storage prices and unit sizes.

3. What things need climate-controlled storage?

Objects that are sensitive to heat, cold, mildew, humidity, dust, and continuous changes in temperature should be in climate-controlled storage. Some examples of this might be CDs, important documents, and sensitive technology. Climate controlled storage spaces are also great for wine storage, leather items, and wooden furniture.

4. What is the difference between temperature-controlled storage and climate-controlled storage?

A temperature-controlled storage environment usually only controls temperature changes. Climate-controlled storage facilities manage humidity levels and temperature. At STORED, it’s the whole building where we store your sensitive items that’s climate-controlled and air-conditioned, not just individual storage units.

5. Are there any hidden fees?

We know that hidden fees can be disappointing. For that reason, we don’t have any. The full price of the storage agreement between you and us will be quoted to you, in writing, before your collection takes place. You can visit our homepage and see for yourself how we compare against other storage and self-storage companies.

6. Is there anything I can’t store?

There are some items that we cannot store in our facilities.

These include:

  • Food
  • Any living organism, animal, or plant
  • Explosives and weapons
  • Illegal substances or any illegally obtained goods
  • Any flammable materials, liquids, or compressed gasses
  • Jewellery, ivory, watches, stamps, precious stones, or precious metals
  • Antiques, furs, or fine art collections
  • Perfumery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, beers, wines, or spirits
  • Money, coins, cash, or negotiable instruments and the like, including cheques and any vouchers with a face value.

Visit our website to find the full list of items that you can’t store with us.