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Self-storage units date back 2,000 years ago in China. It was a clay pot and preserved in a shared p. Today, we have come a long way from clay pots to highly secured, automated storage units, and much credit goes to the modern advancements we see everyday. 

The modern-day self-storage industry as we know it started commercially around the 1850s in Britain. The self-storage industry is one of the few lucky industries that never gets hit by recessions, and well, it gained immense popularity in the last decade. Only in the UK, it had a whopping £930 million annual turnover in 2021. 

What is a self storage unitWhat Is a Self-Storage Unit?

If you are just dipping your toes in the self-storage realm and feel a bit uninformed, don’t fret. We got you covered. Self-storage units are a quick fix for increasing your storage capacity. 

Whether you live in a small apartment and struggle to keep your belongings neatly, or you are moving and need to store away a few things for a couple of months. Self-storage units are the only reliable and affordable option for you. The advantages of storage units outweigh their price and get the job done perfectly.

Self-storage units come with great ease, practicality, and functionality. It is most convenient and hassle-free, so people tend to gravitate toward it. Most self-storage companies go out of their way to facilitate customers and offer amenities such as pick-ups, drop-offs, and van rentals. 

You can think of self-storage units as large vaults, they are safe and secure, and only you can access them. Whether you want to store some expensive furniture or just want to store away extra clothes and accessories, self-storage units are the answer to your every storage woe.

Process for Getting a Self-Storage Unit

Thankfully, the process of getting a self-storage unit is pretty straightforward. In the past, people had to go to the storage facilities to check their condition and work out an agreement. That process took time and a lot of effort and proved tiresome for customers. 

Nowadays, anyone can book a self-storage unit within five minutes, and the advancement in technology has benefited everyone majorly in this regard. You can search for storage companies in your vicinity and browse their services. Almost every storage company requires a phone call to confirm the details. 

Booking a storage unit is simple, but you must be meticulous when choosing a storage facility. Below are some of the things you should take into consideration while booking a storage unit.

Determine The Purpose Of Your Storage

People rent storage units for several reasons; some need it for a few months, while some take it as a long-term solution. Whatever storage unit you choose, whether outdoor or indoor, whether it has a climate-control facility or not, depends on your storage purpose.

If you need a storage unit for the long term, going with the less-expensive option might be suitable for you. Opting for a climate-controlled storage unit might be the best option if you want to store items that can get damaged by intense weather. 

Size of the Storage Unit

Choosing the perfect storage unit size can be tricky, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Remember that you are paying for every square inch of your storage unit, so choosing the wrong size can result in instant regret.

Before finalising a storage unit size, gather the items you want to store in one place and see if you can eliminate a few. If you haven’t used those knee-high leather boots in a year or two, you will never use them again. Part ways with stuff you think have no usage in the future; you can donate or give away those things in your local shelter home. 

Storage unit employees are also beneficial when recommending an appropriate storage unit size. You can make a detailed list of all your stuff and ask for recommendations from their representatives.

Ask For Amenities

The UK makes up 41% storage industry in the UK; with 1,900 self-storage sites in the UK alone, competition becomes cut-throat between storage companies. This situation works in customers’ favour as prices are kept competitively low.

You will get a lot of budget-friendly storage options wherever you live. There are a lot of large and small storage facilities scattered throughout the UK, which means you have plenty of options to choose from. One factor that can be decided among all the companies is who goes out of their way to facilitate customers. 

If you have already checked the prices and credibility of the storage company, next comes the part to check for amenities. Go for a storage company that offers amenities like free van rentals, discounts, forklift on the premises, collection, and drop-off to your address. 

what to keep in self storage unitWhat Can I Keep In The Self-Storage Unit?

Storage units are built in a manner that they are highly safe and secure. Almost every storage facility offers an added layer of security and protection. Indoor storage facilities only allow authorised personnel to enter the premises, making them an ideal option if you want to store stuff that holds monetary or emotional importance. 

You can keep anything in a storage unit, whether you have unused clothes for storing, accessories, or want to store shoes. Have a lot of books or documents and no space to organise them? A storage unit can be a perfect home for your collection of books, artefacts, crafts, or paintings.

You can also store any tools and equipment in your storage unit; just make sure to keep them appropriately. Have skies, heavy winter coats, or unused furniture? Everything can go in a storage unit. 

What Items Should Not Be Kept In Self-Storage?

Storage units are suitable for all your domestic and household stuff, with a few exceptions. Every storage facility has its rules of what they don’t allow. For your help, below are items you should not keep in a storage unit at any cost. 

  • Weapons
  • Illegal substances
  • Drugs
  • Perishable items
  • Food
  • Plants
  • Stolen items
  • Pets

Now that you know everything there is to know about self-storage units, you are in a position to make an informed decision. You can only enjoy the fantastic benefits of self-storage units with STORED, if you consider every factor and then go for the best available option.




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