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People trust all kinds of things within a storage unit, but if you plan to keep clothes, you must remember a few essential tips. There’s nothing worse than opening a box of clothing only to be hit by the smell of mildew or the sight of wrinkled, dirty, and dusty clothes that look ruined.

When considering how to safeguard clothes in a clothing storage unit, you should take more care than your other belongings. Clothing is fragile, unlike ceramics or metal. Cotton and wool can be easily damaged if not stored properly.

To make your clothes last a long time and prevent damage during short, and long-term storage, or seasonally, store your clothes in storage units the best way with our method. We have easy clothes storage ideas that will prove worthy!
Wash & Dry before Packing

Wash and Dry Thoroughly Before Packing

It’s a no-brainer, but washing and drying your clothes is important before sending them to a storage unit. Any dirt, debris, food, or odours on your clothes can seep into the fabric and cause smells that can damage your garments.

Remember, lingering moisture will cause mould and mildew, so make sure to completely dry your clothes and wait 1 – 2 hours after they have come out of the dryer before packing.

Invest In Air-Tight Plastic Containers

The best way to store clothing items is in an airtight plastic storage bin. However, remember to fold them properly. Airtight plastic storage bins are ideal because they prevent moisture, mould, and mildew from growing and damaging your clothes.

For extra protective measures, use silica gel desiccant packets to ensure no moisture is left inside your clothes organiser containers. These containers are great for clothes and shoe storage alike.

On top of that, add a dryer sheet to maintain that freshly washed smell. We also recommend storing hats, ties, swimsuits, etc., in plastic storage bins. For long-term storage, clothes folded or rolled are the best way to keep them in plastic storage bins for maximum quality maintenance.

Label All The Containers

In order to make your storage experience run smoothly, label all the containers. Grab a marker and jot down what each box has in it, like “winter” or “jackets.” Depending on how many boxes or bins you use, this will be beneficial when you want to grab seasonal clothing or unpack your storage unit after a move.

Similarly, creating an inventory system is crucial to keeping you organised and allowing you to access items of clothing easily. There are a few options to choose from when deciding on an inventory system.

  • Colour-coordinated inventory:

Each colour you choose should be linked to a specific type of clothing, whether it’s divided by season or item type. Keep a sheet that will indicate which colour coordinates with which item.

  • Inventory List:

You can make an extensive list and write down every item in your bin. Add a brief description and the clothing article’s size as well. It can be taped onto the container or made into an excel spreadsheet. It will allow you to know the contents of your bins, so you don’t waste time digging through them.

Prevent Pests With Pesticides

When sending your clothes for safekeeping inside a storage unit, you must remember that pests can damage your clothes. To avoid it, you have to invest in good-quality pesticides.

However, let’s be honest; mothballs smell awful. Luckily, they aren’t your only option when storing clothes in a storage room. Instead, keep some cedar chips with your clothes to deter pests.

You can purchase cedar chips in porous bags or larger blocks. Storing with a responsible storage company like STORED that practices preventative pest control and does not allow food storage is another way to avoid pests in your clothing.

Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

The finest option to store garments long-term is to transfer them in a climate-controlled storage unit. They ensure maintaining favourable temperatures and levels of humidity in the storage units. It is to look after the fact that these items are not exposed to extreme heat, coldness, temperature fluctuations, and moisture.

Moreover, climate-controlled units are sealed tightly which leads to guaranteed protection from dirt, dust, and pests at all times. They also mitigate the risk of mildew and mould while helping to maintain everything in good condition.

If you go for a climate-controlled storage, you can sit back and relax knowing your clothes will stay in the best condition no matter how long you take to collect them back. Such a factor is vital when you are storing your delicate items of clothing.

Buy Wardrobe BoxesBuy Wardrobe Boxes

Storing hanging clothes like suits and dresses in a storage facility slightly differs from clothes you can fold. Or oversized coats, parkas, and winter jackets take up too much space in a regular box.

We highly recommend purchasing wardrobe boxes for these clothing items. They are enormous, heavy-duty boxes with a bar across the top for hanging clothes. Pulling garments from your closet into the container will be extremely easy.

The benefit, of course, is that your hanging clothes stay hanging. Also, carrying and moving your hanging clothes becomes much more manageable. Another advantage is that they will give you easy access to all of your clothes instantly.

Pay Frequent Visits To The Storage Facility

As you transfer your special pieces of clothing in storage, don’t just leave them there. You need to visit the facility every once in a while and make sure everything is in the right condition. If you notice moisture build-up or pest infestation, you need to look after it urgently. 

Further, if your clothes are kept away for long-term storage, make sure to refold them once a year at the minimum during your visits to the storage facility. It will save you from the dreadful sight of permanent creasing om your clothes.

Get Insurance

Get storage unit insurance for all your articles of clothing in case an unforeseen occurrence puts your valuables in danger; You never know when a break-in, flood, explosion or fire could jeopardise your items. 

The more valuable your clothes, the more insurance you should get. It’s better to be cautious rather than regret it later. For your ease, numerous storage companies offer insurance plans for you to pick from. Purchase one of them and restore your peace of mind now.




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