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Are you looking for ways to decorate your outdoor living area?

You have come to the right place. 

This guide will look at 30 different outdoor decor ideas
From updating the front of your home to rejuvenating your backyard, major remodels to small DIY projects, you’ll find a little bit of everything.

So, let’s get started!

30 Outdoor Decor Ideas for Modern Houses

Idea #1: Tall Plant Divider 

Tall plant divider.

Photo by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash

A simple outdoor home decor idea would be to have plants act as a divider for your patio. 

There are many options you can choose from like bushes, seasonal plants, grass, and small trees. 

This helps give you some privacy while spending time with your family without onlookers.

Author’s Tip: If you choose certain plants, like lemongrass, it can also work to repel pesky bugs and mosquitos. 

Category: Outdoor Plants

Ideal for: Open Space Patios

Price: £99.99

Website: Primrose

Idea #2: Outdoor Rope Lighting 

Rope Lighting Fence.

Photo by Chance Monnette on Unsplash

If you don’t have enough light in your backyard, patio, or deck then this is a creative solution to that problem. 

Rope lighting is inexpensive and it’s perfect to line edges of sidewalks or paths to walk safely at night. 

You can get creative and use the rope lighting around decorations to make them stand out. 

There are many ways to utilise rope lighting that will make you never want to leave your outdoor area. 

Category: Outdoor Decor Lighting

Ideal for: Any backyard

Price: £16.99

Website: Lights4fun

Idea #3: Relax In A Hammock 

Decorate With A Hammock.

Photo by Viviana Rishe on Unsplash

One of the best outdoor decor ideas for the summer is to install a hammock and spend time enjoying your natural surroundings. 

Adding a hanging hammock creates an interesting and attractive centrepiece for your back or front yard. 

This will encourage you to stay outside longer to relax in the fresh air.  

You can also add additional furniture around it to have more seating options for your guests. 

Category: Outdoor Decor

Ideal for: Everyone

Price: £222.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #4: Outdoor Hanging Curtains

Outdoor Hanging Curtains.

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

Curtains are not just for the inside of your home anymore. You can use them as a stylish backyard decor to make your backyard stand out and try to beat the heat. 

You can choose to hang the curtain in a position that helps block the sun, to section off your patio area, or just as a simple decoration. 

There are a variety of gorgeous and functional outdoor curtains that can weather the elements, try out this curtain that will look perfect in your backyard. 

Category: Outdoor Decor 

Ideal for: Backyards with patio/decks

Price: £25.83

Website: Overstock

Idea #5: New Cushions Refresh

Outdoor Cushions.

Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

A couple of new cushions is one of the easiest and most affordable outside decor ideas for an instant refresh. After winter, kick off the spring season with a fresh start.

You want to make sure you select durable fabric, like canvas, that can withstand sun and damp weather.

There are numerous colours and designs to choose from that will compliment your already established decor. 

Choose these pillows to help makeover your outside seating and create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for you and your guests. 

Category: Outdoor Decor 

Ideal for: Outdoor Seating 

Price: £25

Website: Ikea

Idea #6: Build Your Dream Treehouse


Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

If you never got to have a treehouse as a kid, make one for yourself as an adult. Building a treehouse in your backyard creates a whimsical feeling everytime you enter it. 

If you do have kids, a treehouse can be great fun for the whole family. Create the perfect play area or a nice relaxing hangout, right outside of your home.

Treehouses are also great because they don’t take away space in the yard. You can still decorate or transform that area as well.

Category: Outdoor Decor 

Ideal for: Backyards With Large Trees 

Price: Varies (Build Yourself or Hire A Contractor)

Website: Squirrel Design

Idea #7: Updated House Number

Updated House Number.

Photo by HENCE THE BOOM on Unsplash

Another great idea to spruce up your outdoor space is updating your house numbers. 

Typically, the numbers are hard to locate, especially at night, and are plain and boring.

This can help transform the front of your home and add a different element other than having the numbers hidden from the street view. 

You can get creative and do multiple different things with your house numbers. 

Have them labeled on potted plants along the front curb, colourful large numbers hanging, or carved out of objects (like rocks or trees) to create an eye-catching appeal upon first look.  

Category: Outdoor Decor 

Ideal for: Home or Yard Decor

Price: N/A

Website: K2 Stone

Idea #8: Beautify Your Walls

Outdoor Wall Decor.

Photo by Ronald Cuyan on Unsplash

There are so many outdoor wall decor ideas to add style and personality to your outdoor area.

Try combining colours and textures to create a visually appealing patio. 

You can use a flat or hanging element on your outside walls.

Get fun and creative with your decor choices to design an exciting environment.

Combine multiple pieces if you have the space to express your creativity and fill out the blank wall space.  

Category: Outdoor Decor 

Ideal for: Blank Outdoor Walls

Price: £15.99

Website: Primrose

Idea #9: New Patio Furniture Set

Outdoor Furniture.

Photo by Pip Christie on Unsplash

Outdoor table decor might be more on the expensive side, however it’s important to replace old tables due to all the wear and tear that occurs each season. 

Use your new patio furniture set as the centrepiece for your yard and put decorations around it that compliments the ambiance. 

The great thing about most outdoor furniture sets is that they are generally portable and light.

You can constantly update your yard and keep things looking new and refreshed. 

If you aren’t ready to completely replace your outdoor furniture, bring new life to it with Idea #5.

Category: Outdoor Furniture

Ideal for: Outdoor Seating

Price: £133.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #10: Upcycle Old Dresser Drawers

Use one of the easiest Pinterest outdoor decor ideas to transform your outside space.

All you have to do is upcycle a piece of old furniture.

A used dresser or cabinet can be turned into a gardening center, workstation, outside bar or anything else you can imagine. 

Author’s Note: This is a great way to reuse furniture you are thinking about getting rid of. If you aren’t getting rid of any, try looking at second-hand furniture shops or car boot sales for cheaper options. 

Make sure you protect the piece of furniture from weather and sun damage once you plan to leave it outside.

Depending on what you are using the dresser for, add hooks or remove the drawers to fit your needs. Repaint or retexture the dresser to give it an extra pop.

Category: Outdoor Decor

Ideal for: Outdoor Furniture

Price: £15*

Website: Preloved

Idea #11: Create A Vertical Garden

Vertical Garden.

Photo by Ash Ashley on Unsplash

Think you don’t have enough space for any outdoor garden decor ideas? Well, think again! 

Creating a vertical garden is the perfect way to save yard space but still enjoy beautiful flowers and plants in your outdoor area.

This is also a great outdoor fence decor idea if you use plants that can grow into the fence. 

Fastening a few pots on an empty wall or fence can transform it into a fresh flower or vegetable stand.

You can even plant in recycled plastic bottles and hang those on a fence or wall.

Category: Outdoor garden or fence decor ideas

Ideal for: Empty Wall or Fence Space/Outdoor Areas With Limited Yard Space

Price: £24.99

Website: Primrose

Idea #12: DIY Fire Pit

DIY Fire Pit.

Photo by Daniel Norris on Unsplash

The perfect addition to your backyard is a fire pit because it is not only relaxing but can be a fun family activity as well if you tell campfire stories or roast marshmallows. 

This DIY outdoor decor idea is simple to do and provides a big visual impact. 

Building your own fire pit is relatively simple but there are many guides out there that walk you step by step through the basics if you need help. 

Generally, you would need to do the following:

  • Mark the size and shape of your desired fire pit
  • Dig approximately 18 inches of soil
  • Fill the hole with gravel 
  • Cover with Sand
  • Build your stone structure, leaving some space for airflow 

Be sure to stay safe when building your DIY fire pit and never use wet rocks or stones. 

If you are uncertain during the process, you can always choose to buy a stand-alone pit. 

Whether you do it yourself or purchase an already assembled fire pit, this addition to your home will be sure to impress your guests and provide the perfect gathering place for events. 

Category: Outdoor decor ideas

Ideal for: Open Outdoor Yard or Patio Area

Price: £62.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #13: Brighten Up Your Fence

Fence Painted White.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Not all outdoor fence decor ideas have to be expensive. 

If you are not ready to completely replace your fence, brighten it with a fresh coat of paint.

This simple home decor idea can bring so much life to your outdoor space. 

Use weather-resistant paint to help it stay looking new and use a bright color that will pop well against the plants you have in your backyard.

A more creative fence decor idea is to drill small holes into an old fence and place marbles inside the holes. 

This creates a beautiful illusion as the sun passes through the marbles.

Category: Outdoor Fence Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Older Fences

Price: £11.00

Website: Wickes

Idea #14: Add An Awning

Adding an awning doesn’t have to be a huge project. 

No matter how big or small your outdoor space is, an awning will add a shaded portion to relax in. 

If you have a larger yard and are doing a remodel, then a large covered patio would be ideal but if you have a smaller space or are on a budget, create an awning with a triangle tarp. 

Then, you can choose which area you’d like to relax in and hang it from your outside walls with hooks and rope.

Depending on how much you want to spend, there is an option for everyone.

Most companies even offer customization if you aren’t seeing exactly what you want.

Category: Outdoor Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Areas Needing Shade

Price: £19.99

Website: Primrose

Idea #15: Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Outdoor kitchen ideas can totally transform your outdoor space into a friendly inviting atmosphere but they can be an intimidating project because they are usually a large remodel and require a lot of money.

In some cases this can be true but you don’t have to do a full remodel at once. 

You can do it in stages by adding a grill or stove and then creating counter space and a sink later on.

Add different elements as your budget allows.

Category: Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Ideal for: Larger Outdoor Areas

Price: £1,994.99

Website: Primrose

Idea #16: Add Benches For More Seating

Outdoor Wooden Bench.

Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

Consider adding comfy benches to your outdoor seating to maximise the amount of seating that’s available for you and your guests. 

Use this country home decor idea to add a different element to your front or back walkway.

This is a great idea if you have a lot of space that you aren’t sure what to do with. 

Make sure to include comfy pillows to create a welcoming vibe and make the seating option more appealing than just regular chairs. 

Category: Outdoor Seating Ideas

Ideal for: Open Outdoor Space

Price: £109.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #17: Stone Flooring

Choose to upgrade a section of your outdoor space with decorative stone flooring.

Spread gravel around the whole yard or in sections for a more creative look. 

It will ultimately save you time and money since you don’t need to worry about mowing, watering, and maintaining your grass any longer.

Author’s Note: Dig up the area and place a tarp down before you lay the gravel to help plants not sprout up between the rocks.

You can have your patio set in the middle as the centrepiece within the gravel or choose to have the gravel spread around furniture, creating a welcoming path. 

This can transform your yard into a stunning outdoor atmosphere and is fairly easy to complete. 

Category: Outdoor Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Open Outdoor Space

Price: £84.84

Website: Decorative Aggregates

Idea #18: Turn Shrubs Into Artwork

Backyard With a Big Garden.

Have the focal point of your front yard be your sculpted shrubs that can be many different shapes and sizes.

Be different and stand out in your neighborhood. 

Instead of just trimming it the normal way, get creative on the different styling you can do. 

Create a visually appealing combination with all the bushes you have. 

Author’s Note: Not all shrubs have to be as extravagant as these 17 awesome bush and shrub sculptures to create a beautiful outdoor area but they will help by giving you some inspiration!

You can even add lighting to make the shrubs illuminate at night time and enhance the overall area of your yard. 

Category: Outdoor Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Outdoor Space With Bushes/Shrubs

Price: Free

Idea #19: Add An Outdoor Mirror

Usually you have mirrors in small rooms to try to make the room appear larger than it actually is.

The same practice can also apply to adding a mirror as your outdoor decor. 

Hang a mirror on the wall that’s attached to your home.

Try adding it next to your patio furniture to make the table seem longer.

Or even by your plants in your garden. 

When choosing an outside mirror you will want to ensure you pick one that’s made of metal to withstand all the different types of elements. 

Category: Outdoor Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Any Yard

Price: £135

Website: CoxandCox

Idea #20: Decorate With Pumpkins

As summer ends, many people will look for fall outdoor decor ideas but the simplest and easiest one is to decorate with pumpkins.

Simply buying a few pumpkins and placing them around your home is a classic fall decor idea but you can get really creative with your pumpkins as well.

Buy pumpkins in many different sizes, shapes and colours to build your own pumpkin patch.

Looking for fall decorating ideas for your front porch?

If you have a colour scheme established on your porch already, paint your pumpkins to match.

Add ribbons, gems or anything else to decorate your pumpkin.

Add numbers on the pumpkins and place them on the stairs of your front porch or just in front of your home, as a house marker and decoration.

Add additional outdoor fall decor to create a whole fall scene!

Category: Fall Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Front Porch

Price: £1-2

Website: Tesco

Idea #21: Use String Lights

Use String Lights As Patio Decor.

Photo by Kevin Fitzgerald on Unsplash

There are so many patio string lights ideas, don’t limit yourself to just hanging them around the border of your outdoor area.

Draping string lights over bushes or down a wall can create a simple but beautiful background to your space. 

String lights are great because they add enough light to enhance the atmosphere but not too much to distract from it.

Another way to use string lights is to pile them into see-through buckets to create a lantern image.

Category: Patio Light Ideas

Ideal for: Any Patio

Price: £24.99

Website: Wayfair

Idea #22: Paint Outdoor Table Top

Give your backyard a makeover by updating the style and colour of your current patio table.

This works best if you have a wooden table so you can paint directly on top of it.

You don’t have to be a master artist to transform your ordinary table into something new and beautiful. 

Grab some cans of paint in the colour that you want and start painting.

Add some primer at the end to help make the new changes last longer. 

Sometimes this is also a good way to cover up small scratches and blemishes with a fresh coat of paint. 

Category: Outdoor Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Patio Furniture

Price: £20

Website: Wilko

Idea #23: Decorative Fall Wreath 

When the weather starts getting chilly and the days start to get shorter, it’s time to get ready for fall and that includes your decor ideas. 

The fall season is the perfect time to add this new addition to your home.

Fall foliage is in bloom and you can end up with a whimsical wreath combination to enhance your home. 

This can go on your front/back door or you can hang it on a blank wall as decorations.

There are many different options you can choose from that are all equally visually impacting.  

Don’t limit this idea to fall only, there are many wreath decor ideas for every season. 

Category: Outdoor Decorations

Ideal for: Any Space

Price: £15.75

Website: Amazon

Idea #24: Use An Outdoor Rug

Using a rug is an easy outdoor decorating idea.

A new rug can transform a backyard patio or your front porch.

Bring some comfort from inside your home to the outdoor areas as well.

Using a rug is the easiest way to add comfort, color and texture to an outdoor space.

Layer a welcome mat over a rug in front of your home to create a welcoming illusion but still catch the dirt from visitors before they enter. 

Category: Outdoor Decorations

Ideal for: Any Outdoor Area

Price: £60

Website: Ikea

Idea #25: Install A Bird Bath

Bring your yard to life with an easy to set up birdbath for your next outdoor garden decor idea.

Most of the time they are relatively small and fit conveniently anywhere.

Once birds realise you are providing a reliable source of water to drink and bathe, you will be rewarded with a constant stream of different types of birds. 

Enjoy the outdoors and sit in your yard relaxing while seeing all the birds come and go.

Birdbaths add an elegant and classic feel when placed in your garden. 

Category: Outdoor Decorations

Ideal for: Outdoor Gardens

Price: £79.99

Website: Gardenwildlifedirect

Idea #26: Reuse Older/Outdated Items

Two Chairs Next to Each Other in Backyard.

Photo by Kate Tandy on Unsplash

Create a beautiful outdoor design using older, outdated items such as old tools, pieces of wood, metal buckets, old wagons and more.

There are so many rustic outdoor decor ideas you could do with these items.

Pair these older items with beautiful, growing plants or flowers to give them a new breath of life.

Older, slightly rusted tools can create a primitive home decor look by being hung or displayed in a creative way.

This idea is especially useful if you are trying to decorate on a budget because you may have these items already and are just repurposing them or you could find a friend or family member who is giving them away. 

If you don’t have these items or know anyone giving them away, try looking at your local car boots for cheaper options.

Category: Cheap Outdoor Decorations

Ideal for: Primitive Decor

Price: Varies

Website: Car Boot Junction

Idea #27: Install Wind Chimes 

Wind Chimes Decor.

Photo by Aiden Fang on Unsplash

There’s something very satisfying about hearing the sound of wind chimes and bells.

One small piece can add a major impact to your front or back yard. 

Use the wind to your advantage and create a combination of sound and movement that you can enjoy day after day. 

You can attach wind chimes in many places like tree branches, roof overhangs, or wall hooks which make it very versatile on where you can choose to hang it. 

Category: Outdoor Decorations

Ideal for: Any Yard

Price: £14.95

Website: Thewindchimeshop

Idea #28: Add A Custom Sign 

Add some warmth to your outdoor space with a custom sign.

It can be your favorite quote or just a simple word that you feel summarizes your family’s values. 

A custom sign is a great way to welcome guests to your home or make them feel at home.

Take some time to think about what feeling you want to achieve with your sign. 

You don’t have to be a talented artist for this, it’s as simple as painting the background and using stencils to create the wording.  

This shows off your creativity while also giving you a focal point on your wall. 

Category: Outdoor Decoration Ideas

Ideal for: Any Yard

Price: DIY

Website: N/A

Idea #29: Create A Personalised Space With A Shed

Shed in the Nature.

Photo by Stephy Pariande on Unsplash

Turning a shed into your own personal oasis is one of my favorite DIY outdoor decor ideas.

A shed can be transformed into literally anything.

What is missing from your home?

Add it in the shed!

Add a playroom for the kids, an art studio, a practice area for your band and anything else you can imagine.

Sometimes sheds are used as a storage unit for things we rarely use but by moving those items to an actual storage facility you open up a brand new area in your home. 

(Looking for storage service?)

Move those items, clean up the area and use the other ideas in this guide for help decorating your new outdoor space.

Category: Home Decor Ideas

Ideal for: Homes With A Shed

Price: £379 for a new shed

Website: Sheds

Idea #30: Add An Outdoor Bed

Add an outdoor bed to bring your comfiest spot inside, outside.

A day bed is great for cat naps year round or tanning in the summer.

This also adds additional seating to your outdoor space without taking up too much room.

Add bright sheets and pillows to really make it pop in it’s outdoor element.

Category: Outdoor Seating Ideas

Ideal for: Sitting and Laying

Price: £19.99

Website: Beliani

Now Over to You

We’ve provided 30 outdoor home decor ideas in this guide but there are many more.

Whether you live in a house, apartment or any other living style, it is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed inside and outside of your home.

I hope some of the ideas in this guide help you create the ultimate outdoor area!

Now it’s your turn:

Which one of these ideas are you going to use to decorate your home? Do you have any other outdoor decorating tips that didn’t make our list?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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