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Are you wondering how much does storage cost monthly in 2020? 

Here, you will learn how much you need to pay for storage if you want to save money.

We will use three different examples/ use cases:

  1. You are storing for a while between moves (personal storage)
  2. You are moving abroad and need a long-term solution (personal storage)
  3. You move to a new office and look for long-term storage (business storage)

So if your situation is described by one of the above use cases, you’ll need this guide. 

Let’s dive right in!

Examples/ Use Cases

Example #1: Short-term Storage Between Moves

Example #2: Long-term Storage for Personal Reasons

Example #3: Long-term Storage for Business Purposes

Now Over to You

Example #1: Short-term Storage Between Moves

The price of different storage units depends on multiple factors: 

  1. The number of things you need to store
  2. How long you will be storing your things 
  3. The value of the stored items
Living room in a beautiful apartment with a nice sofa, a chair, a desk, some flowers and a small table.

Image Source: Unsplash

If you only need to store a handful of items, then you can save money on a smaller size storage unit and utilize the vertical space to stack your belongings. 

Since the unit is only needed for a short time frame, you don’t have to spend the extra money on climate controlled storage like you would in a long term rental. 

Some other things to consider when comparing storage unit prices are the conditions for insurance, deposits, and locks.  


STORED offers free insurance to ensure you have secure storage. 

Other companies don’t offer storage insurance so it is the consumer’s responsibility. 

If they do offer insurance, they charge an extra £12 -14 or more per month.


STORED does not require a deposit. The price you see on the website and through our storage calculator.  

Other companies charge one month’s rent as a deposit, that you may or may not get back at the end of your rental period.


Our services at STORED include a free padlock to have a secure storage room for your items. 

Other storage facilities charge an additional £12 -15, which is usually a surprise fee you find out once you are signing the contract.

These companies seem appealing at first and may appear at the top of the list when you search for cheap storage units near me. 

They may even have a lower rental rate per month but once you add up the additional fees you must pay to store your items with them, they are much higher than our rates at STORED. 

Make sure you truly understand everything that is included in your cost. 

Don’t settle for cheap storage, opt for the most secure and trusted storage company in London.

Let’s look at the pricing for a small storage unit for a short term storage

This can be ideal for people who are moving into a new house and looking for temporary furniture storage. 

This could also be good for those who’ve acquired a lot of possessions in a short period of time. 

Let’s examine the storage unit cost for the following example:

Storing For: 2 months

Storage Unit: 50 sq. ft. 

Space: 1-bed flat

First, find the ideal storage unit with our Storage Calculator:

1 bedroom flat storage cost calculation. Illustration.

In this example, we included a double bed frame, double mattress, and some living room furniture to symbolize a 1 bed flat.

You can get a precise estimate of the storage space you will need by adding each item into our storage calculator. 

If you cannot find an item of yours on our list, we have the option to add a custom item and enter the measurements. 

It will save you time in the long run to take measurements of your furniture to ensure that everything will fit in your selected unit.  

Once you know the size of the unit you will need, calculate the storage unit prices here:

1 bedroom flat storage cost. Illustration.

If you realize you have more items than you originally planned for, that is no problem—we allow you to change your unit size at any time after booking.

Pay only for the space you need and since it’s month to month, it’s flexible for your needs to not be trapped in a long term contract. 

Unlike other storage companies, at STORED, we offer pick up services, packing assistance and 30 minutes of free loading time. 

A man during a removal on a removal van.

We want to assist you during this stressful time which is why we don’t want to charge extra hidden fees in our prices. 

Book the return of your items easily online and we will deliver them to the place of your choosing.

Don’t go through the hassle of finding two reputable companies, one for packing/removal and one for storage, when our team can handle it all at a fair price. 

It will save you both time and money and give you the opportunity to focus on the important aspects of moving. 

All of our storage units are designed with ease of accessibility in mind and we will work with you on finding the perfect sized public storage unit for what you need to store. 

Example #2: Long-term Storage for Personal Reasons

The second example we will look at is the need for long term personal storage. 

There could be several scenarios that would make a person need this type of storage, such as: 

  • Moving to a new country for work/school
  • Getting married/divorced and moving into a new home 
  • Inheriting items from a deceased relative
Boxes stacked next to each other inside a house.

Image Source: Unsplash

With storage, you can declutter your home and move some of the bigger items that are taking up space to a long term storage unit. 

Any of these examples, plus countless others could lead a person to need a storage unit for several months or several years, depending on the circumstances. 

Let’s examine the following example:

Storing For: 7 months

Storage Unit: 25 sq. ft. 

Space: 1 room

First, find the ideal storage rental with our  Storage Calculator:

Long-term personal storage cost calculation. Illustration.

For this example, we have chosen a sofa bed, an armchair, a large artwork and a bar stool. 

Again, our calculator tool makes it very easy to select each item you need to store or select a custom item. 

Be sure to include accurate measurements of your belongings when calculating the size you’ll need to ensure everything is able to fit.

After you find the size of the unit you will need, calculate the cost here:

Long-term personal storage cost. Illustration.

We offer 30% off your monthly rate when storing for 6 months or longer. 

This is one of the lower storage prices in London. 

Save hassle and money when you know you are going to need the storage space for longer than half a year. 

If you are looking for long term storage, we will help to save you money. 

Besides the 30% off, we also offer the following at no additional cost:

  • Pick up, van and petrol
  • 2 experienced STORED removal experts
  • Free cancellation of this unit, until midnight the day before your pick-up
  • £500  standard liability insurance

Other companies charge extra for at least one, if not all of these services. 

There’s no need to balance multiple companies for different things, STORED can provide all the services you need. 

We are committed to helping you during this transition period to let you focus on yourself, your family and settling into your new home.

Happy family in the kitchen of their house.

Image Source: Unsplash

When planning your long term storage, ensure that you protect your furniture with either plastic or cotton covers to avoid damage to your belongings. 

This will help avoid damages during the move as well as while it’s being stored. 

Besides the £500 standard liability insurance, we also offer the chance to increase your overall cover at a monthly fee, which starts from £10 a month for coverage up to £1,000 and £40 a month up to £20,000. 

We want to make sure your items are protected and you feel secure with your public storage choice. 

Let’s move on to the third example. 

Example #3: Long-term Storage for Business Purposes

Your company documents and office equipment is essential to running a smooth business but too much can leave your office feeling overcrowded. 

This can impact company culture and ultimately productivity. 

Young people inside a bright business space.

Image Source: Unsplash

Businesses change, grow, and evolve and we understand that sometimes you need a long term storage rental to handle this growth. 

Whether your a small startup e-commerce company or a long-term established business looking to store their clients’ confidential files, long term storage might be the solution for you.  

If your office has a surplus of equipment, document archives, or anything else that is taking up space, it might benefit you to rent a storage unit for your business purposes. 

Having a safe and secure location to store these important files will give you peace of mind but also clear up space at your business. 

The filing cabinets and archive rooms that are taking up space in your business location can be cleared and the space could be put to better use. 

Make sure to take a look!

Start by only keeping things that you will need in the future and don’t use your storage unit as a place to put random objects. 

Sometimes you can save costs by turning documents into digital files and that’s one less thing taking up space in your storage unit or at your physical location. 

Important aspects of any move, personal or business, is the care of packing, way of handling and even the quality of the packing material itself. 

Here at STORED we make sure to handle your items with care and deliver the best customer service possible. Our movers can assist you with packing as well as removal services.   

For our final example, let’s look at the following:

Storing For: 12 months

Storage Unit: 100 sq. ft. 

Space: 3 bed flat (analogy)

First, find the ideal storage unit with our Storage Calculator:

Long-term storage for business purposes storage cost calculation. Illustration.

The above example includes 4 bookcases, 8 file cabinets, 6 set of drawers, and 2 full sized desks. That all fits in a 100 sq. ft. storage unit. 

Next, you can calculate the cost here:

Business long-term storage storage cost. Illustration.

We offer 30% off your monthly rate when storing for 6 months or longer which saves you money in the long run. 

Other companies might only offer a promotional discount for the first few months; however here at STORED we are committed to helping keep your business storage needs affordable. 

This comes out to a monthly price of £8.84/day for your long term storage unit. 

As mentioned in example #2, this bundle includes two experienced removal experts, pickup vans, and free cancelation. 

Our removal experts know the proper way to handle your belongings during any move so you won’t have to worry. 

It also includes £500 standard liability insurance to protect your business possessions, with additional insurance options if needed. 

It’s also important to keep your business items in a climate-controlled unit to protect it from outside weather conditions. 

If any unseen natural disaster does occur, you can be covered for the damages that may happen. 

There are many benefits for using a long term storage for your business—declutter your office now and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to make the move. 

*All storage crates cost £0.5 per crate per month.

Now Over to You

So there you have it. 

You now know how much storage costs monthly. 

Remember: There is a big difference between self storage and the solution that we (STORED) offer. 

Our service includes:

  • Free pickups
  • £500 standard liability insurance
  • Moving costs to the storage facility

Book your storage unit online or call at 020 3637 1234 and talk to one of our storage experts now. 

We are here to help you with your needs. 

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