What is door-to-door storage?

door-to-door storage


Have you ever sat back and really thought about what actually goes into the use of self-storage? It’s a lot more than just popping to a unit and putting your stuff away for a bit.

There’s the cost of hiring a van, which you then have to drive through (most likely) busy Saturday London traffic, the heavy lifting at both ends, the purchase of packing boxes, bubblewrap, sellotape etc.

This is all before you’ve even made it to the unit, where you’ve probably forgotten your lock and have been stumped with around £20 to buy one of their ‘state-of-the-art’ ones and then some insurance (it never comes as standard). Now its time for the biggest game of Jenga trying to get it all into your unit that it definitely doesn’t fit in to!

Hey, we know how expensive this day has been already, we would lie about the size we needed to save a few pounds, too.

And just think, you have to do most of those jobs in reverse come the day you want it all back and that sounds like an absolute pain.

bySTORED’s door-to-door storage service cuts out all of the work we’ve just written about above and all you have to do is call/book online and let us do the rest.

No, we’re not joking.

We’ll pick your items up free of charge and when we say this we mean we send two-man teams to come and pick up from inside your home and carry down however many flights of stairs you live up to the van. They even will pack and disassemble anything for you for a small fee!

They then pack the van themselves, take it to our warehouse out in Mitcham and pack it all safely in the correct sized unit you’ve negotiated with our experts when organising your booking.

Too good to be true?

It gets better. We upload all of your items to an online inventory once we’ve tagged it all, which you can access at any time, and even give £500 liability insurance as standard.

When you decide you want it back, all you have to do is call us up and for a small fee (depending on how long you store with us for; the longer you store the cheaper the return) we’ll bring it all back to your home and unload it for you!

Now, remind us again why you were considering self-storage?

Head to our homepage to get the ball rolling…

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