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Are you looking for cheap storage in London?

Then you are in the right place.

I am going to tell you EVERYTHING you need to know before hiring a storage solution.

In short: if you want to find the best (and cheapest) storage facility in London, you’ll love this guide.

Let’s get started.

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Section 1: Where to Look For

Section 2: What to Pay Attention to

Section 3: Storage Price Comparison

Section 4: Before you Go!

Section 1: Where to Look For

First things first.

If you want to find cheap storage in London, you need to know where to look for.

So, let me give you some best practices when it comes to finding a reliable storage solution.

1) Search Online

As you probably know already, you can find everything you need online nowadays.

This means that you can find a cheap storage solution for your next store.

Be careful though; a simple Google search will NOT do the work:

Cheap Storage London


Because such a search query will return online ads:

Cheap Storage London Ads

Not that there is something bad about online ads (we are running ads as well!)—it’s just the fact that a company ranks at the top of the search results doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s cheap.

Besides, cheap—as I’ll show you later—is subjective when it comes to storage.

You can use a storage price comparison tool—like the one displayed below:

Or, browse through the various results that will come up.

I suggest that you do proper research before you make a decision.

Especially if the price is a priority to you.

2) Ask your Friends

This is the second tip I have for you.

I am sure you have a friend who moved (or stored) recently.

Person Holding Envelopes While Moving

They know that when you are moving, you have to deal with many things:

    • Talk to your landlord,
    • Talk to your house agent,
    • Find a moving company,
    • Find a storage company,
  • Go to work.

However, the good news is that if you have someone who passed through this situation recently, you may don’t have to go through what they’ve been through.

Something significant here: ask your friends or family who recently hired storage or moving solution if the company they hired runs a referral program.

If it does, you may save yourself some £—which you can spend elsewhere.

Assuming that you’ve found the best—and cheapest—storage facility in London, you’d want to pay attention to certain things.

Want to know what these things are?

Then keep reading.

Section 2: What to Pay Attention to

What are the things you need to pay attention to when storing?

1) The Pricing Policy of the Company

This one is important.


Well, let’s just say that sometimes there are hidden charges that you need to be aware of.

For example, on our home page, you can see that our pricing policy is crystal clear:

bySTORED Pricing

When you are storing with us, you (also) pay for:

    • Pickup, van and petrol
    • 2 experienced bySTORED removal experts
    • Free cancellation
    • £500 standard liability insurance

Cool, right?

Especially regarding the insurance, I suggest that you visit the company’s insurance policy page, to see what is their insurance statement of damage or loss.

You can do that by searching on Google with something like:

Storage Insurance


Storage Insurance Policy

This will pop-up the insurance policy of the company that you are thinking of hiring.

Keep in mind that bySTORED offers increased standard liability options for those who want an “extra layer of security” for their stored items:

Increased Standard Liability Options

2) If The Company Has an Online Booking System

Booking a storage unit online is very important.

Now, I know you may not feel as comfortable booking a storage unit through your computer.

But, this is much easier than making a call or visiting the company’s premises.

Let me explain that with a simple example.

In bySTORED’s home page, you can check the availability for the storage unit you need:

Availability of Storage Unit

Next, you need to enter your details:

Enter Storage Details

And, hit the “Next” button:

Next Button

This means that you can book a storage unit in our London warehouse in less than 5’.

And, with no hassle whatsoever during the moving day.

Wouldn’t it be great if all storage companies offered you the possibility to book online?

I am sure it would.

Let’s move on to the last point.

3) What is the Return Charge

The return charge is not something many people know.

The reason is simple: most companies don’t include that in their sales and marketing efforts.

After all, why should they?

At bySTORED, we do things differently:

Collections and Returns Included

But, this is not the case for most storage companies as they usually charge you for returns.

So, make sure to ask for that price and any other “hidden” charges that may exist.

There are some additional things that you need to pay attention to when it comes to finding a cheap storage solution in London.

You will find them in the next section.

If you want to learn more about door to door storage, you can check the following guide:

Door to Door Storage: Everything you Need to Know

Section 3: Storage Price Comparison

As I hope it is evident by now, finding the cheapest storage solution should not always be your primary concern.

Why is that?

Because you may rush yourself into a quick decision, that you’ll regret afterward.

Here is an example of what I mean:

Trustpilot Review

Now, let me clear about something: not all storage companies are untrustworthy.

In fact, most of them are extremely professional and always want to help their customers with their moving and storage needs.

Having said that, here are some things to consider when you are making a price comparison:

    • The number of sq. ft.
    • The cost of crates or storage boxes
    • The cost of van hire
    • The cost of insurance
    • The cost of the padlock
    • The cost of fuel

Here is what I advise you to do:

1) Make a List of Storage Solutions Based on your Needs

Make sure to shortlist only companies that fit your criteria.

List of Storage Companies

2) Use our Storage Estimator to calculate the size and the cost of the storage unit you need:

Storage Estimator Example

3) Compare our price with other solutions

Now that you have a clear view of what is the size of the storage crate you need, and the price for your exact needs, you can contact other solutions to compare their prices.

Cost of Moving Storage Companies.png.pagespeed.ic.M2OCPXpMWD

4) Make your decision and start storing

Now that you know what the price that each storage solution offers is, you can make your decision.

Make sure to keep in mind all the things I pointed out throughout this article, and you’ll be fine.

If you need any additional help, feel free to reach our team at 020 3637 1234.

Section 4: Before you Go!

I know that finding cheap storage in London is not easy.

Also, the cheapest solution is not always better.

Simply put: you have to consider many aspects before hiring such a solution. 

So, I hope you found the information provided in this guide to be useful.

Now I’d like to hear from you: have you decided if you are going to store your stuff and for how long?

If you want to store with us here at bySTORED, make sure to follow the link below to request a FREE quote!

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