Short Term Storage with bySTORED

Short term storage Solution

You won’t always need a long-term solution for storing your goods. Maybe you’re going on holiday for 2 weeks and want to store your valuables in a safe place. bySTORED can provide you with affordable short-term storage as well as longer term storage solutions.

Short term storage Solution

What might you need short-term storage for?

  • Storing your valuables while you’re on holiday.
  • Storing your belongings during an interim period between moving dates.
  • Keeping documents and equipment safe while you move offices.
  • Clearing space during a home renovation.

Short-term storage in London with bySTORED is completely secure and leaves your belongings in good hands, whatever your circumstances are. We pick up and load your items for free, and storage crates can also be provided at no additional cost. If you want us to pack your belongings as well, then our 2-man teams are happy to do this for £39 per 30 minutes started.

How much does short-term storage cost?

At bySTORED, we charge our customers on a monthly basis. The monthly price will vary depending on the size of your storage unit. This means, however, that if you only store your goods for a week, you will still pay for the whole month. So, you get a more cost-effective storage solution if you store for at least one month with us.

bySTORED Short Term Solutions

If you store for more than one month but less than two months, then here’s how our payments work:

  • If your storage will run up to 5 days into the next month, we will only charge 50% of the value of the usual monthly payment.
  • If your storage will run up to 14 days into the next month, we will only charge 75% of the value of the usual monthly payment.

The longer you store with us, the more you can save. As with all our storage solutions, we offer £500 standard liability insurance on all your stored goods for short-term storage. When you want us to return your belongings to you, the price will depend on how long you stored them for – £89 for 2 months or less, £29 for more than 2 months.

If you’re looking for short-term storage in London, bySTORED is here to help you find the most cost-effective way to store your belongings with us.

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