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The bedroom can be a sanctuary for many people. It’s where you start and end your day but some people spend even more time there. 

This can cause clothes to pile up, items to collect on the nightstand and drawers to become cluttered or disorganised. Taking a little bit of time to get everything in order can make you feel better about your bedroom and allows you to get ready with ease.

No more digging around in drawers looking for matching socks or rummaging through piles of dirty clothes looking for the perfect outfit.

If you find yourself doing these things now, you might need some small bedroom storage ideas.

In this guide, we’ll discuss storage ideas using bedroom furniture, organisers and more.

Let’s get started so you can begin the journey to a clutter-free bedroom!

Idea #1: Floating Shelves

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Floating Shelves are perfect for smaller rooms that might be limited on their space to fit a regular shelving unit. 

They come in many different shapes and sizes so no matter how much or little wall space you have, you can find room for a floating shelf or two.

Have a place where you can showcase all your favourite ornaments, books, and pictures while not taking up precious space. 

Why we Like it:  They are extremely simple and easy to install. They can be useful to clear up some clutter from your floor by storing it on your walls, out of the walkway. 

Cost: £18.00

Idea #2: Storage Bed 

Photo by Devin Kleu on Unsplash

There are many smart storage ideas that you can do with your bed. Some beds physically lift up to reveal storage underneath while others have drawers built into the bottom.

Both of these are great ideas for small rooms. If you don’t already have furniture with built-in bed storage, you can easily buy bins and slide them into space under your bed.

We suggest using clear bins so you can easily see what’s inside without having to pull it out each time.

Why we Like it: This idea makes use of space that usually goes unused. In a cluttered room, it’s easy for things to fall on the floor and end up under the bed but with these ideas, you reclaim that area and use it to your benefit.

Cost: £149

Where to Buy: Ikea

Idea #3: Storage Bench

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Another way you can make your tiny bedroom not seem so small is to have furniture that has multiple purposes. A storage bench is a perfect solution for this. 

A storage bench can provide the several benefits at a time, like storing some of your excess items but also being a seating option that’s not your bed. 

When you don’t have a lot of space to begin with, any little piece of furniture that can be used as storage can be extremely useful in maximising the space in your bedroom. 

This storage unit can provide you with a stealthy way to hide your clutter out of sight. 

Why we Like it: You can really make your small room seem more open when you have multipurpose furniture. Increase your seating space while also holding some of your most essential items. 

Cost: £115.00 

Where to Buy: 

Idea #4: Headboard Storage

Your bed is probably the thing taking up the most space in your room. Transform your bed frame into a storage headboard that can hold all your small items. 

Store your books somewhere or have a designated place to put the remote. 

Have easy access to reach your alarm clock in the morning or a place to keep your phone nearby. There are many other benefits that you could have if you invest in a quality headboard storage unit. 

There are no clunky shelves taking up space and in the way. Instead have the shelves built-in and you can have all of your most commonly used items close to you in bed. 

Why we Like it: A headboard with multiple rows can be the perfect storage solution for your small or medium room. Instead of having clunky furniture all around your room, store the items that you would want at arms reach. 

Cost: £123.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #5: Drawer Organiser

If you’ve read our other blogs like How To Declutter Your Home or How To Organise Your Desk, then you know we love drawer organisers!

Drawer organisers can help dedicate a space for all the miscellaneous items in your drawers. 

Having dividers can help you quickly find exactly what you are looking for. 

They are affordable and simple to place within your drawers so you can start organising right away! 

This is a great way to store your socks, underwear, jewellery and accessories. Having a storage system can help you quickly find things when you are in a hurry.

Drawer organisers can also be placed in drawers with clothing to help organise the clutter.

Why we Like it: Drawer organisers help everything have its own place and you can mix and match different types of dividers to fit your needs. 

Cost: £6.95

Where to Buy: 

Idea #6: Store Items Behind The Door

Having storage behind your door is a simple and immediate solution to increase your storage space right away. 

The multi-level boxes allow you to organise your different items clearly and have them separated in their own category. 

You can easily take out and put items back into their boxes, whether you have additional socks, scarfs, or any type of clothing that you don’t have room for in your closet or dresser. 

These units attach over the top of your door and are hassle-free to install and manage. 

Why we Like it: This keeps your things out of the way so it doesn’t clutter your floor space. Depending on how you hang the organiser, you can also hide your belongings so you can keep your room open and inviting. 

Cost: £14.99 

Where to Buy: 

Idea #7: Use A Shoe Organiser

Photo by on Unsplash

Do you find yourself with an abundance of shoes? Not sure where to put them all? Think about investing in a shoe organiser that can help keep them out of the way. 

Don’t pile your shoes in the corner of a closet or in the hallway that takes up precious space. Instead have a designated place for all your shoes. 

Shoe storage cabinets can be placed along any wall in your room or in the back of your closet and their sleek design hides the contents inside. 

If you have more shoes than can fit, think about combining shoe organisers. 

You can put your most-used shoes somewhere easier to reach while tucking away the ones that you just wear seasonally. 

Why we Like it: This would look great in any room and can be put anywhere that you have some spare space. This unit can hold up to 10 pairs of shoes. 

Cost: £42.00

Idea #8: Jewellery Organiser

Photo by Thanos Pal on Unsplash

Organising jewellery can be a difficult task because of the limited space in tiny bedrooms as well as how small jewellery can be.

You’ll want to think of storage solutions that can be hung on your wall or possibly set on a piece of furniture to clear up some drawer space.

Wall-mounted jewellery organisers are a perfect solution if you don’t have the drawer space to store your jewellery and accessories. 

Simply hang it on a blank wall in your closet or near your dressing table to make getting ready easier in the morning.

This can be practical but also act as a decoration in your bedroom. Hang it over shelves you might already have or as the centrepiece of a blank wall to make it pop. 

Why we Like it: This is great for small spaces because you are using the wall space that you already have. Instead of having blank walls, you can use this nifty idea to change up your bedroom. 

Cost: £26.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #9: Use Curtain Rods

You might not have a closet that you can hang your clothes in. The next best idea is to transform ordinary household objects into what you need them for. 

You can use curtain rods to get your belongings off the ground or out of stuffed corners in your bedroom. 

You can get creative with how you hang the curtain rods.

You can place it on the wall the traditional way or in a more creative way by combining it with string to make a hanging effect. 

Either way, curtain rods can provide you with multiple ways that you can store your clothes, scarfs, belts or anything else that you might need. 

Why we Like it: Having a freestanding curtain rod can transform your room into a DIY fantasy. You can use hangers or simply drape your items over the rod. 

Cost: £10.00

Where to Buy: 

Idea #10: Ditch The Nightstand

Sometimes you don’t even have the room to include small furniture items like nightstands in your tiny bedroom. 

Keep everything in one spot that you frequently use in a bedside caddy that hangs off the side of the bed. 

Store your remote, reading book, cell phone, iPad, glasses, or any other smaller items all in this compatible storage caddy. 

This is a perfect alternative to a bulky bedside table that can take up too much space in your already small room. 

Why we Like it: This is an extremely effective way to save space in your bedroom when your space is limited. The caddy is also easy to attach and detach so you can take it around the house with you if you want.

Cost: £8.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #11: Loft Bed

This bedroom idea might be time-consuming or might not be possible in your current living situation but if you can do it, it’s a game-changer.

Lifting your bed to be elevated can provide an abundance of extra storage space or room for other bedroom furniture like a desk.

You can fit a chest of drawers, a shoe rack, or any other combination of storage bins underneath to fit all your excess items.

Why we Like it: We love the extra storage space you get when you have your bed lifted. It increases your floor space for activities and can be used to have a separation between your relaxing and workspace. 

Cost: £239.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #12: Use Cubbies

Photo by on Unsplash

Cubby shelves are great for keeping your extra personal items organised.

You can keep your extra blankets, linens, clothes, or smaller miscellaneous all neatly sorted. 

This can help make your tiny bedroom or loft more organised.

When you have a dedicated space for things, that will help you find your items quicker and make things less stressful. 

You can also choose cubbies that go with the decorations and colour scheme of your room to really make your bedroom seem complete. 

Why we Like it: Cubbies are fairly inexpensive and can help improve the storage space in your tiny bedroom. There are so many different styles to match any decor.

Cost:  £13.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #13: Sliding Mirror Wardrobe

This is a significant upgrade you can make to your small bedroom. Especially if you don’t have a closet. 

You might lose some floor space to install this, but you will greatly benefit by increasing your storage space. 

The mirrors will also help natural light reflect through your room to make your room appear larger than it actually is. 

If you already have a closet, consider replacing the traditional door with a sliding mirror door.

Why we Like it: Having a sliding mirror wardrobe will help make your tiny bedroom not seem so tiny. If you are looking to add one quality storage furniture item to your room, this might be it. 

Cost: £239.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #14: Add A Corner Shelf

Photo by Yumi Lee on Unsplash

This works best for bedrooms that do not have enough room to add large pieces of furniture and for ones that have empty corners.

The shelves are made to fit conveniently into any corner or nook of your room.

They can hold any common household items like plants, pictures, collectables, or anything else you want to display. 

You most likely have empty corners where you can place the shelf and will benefit from the extra storage space it provides. 

Why we Like it: Corner shelves can add a touch of elegance and class to your bedroom. They are many different styles to choose from that fit with your personality. 

Cost: £39.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #15: Decorate With Accessories

Do you have too many hats and purses that take up too much room in your already tiny closet? 

Think about decorating your bedroom or living room with the excess of accessories you own. Have your accessories on display to show off your great taste to your guests.  

When you need to use something, you can grab it quickly and you know exactly where to return it. 

Why we Like it: You don’t have to spend more money on decorating your room, just use what you already own! 

Cost: £7.00

Where to Buy: John Lewis & Partners

Idea #16: Use Vertical Space In Your Closet

If you are only hanging items in your closet, you are missing out on a lot of unused space. Take advantage of the space above or below your hanging items.

If your closet only has rods at the moment, take some of the shelving tips from this guide and apply them here.

Why we Like it: It’s a simple and cheap solution to capitalise on the space you already have. By using more space in the closet, you don’t have to sacrifice space in your bedroom.

Cost: £75.99

Where to Buy:

Idea #17: Assign A Specific Place For Clothes

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Sometimes we can get in a bad habit of getting home and throwing our clothes on the nearest chair or the bed. 

If you have a designated place for all your clothing, it will help you be more organised and keep your room clean and clear of clutter build up. 

You can hang your clothes and store your shoes all in one convenient place.

Clothing racks also have space at the bottom for boxes if you need to use them for additional storage. 

Why we Like it: Having a place to put your clothes when you get home will help keep things tidier. Another great idea is to use this spot to plan your outfits for the next day.

Cost: £40.00

Where to Buy:

Idea #18: Rolling Bin or Cart

Photo by on Unsplash

A rolling bin is a great alternative to storage boxes or traditional toy bins.

By using a bin that can roll, it allows you to easily remove the clutter from sight when the items inside are not being used.

This is a great hack for kids rooms because it makes cleaning up after playtime a breeze. 

Why we Like it: The rolling capabilities allow you to easily bring your items in and out of the visible area of your room. 

Cost: £22.86

Where to Buy: The Container Store

Idea #19: Mount Magazine Racks

You don’t have to just use a magazine rack for magazines.

You can utilize the different shelving options to store your smaller items in addition to magazines. 

Mounted magazine racks are great because you aren’t taking up floor space and you are adding storage to your walls. 

Use a combination of magazine racks and shelves to create a section of your bedroom that holds all your little items. 

Why we Like it: Magazine racks are fairly inexpensive so it will be an affordable addition to your room with easy installation. 

Cost: £24.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #20: Hanging Laundry Hamper

Having a hanging laundry hamper helps you not take up precious floor space in your small bedroom. 

It won’t take up too much space and it’s easily portable so you can transport the clothing to your laundry room and back with ease. 

The bag can fit up to a standard load of laundry and the backside zipper makes unloading clothes even easier. 

Why we Like it: The hanging laundry hamper comes with two suction cups that you can attach to any wall of your room. This would also work great for your children’s room to keep dirty clothes out of the way from their play space.  

Cost: £6.98

Where to Buy: 

Idea #21: Transform a Bookcase into Storage

When you think of a bookcase, you traditionally think of just storing your books on this piece of furniture. 

However, a bookshelf can add additional storage space for all of your other miscellaneous items if you just think outside the box. 

Add baskets to your bookcase to help you organise your belongings or shelf dividers to section off the different things you need to store. 

You can also use the top of the bookcase for additional storage of boxes or containers. 

Why we Like it: You can get creative and repurpose the bookcase to fit your needs. 

Do you need more storage for clothes? Do you have random small items that need a designated place? 

Whatever you need, a bookcase can add a lot of storage that you didn’t have before. 

Cost: £141.99

Where to Buy: 

Idea #22: Invisible Bookshelf

This is a clever trick that you can easily install in your home with two thin metal plates. Adding an invisible bookshelf to any wall in your bedroom is sure to impress your guests. 

Not only does it look visually appealing, but having the books on your wall doesn’t take up any floor space that a traditional bookcase normally would. 

This works best if you only have a few books to display to add a pop of elegance to your room. 

Why we Like it: Having your bookshelf “floating” is both practical and adds to the design of your bedroom. They can even be combined and grouped together if you have a larger book selection. 

Cost: £10.00

Where to Buy: 

Idea #23: Add Risers To Your Bed

Photo by on Unsplash

A simple but effective way to expand your storage space is to lift your bed with bed risers. They give your bed a boost so you can store more things underneath. 

Risers can be conveniently used on any bed and they are ideal for all furniture types.

They are hassle-free answersto small bedrooms with limited storage space. 

Once you have the additional room you can put containers underneath that have your items organised so you can quickly locate what you are trying to find when you need it. 

Why we Like it: In addition to adding risers to your bed, you can also use these risers for sofas, couches, or other types of furniture. 

Cost: £13.49

Where to Buy: 

Idea #24: Use a Storage Solution

STORED Removal Team.

If you’ve gone through this entire guide and still find yourself with more items than you have room for, look into a storage solution.

There are many different storage options so you need to research and find the right one for you.

How much space do you need? How long will you need to store the items? Do you want to handle the physical moving of the items or would you prefer a team to do it?

All of these things are important to think about. Our STORED team can answer any questions you have and our facilities are set up to store your extra bedroom furniture or smaller items packed in storage containers.

Our team can handle all of the heavy lifting and our units are set up for short or long term rentals.

Now Over to You

We hope this guide has provided you with some new ideas and inspiration on how to store things in your tiny bedroom.

What idea are you going to try? Are there any storage hacks you currently used that we didn’t mention?

Go reclaim your space and create your personal oasis!




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