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Here is a list of 20 GREAT shoe storage ideas. 

Is the entryway to your home overrun with shoes? Do you spend extra minutes each morning search for the right pair of shoes?

This list will not only help you store your shoes but organise them as well.

Don’t be discouraged if you have a small storage space to work with. 

We will cover everything from your basic shoe rack to more elaborate ideas. 

Find shoe storage solutions for every space and every budget.

Let’s dive right in.

Idea #1: Shoe Storage Bench

Organise the space in your entrance or hallway while providing a seating option with a hallway shoe storage bench.

This is a great option for shoe storage for small spaces because it sits snug against the wall.

Use a shoe storage bench to allow your family members an area to easily get ready as they leave or enter your home. 

There are open bench designs (pictured above) or you can find a bench with drawers or cabinets to close off your shoes from public view.

Website: Wayfair

Price: £64.99

Category: Hallway shoe storage ideas

Idea #2: Shoe Shelf

Shoe Shelf.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Shoe shelves come in many different shapes and sizes, making it the most versatile of shoe storage design ideas. 

Some people like a single shelf stand while others prefer multiple tiers.

There are also shelves that expand across a whole wall to line the bottom of a closet or hallway. 

Others are very narrow to fit in compact spaces.

No matter the size or shape, they all allow you to conveniently store your shoes one row above the other. 

If your stand has dividers in each row, that makes organising even easier.

Stack your shoes on the rack in the order of how often you use them. Start with the shoes you wear every day at the top and continue down from there.

Website: Wayfair

Price: £11.99

Category: Shoe storage ideas

Idea #3: Store Them Behind A Door

Modern Brown Door.

Photo by behy Studio on Unsplash

Storing your shoes behind a door is one of the most classic compact shoe storage ideas. 

Depending on the holder, you can store several pairs of shoes with this.

For thinner shoes like flip flops, have them facing opposite directions—heel to toe—and store as many pairs in one opening as will fit. 

This will give you double the amount of storage room.

With the door shoe organiser being behind the door, your shoes are out of sight until you need them. Maximise your small storage space with this classic idea.

Website: IKEA

Price: £5

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Idea #4: Build Storage Into Stair Space

Interior Staircase.

Photo by Tanya Sidorenko on Unsplash

When stairs are lined up against a wall, they create empty wall space beneath. This area can easily be turned into storage space by adding shelves or a cabinet.

Cubby shelves can be used in any room of your home but for shoe storage, you might want to use open space shelves in your basement or garage.

This will allow you easy access to your shoes without having to worry about the smell or messy look.

If the area under your stairs is in a more high traffic area, we have another tip later on for more discreet shoe storage.

Website: Wickes

Price: £11.00

Category: Shoe storage ideas for under the stairs

Idea #5: Hang Them In The Closet

Hanging Closet Organizer.

Photo by Jamesthethomas5 on Unsplash

If you don’t have room for a shelf in your closet, create one with a hanging organiser. 

Easily place the organiser’s hooks over the bar in your closet and then place shoes in. 

Finally clear that pile of shoeboxes out and gain back some closet space.

The openings in these types of organisers can be deep so try placing taller shoes like boots or high-heels in the back and then place smaller shoes like flats or sandals in front. 

This allows you to easily see both pairs (or more) and create a nice shoe closet. 

Author’s Tip: If you have walk-in closet, this idea will work even better. 

If you have shoe storage in multiple rooms, this could be a good spot to store your off-season shoes. 

Rotate your shoe collection as the season’s shift but keep the shoes you wear less often stored in the closet hanger.

If you are looking for other ways to organise your closet, we have created the guide Learn How to Organise Your Closet In 18 (Simple) Steps.

Website: John Lewis & Partners

Price: £20.00

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small closets

Idea #6: Shoe Rack

Shoes can be kept in many different areas of the house—the entryway, hallway, closet, near the backdoor and so many other places. 

The good news is shoe racks are cheap, versatile and movable in most cases.

Locate the areas of your home that tend to collect shoes the most and find the right shoe rack for the area.

You’ll see many design options and shoe racks with multiple uses in this guide but sometimes all you need is a simple rack to do the trick.

Even the best shoe storage ideas have to evolve and the simple shoe rack has. Some shoe racks are expandable to grow as your shoe collection increases.

Author’s Note: Use several shoe racks around your home, in separate rooms. This allows each family member to organise their shoes in their room but also allows for a common room organiser for shoes worn most frequently.

Website: Argos

Price: £7.00

Category: Shoe storage ideas

Idea #7: Use A Ladder

Ladder for Shoe Storage.

Photo by gryffyn m on Unsplash

Using vertical ladders that lean against a wall as storage and decoration is an interior design trend at the moment so why not utilise it for your shoe storage system? 

The height of the ladder lets you store shoes in normally unused wall space while providing an aesthetic element to the room.

Wedge shoes in-between the runs of the ladder so they dangle slightly but remain in place. 

Use ladders of different heights for more visual appeal and to allow easy access for shorter members of the family.

If you want to reuse an old ladder, place boards across the steps for DIY shoe storage (as pictured above). 

Give the ladder a fresh coat of paint to make it pop and look like new.

Either way, you just created a perfect wooden shoe rack for your home!

Website: Futon Company

Price: £80.00

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Idea #8: Store Multiple Things Together

Young Man's Closet.

Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash

Shoe storage isn’t the most visually appealing piece of furniture in your home but it can be the most functional if you invest in multi-use furniture. 

Choosing an entryway table that houses your wallet, keys, purse and shoes will make leaving and returning home a breeze.

If you want to be more discreet with your shoes, several furniture pieces offer cabinet doors to block off the storage area. 

Once the shoe cabinet is closed, this furniture could be used as a piece of decor in your entryway or other rooms in your home.

Website: Wayfair

Price: £59.99

Category: Entryway shoe storage ideas

Idea #9: Install Pull Out Drawers Under Stairs

Pull Out Drawers Under Stairs.

Photo by Eduard Militaru on Unsplash

This tip builds off of Tip #4. 

Another type of under the stairs storage you could build, is drawers that pull out from under the stairs. 

Customise the length and height of your drawers to fit shoes of all types. You can even add in a cabinet to store other items with your shoes.

There are two ways you can go about this. 

The first is pictured above, having the drawers coming out of the side of the staircase. 

This utilises the empty wall space stairs can create.

The second option only works for staircases with room in front of them. 

This option has the drawers pulling out between each step you walk up. 

Both are great shoe storage ideas for small spaces. It just depends on how your house and stairs are set up.

Website: Clever Closet

Price: £15.00

Category: Shoe storage ideas for stair space

Idea #10: Shoe Storage Wheel

Whenever the over the door shoe organiser (mentioned in Tip #3) hit the market, it was a huge success. The spinning wheel shoe organiser might be the next big thing in shoe organiser ideas.

It has a rotating design to give you easy access to your shoes but since it is spinning vertically it is more space-saving than some of the other products you see mentioned in this guide.

Keep your shoes organised while maximising the storage space in your home. This wheel can store cleats, tennis shoes, heels and more.

It’s design isn’t the most visually appealing so we suggest storing it in your closet until you need to pick out a pair of shoes. 

It has wheels on the bottom to easily roll out, select your shoes and then roll back in.

Website: Clever Closet

Price: £49.50

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small closets

Idea #11: Rolling Drawer Underneath Your Bed

Big Bed With a Bench In Front of It.

Photo by Unsplash

Depending on how tall your bed is there could be a lot of wasted storage room under there. Using a rolling drawer underneath your bed is one of the best bedroom shoe storage ideas.

There are many different storage containers you can place under your bed but using one with wheels is a real game-changer

Don’t fuss with getting on the ground to pull your container out anymore, simply wheel it out and in as needed to access the shoes stored underneath.

If the drawer is rather large, place wood shelves inside to section off space as you see fit. 

This will help organise your shoes and keep them that way when you roll the drawer in and out.

Website: Wayfair

Price: £75.99

Category: Bedroom shoe storage ideas

Idea #12: Shoe Cupboard

Wooden Cabinet.

Photo by Unsplash

A shoe storage cabinet or cupboard is another simple yet effective shoe storage idea for any room. 

The cabinet doors allow you to keep shoes hidden and the tilted shelf design allows you to easily see each pair without bending over.

Give every member of the family a cupboard so they will never have to ask where their shoes are again. (Hopefully!)

Use weather-resistant paint if you have shoes you want to store outside. 

This can add a nice touch to your patio furniture while creating outdoor shoe storage. Never track dirt and mud in the house again.

Website: Wayfair

Price: £47.99

Category: Shoe storage ideas

Idea #13: Use Wicker Baskets For Storage

Brown Wicker Racks.

Photo by ZACHARY STAINES on Unsplash

Wicker baskets are a great storage idea for any item in your home and shoes are no exception. 

The great thing about wicker baskets is that they add a decorative touch to organisation.

They allow you to store your shoes out of view but still with enough ease of access to get them quickly. 

Wicker baskets can be added to floor and wall shelves to fill in open access furniture.

If you don’t like the style of wicker baskets, look for baskets in other decorative patterns. Find the style to match any room in your home.

Find baskets of any style at Ikea, The Container Store and many other retail options.

Website: Ikea

Price: £12

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Idea #14: PVC Shoe Rack

Are you trying to find DIY shoe storage ideas for your small spaces? You can use everyday household items for your next shoe storage solution. 

It’s an eye-catching and visually appealing idea that will look great in your closet. 

Find PVC pipes that are the right size for your shoes and arrange them to fit your style needs.

You can cut down the pipes to get rid of excess space and stack the pipes together using pipe glue. 

Attach it to a wall or place them along the ground, wherever you have space. Choose to stack them in a pyramid or get creative with other shapes. 

This is extremely convenient because you can add as your shoe collection grows, either next to or on top of existing pipes. 

Get crafty and add this storage solution right away!

Website: Wickes

Price: £1.46 per M

Category: Shoe storage ideas DIY

Idea #15: Ottoman Shoe Storage Furniture

Brown Leather Ottoman.

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

When you don’t want to have your shoes on display, go for a more stealth look. 

Have this as part of your home and your guests won’t be able to tell it’s your shoe storage solution. 

This can be apart of your living room, closet, bedroom, or dining room. Add this piece of furniture to your living space and increase your storage space instantly

Have your shoes hidden in an ottoman to create a more welcoming open space in your room. This can provide more seating space and also store your shoe collection. 

With a cushioned top, this would be the most ideal as a seat or footrest for smaller rooms. 

Some shoe storage ottomans even have specifically designed compartments for your shoes to make storage even easier. 

Website: Argos

Price: £26

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Idea #16: Coat Rack Shoe Storage Unit

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

Are you wondering how to store shoes without it looking messy? When you have a coat rack with shoe storage it can help alleviate all your worries. 

Conveniently place your commonly used shoes under where you hang your coats. This way you can grab your shoes and coat before heading out the door for the day. 

Having a shoe storage unit when you walk into your home can help you stay organised and neat. 

Don’t track dirt through your house, instead keep it at the door. 

This also provides more storage space for your other miscellaneous items if needed. 

Use a combination of shoes and other items to create an aesthetically pleasing impression. 

Website: Amazon

Price: £32.99

Category: Entryway shoe storage ideas

Idea #17: Wall Shoe Rack

Getting a wall-mounted shoe storage rack is one of the most ideal cheap shoe storage ideas you can add to your home. 

They are affordable and easy to install in any space.

This option would be great for holding your sneakers and boots, as garage shoe storage. 

Or, add some style to your closet and let your personality show by displaying all the shoes in your collection. 

If you have a small closet with limited storage space, don’t worry any longer. Lift the storage of your shoes to your walls to clear the floor space for more room. 

This can help you declutter your closet and make it not seem so crowded with shoes lying on the floor. Have a place for all your shoes in one out of the way location. 

Combine multiple wall shoe mounts to either create different layers or to make one extremely long one. 

Website: TheHoldingCompany

Price: £95

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Idea #18: Revolving Shoe Stand

A revolving tier shoe rack is one of the best shoe shelf ideas because you can organize your shoes while storing them and choose to show them off or put them away. 

Most revolving shelves are tiered so it creates a nice display for your more appealing shoes.

The tiered shoe stand could act as a cute accent piece in your room or closet. Most shoe stands are also lightweight so if you want to put the shoes away, you easily can.

The rotating design allows you to move each level so you can easily find the pair of shoes you need and it fits into corners or small spaces with ease.

Website: Argos

Price: £15.99

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small closets

Idea #19: Maximise Space With Wall Shelves

Wall Shelves.

Photo by on Unsplash

This is a great idea if you are needing shoe storage for small spaces. When you don’t have room for all your shoes, look up and use your vertical space to your advantage. 

Shelving can be added in your closet, bedroom, or practically anywhere to increase your shoe storage options. 

Count the total number of shoes you will need to display and only hang the shelves you’ll need. If you get more shoes, just simply add more shelves to your needs. 

You can get creative with the placement of your shelves to add a design element to your blank walls. Don’t spend more money on decorations when your items can be displayed. 

Doing this will also free up the floor space in your closet to make room for your other belongings.

Website: Wayfair

Price: £23.99

Category: Shoe storage ideas for small spaces

Idea #20: Transform A Bookcase 

Bookcase Full of Books.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Our final clever shoe storage idea comes from transforming an everyday item into a shoe storage solution. 

A multiple-shelf bookcase could provide you the space you need for all your shoes. 

Usually, a bookcase would be used for household belongings. However, when you get creative with how you can use a bookcase for your storage, the possibilities are endless. 

Use the multiple shelves to help organise your shoes by different types like open-toed, sneakers, professional, and casual. 

When your shoes are displayed in a bookcase, you can visually see where a specific type of shoe is. This makes it easy to find and replace shoes. 

This bookcase is also ideal for homes without much space because the five shelves gradually increase in size and can fit conveniently along your living or bedroom wall.  

Website: Wayfair

Price: £50.99

Category: Shoe storage ideas DIY

Now Over to You

We hope these tips have helped you organise and store your shoe collection in several rooms and high traffic areas of your home.

If you still feel overrun, try decluttering and getting rid of a few older or less worn pairs.

For help with this, we have created two guides: 

  1. How to Downsize your Wardrobe: The Complete Checklist 
  2. How to Declutter Your Home: 21 Tips for Pro Organisers

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What is one new storage idea you will try? What other ways do you store and organise your shoes?

Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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