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Perhaps you are moving and have to pack all your belongings, or maybe your child is growing up, and you wish to store their baby clothes for the next one. Or perhaps you have expensive vintage clothes that you want to keep safe between rare special occasions.

Whatever your reason for storing clothes is, there are a few do’s and don’ts that will maintain the quality of your clothes for the long term and make it easier for you to store them for as long as needed. It’s not as simple as getting the most oversized box and stuffing it to the brim with clothes, taping it up and storing it.

If you store your clothes irresponsibly, they might get infested with mice, destroyed by mould and mildew or simply fade and eaten by moths. We are here to guide you to store your clothes for the long term without the hassle and worry!
Declutter Them All

Declutter Them All

Storing starts way before you begin putting things in boxes and cartons. The very first step is to discard every clothing item you don’t need. Not only will this help decrease the workload of packing, but you won’t necessarily have to pay more to rent a bigger-sized storage unit.

Even if you don’t need to rent a storage unit, you should still consider decluttering your clothes by dividing them into four categories: donate, sell, keep and repair.

Donate –  Donate anything that doesn’t fit, isn’t your style, or hasn’t been worn in years.

Sell – Sell anything that’s in excellent condition and of great value but doesn’t serve you any longer.

Keep – Keep clothes that you often wear and those that bring comfort and joy to you.

Repair – Repair all your clothes that are torn, missing a button or needs to be dry-cleaned. Consider donating them if they are of no purpose anymore.


Wash Them Before You Pack

If you wish to elongate the life of your clothes before you pack them to be stored in the attic, garage, storage space unit or simply at the back of your wardrobe, wash them thoroughly. It’s understandable if you have stains or marks on your clothes; everyone does. But a good old scrub and clean will go a long way.

You don’t want stains to set in permanently and worsen with time while sitting in storage. Also, don’t forget to check the pockets for any bits of coins, old paper, crumbs, discarded packets etc. Remember, crumbs, bits, and pieces of food items left in clothes will encourage pests and cause severe irreparable damage to your attire.

So, wash and dry your clothing items according to the label instructions on individual items to improve their longevity. Lastly, remember to rinse them carefully to avoid any chemical damage during storage. And dry them properly, so there’s no mould or mildew build-up.


Pack Them With Extra Care

Washing and drying clothes is not the only way to increase the life of your clothes while in storage, but you have to invest in chemical-fee storage boxes. They are essential in preserving your clothes long-term, no matter which storage option you choose.

However, if you are low on budget and can’t spend on expensive chemical-free boxes, take every precaution to keep your clothes safe. Line your cardboard boxes with quilt batting and white sheets to add a layer of protection. You can also add silica gel to keep moisture away.

Avoid wire and plastic hangers for hanging storage boxes for your expensive and delicate clothes. Opt for padded or wooden hangers for maximum support and protection. Cheap plastic ones might break after some time, and the wire ones can cause damage to your clothes over time. Remember, throw in some cedar to deter moths, whether you fold or hang your clothes.


Choose Your Storage Option Wisely

No matter how carefully you clean, dry, or pack your clothes, all your hard work will go to waste if you don’t choose your storage option wisely. If you get careless and store your packed cardboard boxes and bins in a musty basement or attic, your clothing will eventually become musty and destroyed.

When choosing where to store your clothes, no matter how many or how few boxes you have, it is crucial to pick a clean, safe, spacious space that maintains a cool, even temperature. Also, the area should be dry, have good airflow and have no direct sunlight.

One of the safest options for clothes storage is self-storage from a reliable, hassle-free and affordable company like STORED. They offer 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance and dual locks on all doors with well-lit storage units. You can avail yourself of the amazingly cheap storage services they provide, from packing and loading to convenient returns.


Invest in a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Now that you have opted for a storage unit as your storage provider for clothes, you should consider renting a climate-controlled unit. Clothes require meticulous packing and extra care while being packed for long-term storage. Climate-controlled units maintain room temperature and humidity, so you have less preparation, and your clothes will store much longer.

However, a climate-controlled storage unit will cost more than a regular storage unit but spending a little extra is better than regretting the damage later. For your complete satisfaction, you can check out the facility and inquire how the climate-controlled storage units withhold extreme hot or cold temperatures. STORED’s team will be obliged to guide you!

Besides, investing in a climate-controlled storage unit is an excellent idea if you own a clothing business. The clothes you intend to sell will remain in their new pristine condition until they are ready to be bought by customers. It will also give added safety and security to your clothes which may not be available at home or anywhere else.


The Final Word

If you can’t follow all the steps mentioned above when storing your clothes for the long term, try to follow as many as possible. Remember, the better you treat your clothing items, the longer they will last. Choose your storage facility options depending on your budget and requirements but keep in mind that some locations are more ideal than others.




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