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If you are looking for a storage unit because too much clutter leads to depression and anxiety but aren’t sure which storage unit size, company and kind to rent, we are here with our self-storage tips! A self-storage unit is helpful for various reasons: decluttering, moving out, retiring, downsizing, often in transit or storing a loved one’s possessions.

Figuring out the best storage units to store your belongings in can be challenging. You dont want to pay for a bigger storage unit than needed or rent a smaller one and realise it’s not spacious enough. Or you don’t want to risk the safety of your things by choosing a facility that doesn’t prioritise security.

Keep reading to learn what to look for in a storage unit.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

A climate-controlled storage unit is perfect for storing furniture items with fabric upholstery, leather cushions or suede covers. It evenly regulates the temperature and humidity levels within the unit, no matter how hot or cold it is outside, preventing weather damage.

If you own many clothing items and wish to store them in a storage unit for whatever reason, a climate-controlled storage unit is the best option. It will keep mould, mildew and moisture away from your clothes and prevent moths from causing damage.

Consider Security

Your top priority should be your belongings’ safety while in the storage unit. Visit the premises to have a thorough tour of how much importance is given to the security of storage units by the storage facility before you choose one. Don’t forget to ask about the essential security features.

An exemplary storage facility should have the following security measures:

  1. Regular security guard patrols.
  2. 24/7 CCTV camera surveillance.
  3. Excellent quality dual locks on all doors.
  4. PIN access to the building.
  5. Well-lit premises, inside and outside.

If you choose self-storage Bristol by STORED, you are in for luck. They offer top-notch safety that guarantees to keep your stuff protected as long as it’s under their care. They take the security of your belongings serious, just as you would want!

Ensure You Have Insurance

Finding the best-storage unit doesn’t only require concern regarding the storage facility’s safety and services; a big responsibility also lies on your shoulders.

When it comes to storage, it’s essential to consider worst-case scenarios and how you will deal with them. Who’s responsible if a fire, theft, water damage or pest infestation takes place? In most cases, storage facilities absolve themselves of responsibility for losing or damaging the customers’ stuff.

Hence it’s worth checking whether your home and contents insurance will cover your things while in storage. It’s better to be responsible than sorry later. Some self-storage operators also sell insurance with premiums for loss incurred. It’s based on the value of the goods you’re storing.

Be Smart About Storage Unit Size

When it comes to storage unit sizes, customers often get confused and rent sizes bigger or smaller than required. Many often feel extremely overwhelmed because storage units vary in size, from a locker to large storage of several hundred square feet.

It’s not better to rent a larger storage unit and pay for more than required or rent a smaller one and later realise you need to rent a larger one or more storage units. It’s stressful and chaotic, just to think about it.

Therefore, you can always get storage advice at Self Storage Bristol storage units by STORED and get all your questions answered! They offer various storage unit sizes ranging from 9sqft, 12sqft, 15sqft, 25sqft, 50sqft, 75sqft, 100 sqft, 200 sqft, 300sqftto 400+sqft. You can store anything from documents to oversized furniture pieces.

Think About Location

If you plan to opt for long-term storage, the storage facility location might not be an issue, but the location is vital if you want easy and quick access to your belongings. Hassle-free access to your belongings whenever needed will make your life easier and cost less as you won’t be paying extra for car fuel.

What’s great about the growth of storage needs and storage facilities is they are practically everywhere! It means you don’t have to travel too far to hunt down a facility in your vicinity. Unfortunately, finding a favourable facility close to your home is not as easy as one might think.

However, it still doesn’t mean that you should lose hope. STORED provides storage services wherever you are in Bristol . All you have to do is book a storage unit online, add in your location, and the team will arrive at your doorstep with the necessary packing materials on time. It’s that easy!

Quality of the Storage Unit

When deciding on a storage facility, quality is very important! You don’t want to pay for a storage unit and later find insects crawling over your precious belongings. Or dust taking place in corners and causing damage to your things.

Inquire how well the storage facility is kept before making the payment. Make sure there aren’t any stray leaves, take note of any unpleasant odours and ask the authorities how often they clean, sanitise and exterminate the area. Remember, it’s better to know what you are getting into rather than be shocked and regret your decision later.

Cleanliness also matters if you plan to store electronics, furniture, or old documents. If the facility doesn’t offer quality units, your belongings could be damaged. Lastly, the outside of the facility is as important as the inside. If a facility cares enough to manage the upkeep of the property, it cares enough to ensure a great customer experience.


There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the perfect self-storage facility for your specific needs. Hence, take your time finding the facility that meets all your needs. Remember, there’s no need to rush the decision. 

It’s worth the time and effort because once you have shifted your belongings into a unit, it’s doubtful that you will want to switch facilities.

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