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How to get the most out of your rented flat

When renting, we are usually restricted in what we can and can’t do to the property. This will depend on how strict your landlord is, but you generally can’t paint the walls or put holes in them, and you definitely can’t do any major renovations.

This doesn’t mean you can’t turn your rented flat into a home, though. With an increasingly high percentage of young adults renting in today’s market, we could all use some tips on how get the most out of a rented flat.

Decorate your own way

Decorating is the best way to put your personal stamp on where you live. In a rental, it requires a little creativity to decorate while staying in the constraints of your contract. You might not be able to paint the walls or rip out the carpets, but you can furnish your home how you like, especially if it came unfurnished.

There are also solutions for decorating your walls without hammering nails in. Buy sticky pads to put photo frames on your walls without leaving a mark. White-tac can also go undetected, allowing you to put posters up. Removable wall stickers are another good option, especially for a kid’s bedroom.

Accessories to brighten up dull rooms

You can add colour and personality to a space with various accessories, like cushions, rugs, curtains, and throws. If your living room is dully decorated, bright cushions and a cosy rug can really change up the room. Bright towels and an interesting shower curtain hung in the bathroom can transform it, so can the bedding and curtains in your bedroom.

Layering accessories over a boring or unsightly space makes all the difference to its character.

Create your own storage space

If your rental doesn’t have much built in storage space for your belongings, then add your own. Bookshelves, bedside tables, chests of drawers, and other units can create storage space for a variety of items. You can even paint or decorate these to your liking, as long as the paint doesn’t get on the walls!

Add shelves that stick to shower tiles for your toiletries if there’s not enough space in the bathroom. For the kitchen, sticking a pegboard to the wall can create a space to hang pans and utensils, or you can opt for freestanding storage space.

If you still find you have too many belongings to fit in your rented flat, STORED can help you stow away the inessentials until you have more space for them. Or, you could use it as an excuse to practice a minimalist lifestyle.

Add life to your flat

Bring some life into your rented flat with houseplants. Not only will these brighten up the place, they also give you something to look after if your landlord doesn’t allow pets. A great solution for the green thumbed among you that don’t have much garden space with your rented flat.

Utilise floor and shelf space

If you’ve got a lot of floor space in your flat, there are a lot of options for utilising it. We’ve mentioned adding things like bookshelves in already. You can also add freestanding mirrors rather than hanging one from the wall. Standing lamps can brighten up a space while statues and decorations can also be placed on the floor.

Make the most of your shelves and windowsills, too. Family photos, ornaments, and other keepsakes can be displayed on shelves to add cherished memories and character to your rental.

You don’t have to live in a boring, lifeless space just because you don’t own it. Get creative, make it your own, and find space for all your prized possessions and memories.

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