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The risk free way to minimalism

The word ‘minimalist’ is the latest buzzword being thrown around. But let’s be real here. What does being a minimalist actually mean? Are we all going to ditch our wardrobe for a capsule collection of grey t-shirts and black jeans? Should we throw out all our kitchen utensils and only have one wooden spoon and a whisk? Who knows.

Being a minimalist can come in many forms - and mean different things to different people. There is no single set of rules or requirements that you must follow and meet to be a minimalist - it’s very much a ‘do it your way’ sort of vibe. All you need is a clear vision to realise what you want.

Really, becoming a minimalist is about allowing only the things that align with your most important values to take up your precious space and time.

Like all things in life, there are some risks. If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and give the whole minimalist thing a go but realise that maybe, down the line, you kind of want your wok or your Friends box set back, you can with just a call to STORED.

This is the joy of placing your belongings in storage; it means you can try out what this whole minimalist thinking is all about without having to flog your goods at a car boot sale. Even though we all could probably do with the extra cash. We’re the gateway into you becoming a minimalist. Whatever you choose to do with your footstool, slow cooker and blow up bed - we’ll store it all. Unless, you miss it dearly and want it back.

Thing is – we get it. We need to de-clutter from time to time. To be honest, that’s why we set up STORED. Space in a home is an expensive commodity, so we made it that little bit easier. All you have to do is painstakingly decide what you’re willing to live without, we’ll send out a team of friendly movers to come and collect it, and we’ll drive your belongings to our units. If you’re enjoying the minimalist way of life, we can keep all your stuff for as long as you want. Or if you’re longing for it back - give us a call and we’ll drop it back off. No judgement here!

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