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If you have been thinking of renting a storage unit but are still deciding which size to choose, look no further! Our thorough guide will help you choose the right storage unit size and the best storage unit for your specific needs.

What matters the most when you choose a  unit is to get one that’s big enough to hold everything you intend to store. You don’t want the storage unit to be too small or too large because why pay extra for something you can’t use? Choosing the perfect size can be a little tricky, but it’s not impossible.

Determine What You Want to Store

It can be tempting to store just about anything in the storage unit, but planning will greatly benefit you. Make a list of every category of things you wish to keep in the unit. You can be as thorough with your list as you like or just note down every item.

After you have noted down every item, measure the more-oversized things like furniture, table, chair, bed, etc. It will help you to determine the approximate size you need. You can also check STORED’s website and compare the sizes to understand better which unit size will work best for you.

STORED offers storage unit sizes ranging from 9 sqft, the size of locker space, to the largest size, 400+ sqft, which is as big as a 10-bed house/big office. It can fit all household items, seasonal stock, 16-person office furniture, or 300+ storage boxes.

Choose Between Long-Term Storage or Short-Term

Now that you have estimated the size, the next step is determining whether you need frequent access to the unit. If you don’t intend to store for the short term, you can save and select a smaller storage unit size and fill it to the door. However, don’t just keep containers and items sporadically but organize the unit strategically, making it easier to navigate when needed.

Similarly, opting for a bigger unit size will be wise if you need frequent access to your storage unit. It’s going to be convenient and time-saving. A larger space will allow you to access your belongings whenever required easily.

We recommend packing your things strategically to fit everything perfectly in the unit. Place everything you won’t need at the back, then continue with the more essential items to the front side. Keep heavier and oversized things beneath the lighter boxes and containers. Your lightweight items won’t get damaged this way.

Purchase Good Quality Packing Equipment

After you have measured your items and sorted whether you need short-term or long-term storage, you must determine how many boxes you need. Don’t exclude items with irregular shapes, like floor lamps, etc. Such items need more space than stackable things, so getting extra boxes won’t do any harm. It’s better to be prepared than sorry!

If you opt for STORED as your storage provider, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the boxes. STORED, the fastest-growing storage company offers excellent quality packing material from tape, plastic containers, wardrobe boxes, cartons, bubble wrap, and corrugated dividers.

Lastly, you’d be glad to know you can get a professional team to pack your belongings and get the most out of your packing equipment. There’s nothing worse than getting your things damaged when carrying them to the moving van or moving them around in the unit. Trust us, spending a little extra on packing material is worth it.

What To Do If You Choose the Wrong Size?

Even after measuring all your items repeatedly and calculating which storage unit size might work best for you, you could still end up with the wrong size. Suppose you rent a unit larger than required. Then you can simply change back to a smaller size. Transferring everything to another unit may be a hassle, but it is better than paying extra.

The STORED-support team can transfer your reservation depending on availability without hassle. All you have to do is contact them and inquire about unit transfer information and details. Any prepaid rent will be credited to your new unit whenever you decide to change your unit size.

We have another way to solve the problem of needing more storage space. Rather than moving all your items into a larger unit, simply rent an additional unit. STORED provides the cheapest rates all over town and offers many deals and promotions that can benefit you whether you choose personal, commercial storage, or student storage.

Compare Storage Unit Sizes

After following all the steps, if you still need clarification and want to avoid renting another storage unit due to size issues, here’s a solution. STORED mentions storage unit sizes with details of what you can store for its customers’ ultimate convenience.

Following are all the storage unit sizes available:

  • 9 sqft:

Locker space

Perfect for two boxes and a suitcase

  • 12 sqft: Closet space

8–10 storage boxes

Or 4–5 large suitcases

  • 15 sqft:

Large closet space

10–12 storage boxes

Or 5–6 large suitcases

  • 25 sqft:

Studio flat

1 x bedside table

1 x TV stand

1 x TV

10–12 storage boxes

  • 50 sqft:

One-bed flat/small office

1 x double bed

1 x 2–seater sofa

1 x bedside table

15–20 storage boxes

  • 75 sqft:

Two-bed flat/small office

1 x double bed

1 x 3–seater sofa

1 x wardrobe/drawers

25–30 storage boxes

  • 100 sqft:

Three-bed flat / single garage

2 x double beds

2 x 3–seater sofas

Bedroom and dining furniture

35–40 storage boxes

  • 200 sqft:

5-bed house / double garage

Living and dining furniture

Kitchen Appliance

Bedroom suites

Or 150–180 storage boxes

  • 300 sqft:

7-bed house / large office

All household items

Seasonal stock

12-person office

Or 250 storage boxes

  • 400+ sqft:

10-bed house / large office

All household items

Seasonal stock

16-person officehu

Or 300+ storage boxes


Hopefully, this storage unit size guide helped you decide which storage unit size will work for you. If you are considering STORED, the customer service team will be happy to help you choose the right size storage unit for your belongings. You can also avail yourself of amazing deals and promotions at the cheapest rates!




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