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Downsizing and moving out of a house come with their set of problems. Where do I keep my used furniture? Do I just throw away everything that I’ve spent my hard-earned money on? What about my antiques? Will I have to part with my precious paintings? Will I have to get rid of my father’s favourite table or family wardrobe?

The simplest answer is no. You can always keep this stuff in your attic, garage, or shed. But what if you don’t have those facilities? And even if you have them, an attic or garage isn’t usually the best place to store your precious items. Pests can invade your furniture, and the heat can break it down.

These are some reasons why the majority of people hire or rent a self-storage unit. These are pest-free, secure storage spaces that only you can access. So your furniture stays safe and in good condition. Now, let’s get to the main question…

How Long Can You Keep Furniture In A Self Storage Unit?

The answer to this question is, for as long as you want, IF you follow the right preservation method. Furniture isn’t a perishable item, so it won’t deteriorate quickly. However, over long periods, humidity, temperature, and other external forces like pests could damage your furniture.

If you’re storing electronics with your furniture, then extreme heat could cause a fire. This situation can be particularly dangerous in areas where temperatures are higher during the summer. A small spark can burn down wooden furniture quite easily.

If you want to store your furniture in a garage, then you have to be even more careful about chipping and wear damage. It’s all the more reason to learn about proper preservation techniques. Using the right preservation methods and environment can slow down the process of decay and prevent damage.

Preservation of Furniture Pieces

Before putting it into storage, you need to learn how to preserve your furniture. The steps you need to take to prepare your furniture for storage are…

  1. Analyse: Learn about the type of furniture you have, i.e., the wood that your furniture is made from. You can do a quick Google image search for better results.
  2. Clean: One of the most important steps in preparing your furniture for long-term storage is cleaning. Start with a brush to get rid of the dust. Then use a soft fabric to wipe off the more persistent dust particles.
  3. Cleanse: Use a cleansing medium suitable to the wood type to clean the stains. If you don’t know what type of wood you’re dealing with, then use the weakest cleansing material. If the stains remain, then use a stronger cleansing medium.
  4. Seal or Finish: Protect your furniture by applying a coat of furniture polish. Doing this prevents scratches in long-term furniture storage situations. It also keeps pests away.
  5. Bubble Wrap: This step isn’t mandatory, but bubble wrap will protect your furniture from chips. You should at least bubble wrap the edges, since they are more susceptible to chipping.

Before you put your furniture in storage, you should use furniture covers to protect them from dust. Additionally, if you have DIY furniture items, then take your furniture apart. It saves space, and you can bubble wrap the furniture more easily. Now, about the environment.

You should also remember that cleansing and cleaning leather or fabric furniture like a couch is different. For leather-based or other pieces of furniture, you’ll generally have to use a vacuum cleaner and detergent water. Fabrics come in plenty of different qualities and materials, so you’ll have to do more research about them.

Ideally, you need to store your furniture in a place that is sheltered from direct sunlight, cool, and not exposed to humidity. Keeping it in a safe environment is even more important for leather furniture. We understand that you might not be able to maintain all of these conditions at home. It’s why we recommend…

Selecting A Suitable Unit To Store Furniture

When you store your furniture in a storage unit, it saves you the trouble of worrying about pest control, safety, and exposure. Some storage companies even offer climate-controlled storage units, which means you won’t have to worry about temperature and humidity damage.

Most storage services offer multiple storage solutions. Now it begs the question: which storage facility should you choose? It all comes down to your needs. You have to think about:

  • Unit Size: Furniture storage units come in different sizes. How much furniture do you have? How much space will you need to store items? This is how you find the right sized unit. You can also use our visualization tool to learn how much you can store in different-sized units.
  • Climate Control: Furniture in storage units is safe from direct sunlight, and humidity. However, some furniture items require more intensive control over the climate. If you have furniture like that, then your furniture storage requires climate control.
  • Duration: Are you keeping your furniture in a storage unit short-term or long-term? It will help you calculate your costs over time. Furthermore, it allows you to prepare and organize your furniture accordingly. For example, you should bubble wrap furniture for long-term storage.
  • Cost: Different storage options have different storage costs. There are additional costs for services as well, like climate-controlled storages cost more than normal units. Before renting a storage unit, think about your budget, and find a unit for your furniture accordingly.

You should read our ultimate guide for storing at a storage unit for more information. And finally, think about the company you want to store your belongings with. You need to find furniture storage near your area, that is affordable, trustworthy, and keeps your items safe.

You also need someone who can store your furniture the right way, and give you a helping hand throughout the process. And this is our cue…

Get The Best Storage Units With STORED

STORED offers the best way to store your precious belongings across the UK. We offer safe and secure storage options at the best prices. We ensure that your furniture remains in top, pristine condition while it stays with us. With our climate-controlled units, long-term furniture storage becomes a breeze.

Instead of asking you to do any of the heavy lifting that comes with the usual self-storage units, we take care of it all for you. STORED collects, stores, and returns all of your belongings at the click of a button. With our super-simple dashboard, which includes an online inventory, you can keep track of everything you’ve stored with us.

So you can take back or store whatever you want, whenever you want. And finally, we offer everything according to your needs, from the size of units to the services that you want. From businesses to personal use and student storage, STORED is here to make storage easier for everyone.

We at STORED are always ready to help our loyal customers find the right storage solution to their problems. Reach out to us via 020 3994 2449 or via email if you have any questions about the unit you will need, choosing a storage unit, or moving furniture into your storage. We also offer a FREE quote to all of our loyal customers. So let’s get moving and storing!

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