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Are you thinking about renting a storage unit? You have landed at the right place. Shortage of space is a big problem in London; not many people can afford to live in large houses due to the exorbitant real estate prices. 

Are you stuck in a small apartment with no storage space? This is where the storage companies come in. Getting a storage unit is quite common nowadays. It is cheap, reliable, and convenient to increase your storage space without spending too much. 

Whether you have just moved in and want to store all your belongings in a storage unit for a few months or just renovating your house and want to tuck away everything for a few weeks, storage units are perfect for storing all your domestic belongings, clothes, furniture, kitchen appliances, and accessories. 

People use storage services for several reasons, some of which are;

  • During moving
  • Storing business inventory
  • Decluttering
  • Renovation 
  • Increase storage space
  • Change in relationship 
  • A new addition to the family (marriage, birth)

These are some of the reasons people rent storage units. Keeping in mind the continuously rising demand, one thing is for sure, the trend of getting a storage unit is not going anywhere anytime soon. 

Choosing a storage unit

Choosing a storage unit that matches your requirements

Do you direly need a storage unit but are feeling clueless about the process? This ultimate storage unit guide will help you choose the perfect storage match that aligns with your requirements. 

Before going ahead and booking the first storage unit you come across, take some time to educate yourself. Keep in mind the following factors provided by Stored when hunting for a storage unit. 


Set a budget you are comfortable with, and then look for a storage unit. Remember your limitations, and never try to go overboard with your budget. Remember that you will have to pay the monthly rent for a few months, so set a budget that will not strain you financially. 

Once you have a budget, look for exclusive deals and promotional packages. You can ask for discounts or ongoing promotions. 

Type of storage

You won’t believe it, but there are many types of storage services operating in London. The storage companies work day and night to accommodate all sorts of clients and give them flexible storage options. You can only choose the perfect storage for yourself when you know your purpose of storage. 

Determine the purpose of your storage in advance so you can choose a suitable option for yourself. Some of the most common types of services storage providers are below:


The location of your storage unit should be next on your agenda. Having storage too far away, in the middle of nowhere, will only raise more problems. You will have to dedicate a whole day to travel to and fro and burn fuel. 

You can only utilise your storage unit if it is near your residence or falls between your daily commute. Suppose you have to grab your faux fur coat for a dinner meeting, and you don’t have much time; a nearby storage unit will dissolve all your worries. 


Nobody has time or energy to waste in today’s fast pacing world. People have tight schedules and strict deadlines and have to make time for leisure and work. While looking for a storage unit, prioritize convenience over anything else. 

Go for a storage company that allows you to make bookings and payments online, and choose a full-service storage company to make your life easy. While at the storage facility, ask for additional amenities like forklift, padlock, and cardboard boxes. 

Best Way to Organize and Pack for Storage Units

Now that you have all the necessary information on choosing the best suitable storage unit, let’s move to the next part. 

Organizing your storage unit

Once you rent a storage unit, you become solely responsible for organising and managing it. Organising a storage unit is not an easy feat; you have to keep in mind a couple of pointers so that it also stays organised.

Don’t over stuff 

We know having a safe space where you can put all your extra belongings, collections and memorabilia feel reassuring. But it doesn’t mean you put away all the random things in it and fill it to the brim. 

Experts recommend leaving space in your storage unit to browse your stuff when you need anything freely. Leave room for air to pass so the cardboard boxes don’t get damp and moldy. 

Routine clean-ups

Cleaning and managing your storage unit after regular intervals will ensure that all your stuff remains in pristine condition. Even though storage units are closed spaces, dust and dirt can accumulate. 

You can schedule a clean-up every couple of months to ensure all your belongings remain in good shape. 

Packing for your storage unit

Want to access the storage unit guide for packing? Keep reading. 


You cannot just jam all your belongings in the boxes and call it a day; you must put thought and consideration into packing. Categorize all your stuff and then pack everything separately. Some of the categories you can make are

  • Clothes
  • Makeup
  • Ceramics
  • Cutlery
  • Seasonal decorations
  • Coats and furs

Label all the boxes

Make sure you label and number all your boxes according to their contents. Having labeled boxes will help you in the future whenever you want to grab a thing. Make sure you make labels in bold fonts and easily readable colors. 

Final words:

Renting a storage unit has become very easy nowadays. With an online presence and social media pages on multiple platforms, storage companies like Stored have made storage units accessible. With so many options available in the market, the onus of choosing a reliable storage unit lies with the customer. 

You can book your storage unit without setting a foot out of your house, but you have to make an informed decision. Keep all our pointers in mind while looking for a storage unit, and you will land the best suitable option soon!




Stored is a new kind of storage company — Making storage as simple as it gets and making our customer’s lives easier is what we’re all about.

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