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Time doesn’t remain the same for everyone, and sometimes circumstances force you to take drastic measures to sustain. Chances are you, too, will have to downsize at some point in life. Whether you are moving for a job, selling to move into a smaller place, going through a breakup, or want to move out from your parent’s house in shared accommodation. 

Downsizing is a perfect way of simplifying your lifestyle; it lets you enjoy whatever you have and let go of all the clutter in your life. A small house can be great for bonding, mutual understanding, and a strong connection if you have a small family. 

Apart from all the personal reasons, one of the most common reasons people want to downsize their house is the financial crunch. Whether you are going through a financial dry spell or want to save money for your future, downsizing your house will help you immensely. 

How To Declutter Before Moving

How To Declutter Before Moving?

Downsizing is tiring, time-consuming and difficult. It can drain you mentally and physically. People who attempt to downsize without any system or planning tend to burn out all their energy without doing significant work. If you are moving to a smaller place and have a lot of stuff that cannot fit in the place, it’s time for a decluttering spree. 

Decluttering and purging all your extra belongings might be challenging for people who tend to hold onto things for a long time. Follow the simple steps to declutter your house and become ready to move into a small house.

Take Everything Out

Once you start to declutter your house, you will realize there is much more stuff than you anticipated. People hoard things without even realizing it; we all have some clothes at the back of our wardrobe that don’t fit us or are not in fashion anymore. 

Take out everything from everywhere; you can start one room at a time and slowly declutter your whole house. Take stuff out from every wardrobe, cupboard, and corner. Empty every basket, hamper, and storage box to account for all your belongings. 

Sort Through Stuff

Once you have everything laid out in front of you, you can make informed decisions. Sort through everything and discard all the expired and spoilt stuff, the stuff that is not good for you should not be donated as well. 

If you have extra clothes, shoes, or accessories that no longer fit you or don’t use them much, it’s better to pass them on to someone who will appreciate them. You can give your unused stuff to your social circle or donate to your local shelter home. 

Don’t Hold On To Memories

We know this might be hard for some people, but you cannot afford to hold onto memories if you move to a small house. Whether you have a pile of letters, a piece of furniture kept in memory of someone, or a pile of scape-books you once enjoyed spending time on- it’s time to let go of everything. 

Studies show that people who tend to hold on to worldly things struggle to move forward in their life. Rid yourself of all the emotional baggage, and you will also free up so much physical space. 

Tips That Will Help You Downsize With Ease

Now that you have decluttered your belongings, you are ready to move into your new house. You will take some time to settle into a small place, but we will help you make the transitions as smooth as possible. 

While downsizing, consider doing the following. 

Rent A Storage Unit

Moved into a smaller house that doesn’t have much storage space? We know you cannot just donate everything, nor do you have to throw away perfectly good furniture or clothes. Storage companies like STORED offer a way out of this situation; luckily, it doesn’t cost much. 

You can set up your new place the way you want and put all the extra stuff in a storage unit. Climate-controlled storage units are perfectly capable of storing clothes, books, furniture, accessories, seasonal clothes, and even sports gear. 

Don’t Buy Any New Stuff

If you are downsizing because of financial stress, we recommend you not buy anything for your new place. You can repurpose your belongings, like furniture, curtains, and bed linens. You will save tons of money if you do this, which can also be a step towards sustainable living. 

People who move to a new place often itch to start fresh and re-decorate their house with all the new stuff. If you are one of those people, we suggest you put on your thinking cap and start DIY to give your house a fresh look. You can paint and polish your old furniture to give it a new look, use your ceramic plates to set up a unique statement wall, and alter old clothes to give them a new spin. 

Get Built-In Storage Space

Downsizing can be much more difficult for people with a lot of stuff who can’t declutter most of it. If you have accumulated a lot of belongings over the years and hold everything near and dear, we just have one piece of advice for you. 

Utilise whatever storage space you can get in your new house, make storage space wherever you can; just make sure to conceal it properly. You can get furniture with built-in storage compartments, like a bed, stools, footrests, and a bench.

Below are some innovative storage ideas that are perfect for a small house.

  • Vertical shelves
  • Hanging shelves behind doors
  • Open-faced cupboards
  • Hidden compartments in furniture

Get Professional Help

Now that we have equipped you with all the valuable information about downsizing and decluttering, we are confident you are more than capable of doing everything yourself. But you can also explore other options if you have a busy work schedule and hectic personal life. 

Many removal companies, organising companies, and freelance decluttering professionals exist. You can hire these professionals to do all your work while you tend to other pressing matters in your life. Professional organisers and declutters work systematically, have a strategy, and everything is planned out in advance. 

Professional declutterers and organisers work magic and help you downsize in a few days.

The Ending Note

We understand letting go of things might be hard for some people, but in order to lead a quality life, it is necessary. We have listed the best ways to declutter for ease; you can start planning your move while simultaneously decluttering all your belongings. 

If money is not an issue, a quick search of ‘home downsizing services near me’ can solve all your problems in a jiffy.




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