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A little change in lifestyle is all the element of surprise you need to keep going. It has everything to do with personal growth and comfort. While the aesthetes want attraction wherever they go, the minimalists don’t feel like making a lot of effort to mix things up.

However, there comes a time when you meet the need to shift your home, office, warehouse, or any other kind of premises you spend most of your time in. You might be lacking space or a shift in operations might lead to the move somewhere else but it’s important either way.

In such cases, you need the right tools and equipment to make the shift easier and smoother. It’s important for you to have bubble wrap, tape, scissors, and plastic sheets with you as you start packing. And well, the most important thing here that might make you run some errands is a cardboard box. In fact, not just one but many!

The Many Advantages of Using Cardboard Boxes for Moving - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

The Many Advantages of Using Cardboard Boxes for Moving

If you think you could move without them, you should think again. Think this way; Can you place your entire crockery in the vehicle and ensure not breaking anything despite the tremors of your moving vehicle?

Also, can you ensure you have collected everything in your vanity and delivered it to your new place without dropping anything off during transit? Giving it some thought with practicality will lead you to a big ‘NO’.

Henceforth, you need cardboard boxes to pack everything in them and take them along safely.

Here are some more reasons why you should definitely start finding them.

  • Cardboard boxes provide maximum protection to everything inside so they don’t get scratched or damaged in any way.
  • Your small to medium-sized items can be assembled together in a safe space that is covered with a secure and compact material.
  • When packed in cardboard boxes, they can be moved and delivered to their destination with ease and security.
  • Cardboard boxes are made of sturdy materials that can resist abrasion or pressure from the outside.
  • They are quite adaptive as you can cut them in any size, shape, or form and glue or tape them together whenever you need.
  • You can disassemble them and store them in your cupboards, shelves, attic, or even in the smallest of places once you’re done using them.
  • They allow you to store multiple products inside including shoes, books, clothes, accessories, and much more. That too, with great convenience.
  • Cardboard boxes don’t have much weight of their own. Hence, these featherweight boxes work great to store even heavier items with ease.
  • It is easier to carry and transport them because of their super lightweight and compact form.
  • You get a lot of variety in designs and shapes with cardboard boxes as they include single wall boxes, double wall boxes, and even customised ones.
  • Going for cardboard boxes is the most cost-effective and accessible option as it can be obtained from various locations for free as well.

Where Can You Find Free Cardboard Boxes?

Finding cardboard boxes is easier than you think. You don’t have to try too hard or run around miles away in search of it – they can be found easily in your vicinity.

Enquire from Your Friends and Family - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Enquire from Your Friends and Family

You must have a family, some close friends, and neighbours you might turn up to for help or advice. No matter how small or expansive your circle is, you can always get some information on cardboard boxes from them.

In the ideal situation, they can lend you some of theirs back from the time they were moving. If they’ve already given their boxes to someone else, they can always connect you with a few leads where you could get them.

Search Through Social Media - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Search Through Social Media

Social media is the hub of information no matter which platform you log in to. However, the availability of cardboard boxes can be known from Facebook groups and pages quite easily. All you need to do is post a query and you will have hundreds of people commenting with a solution.

Also, you could find relevant profiles on Instagram, Twitter, and more to search if there have any leftover cardboard boxes. You could message people and get to know about it from them directly.

Try Freecycle - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Try Freecycle

Another method to find cardboard boxes for the purpose of moving is using Freecycle. It is a nonprofit organisation that aims at keeping excess items away from landfills. The best part is that if you don’t know anyone who has moved recently, you can find a stranger with Freecycle on his phone.

You must first analyse if the boxes you have found are in an appropriate condition. Most boxes don’t last more than a couple of house moves and so you need to see how often they’ve been used. That too, before driving up to get them for yourself from the facility.

Ask From the Supermarket - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Ask From the Supermarket

You don’t just buy groceries from supermarkets. In fact, you don’t always have to buy something from there; there’s some stuff that’s free as well. For starters, it includes cardboard boxes.

Since most of the supermarket supplies come packed in cardboard boxes, they have loads of boxes available at all times. Asking them to lend you a few for free can be an economical and convenient option.

Explore the Storage Units in London - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

This option plays a major role in your moving process. It isn’t only going to give you all the cardboard boxes you need but help you shift smoothly as well. It serves as a hassle free storage pickup method that brings all the packing material alongside.

You don’t need to step foot outside when you trust a storage facility with its removals service. Its packing materials for moving house hold supreme quality and such services give you maximum utility that involves packing, loading, delivering, and even bringing back everything you request returns for.

Visit Restaurants Nearby - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Visit Restaurants Nearby

Everybody loves to dine in for food and have something that satisfies their appetite nicely. However, the need to move has more desperation attached to it and you need to take necessary measures to address it faster.

The next time you go out to eat, get these cardboard boxes just in case. Planning something for backup gives you a major advantage when the time for action actually arrives. And well, if you don’t have anything arranged beforehand, visit a restaurant specifically to ask for cardboard boxes and you might get them urgently too.

Head to the Recycling Center - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Head to the Recycling Center

Another place to look for free cardboard boxes is a recycling center nearby. It is because that is where all the cardboard boxes are sent when discarded by people.

Also, you should remember that a recycling centre that has corrugated cardboard boxes will help you even more, and so visiting this one will give you the most utility. You might find them flattened down as they arrive but you can always put them back to their original shape.

Not to mention, make sure to check for any insects, dust, dampness, or unwanted items inside before taking the boxes home. You must also strengthen them with tape, so they hold no matter how heavy or stuffed they get.

Check Local Warehouses - The Ultimate Guide to Getting Free Cardboard Moving Boxes

  • Check Local Warehouses

While you’re out to find cardboard boxes, one spot you shouldn’t miss at all is the local warehouse near you. It is where you will find more cartons and cardboard boxes than inventory perhaps.

Over here, you will find a massive variety of cardboard boxes of all sizes and shapes. No matter how huge or small in quantity, and how heavy your items may be, you will have the perfect casing to shelter them throughout your process of moving.

In a Nutshell

In the present times, nothing is as hard as it seems. You might tell yourself moving from one location to another is super tough, but modern advancements have something else to say. And well, the word ‘difficult’ has been replaced with ‘straightforward’ a long time ago.

You need not worry about where to store your valuables anymore; you have plenty of options available for them. All you need to do is connect with the most convenient place you can choose to get cardboard boxes from and half your work is done right there. It’s that simple today!









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