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With the rising population and alarming price hike in real estate, living in a small apartment or house has become quite the norm. Most people start their life in a one-bedroom apartment or a nifty little dorm room. Managing all your stuff in a small space can be challenging, so we have handpicked some space-saving ideas for you.

Whether you live in a small or a large house, there will come a day when you will feel a shortage of space. As humans, we are programmed to hold onto things; we find it hard to let go of things that are emotionally important to us, even if we don’t use them anymore.

If you have accumulated a lot of stuff in your wardrobes, cabinets and pantries, maybe it is time to increase your home storage.

Fabulous Home Ideas and Ingenious Space Saving Designs

Before going ahead and starting your space-saving DIYs, take a step back and start preparing for it. You cannot create new storage space and then fill it with clutter and unused things, purge out all the unneeded stuff and either donate or sell them. Let go of things you will not use in the future, and create space for new items.

By implying a few architectural tricks and re-arranging your current stuff, you can utilise your existing space to its maximum potential. Below are our top five space-saving tricks to help you make the most out of your current area.

Invest In Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture is all the rage nowadays; all you got to do is get hold of an expert carpenter or boutique furniture showrooms. You can either get multi-purpose furniture made according to your requirements or buy one off the market.

Increase your storage space by buying a bed with built-in storage in the box; these hidden compartments are spacious and can hold a lot of stuff. Placing the ottoman towards the foot of the bed looks stylish. Here’s an idea – double its functionality by getting an ottoman with storage cabinets.

If you have a small living room and want to place a coffee table in the centre, get one with storage cabinets. You can increase your storage space with multi-purpose furniture, this kind of furniture might cost a bit more, but you can take it as an investment to buy space.

Get Creative With Shelves

Shelves are great for storage, look great, and do not cost an arm and a leg. Gone are the days of bulky wooden cabinets; you can get sleek-looking cabinets that will increase your storage space tenfold.

Adorn your walls with floating shelves; they look amazing and don’t take up excess space. Floating shelves can hold your books, magazines, decorative items, and much more. You can get them in any colour, texture, or size you want.
If you are looking for something else, you can also try the fun-looking stacking or open-faced shelves. Open-faced shelves look fantastic in small spaces; they look spacious and more suitable for small places.

Experiment with its colour and material; you can add a lot of character to your house and increase its storage space.

Create An Illusion Of Space

This is one of the favourite tricks architecture designers like to use. If they are working with compact space, they create the illusion of space. You, too, can give your house the illusion of being spacious and welcoming.

Use light colours on the walls; you can use pastels and cool-toned colours. Cool-toned colours lighten up the overall vibe of your house and give a spacious look to a small space. Add as many mirrors as possible, which will help you ‘create’ space where it is not.

Another great trick for creating an illusion of space is to play with light and add cool-toned lights to lighten up your room. Having windows also helps open up more space and widen the horizon, ultimately giving the illusion of more space.

Baskets And Organisers

Organisers, dividers, and baskets are your best friend when fully utilising limited space. You can stack organising baskets in a small area and multiply your storage space. The great thing about organisers and baskets is that they are lightweight and can be easily stacked on each other.

Baskets not only look good, but they are also very much in trend right now. You can even buy a large-sized rattan basket to store your blankets, bed throws, and bed linen. Baskets and organisers are a great way of adding a personalised touch to your house.

You can choose whatever colour, texture, and style suit the interior of your house; it’s an economical way of saving space and fully utilising it at the same time.

Utilise Small Spaces

Whether you live in a five-bedroom house or a two-bedroom apartment, we often make the grave mistake of overlooking small spaces. Every home has nooks and crannies that may seem too small or useless to some people, but this is where your creativity should jump out.

Don’t leave that odd space below the staircase empty; you can put two lounge chairs in that space and set up a small TV to make your personalised cinema. You can also make your hanging garden below the stairs, take pictures, and make your own mini art gallery.

Some more small spaces, including the back of your doors, the corner in the pantry, and random nooks, can be optimised according to your preference. Keep an eye out for all the vertical spaces in your house; you can add hanging organisers, shelves, and nifty storage solutions at the back of the doors.

In a Nutshell

Our space saving ideas will only work if you put your heart and soul into the renovation of your home. With our awesome space-saving hacks, even the smallest of apartments can look and feel spacious. So put on your thinking hats and get those gloves out, DIY is the only way to add your personalised touch to your home.

The above listed ideas will work for every room, whether it is your kitchen, pantry, lounge or home-office. Space is a commodity in todays time, so maximise the space available to you by following our creative ideas.

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