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Moving comes with its own set of trials and tribulations, no matter how many times you have moved. It might become more manageable with experience, but there are many challenges that you have to face. Which storage unit to rent, which moving truck size to choose, how many cartons or containers to buy, what’s the proper way to pack fragile items, etc.

We will focus on one factor: how to choose the correct moving truck size. It’s essential to pack the truck correctly to avoid accidents and damage. There can be many issues if you choose the wrong truck size, too big or too small. It could endanger everything you pack inside.

Considering your budget and proper functionality, the right-sized truck will make your move more accessible and easy on the pocket. Renting a larger truck is also more expensive than a small one, so there’s your budget to consider as well. Continue reading to get all the tips and tricks you need to find the perfect truck size for your move.
Bedroom Count Technique

The Bedroom Count Technique

The bedroom count technique is one of the most common techniques to estimate the correct size of the moving truck. Many moving and storage companies that provide the service of moving give a chart that you can refer to determine what moving trucks can accommodate based on the bedroom count. It’s a fairly easy technique!

These size estimation charts are beneficial to get an idea of where to begin. However, they are indeterminate estimations, not entirely accurate. Some bedrooms are more oversized and can hold furniture and items worth two or three small bedrooms.

Furthermore, many homes contain rooms that don’t fit into standard room sizes like work offices, studios, studies, storage rooms, mud closets, and sitting rooms. They might not fit into the correct size criteria of the chart, but you can get the gist of how much each room can hold. Count the final number of bedrooms, and then you can easily select the appropriately sized moving truck depending on your needs by using the bedroom count technique.

Calculate the Truck per Cubic Feet

Every moving truck is designed to hold a specific number of items, usually measured in cubic feet. The vehicle’s interior measurements include the roof’s size to the entire floor area. To utilise it properly, you can stack and place all your boxes evenly, distributing them according to their weight and length.

However, you may require the entire floor rather than the length from the truck’s floor to ceiling, which might work better for you. Either way, unless you are moving and packing experts, you will need help to take up the entire space efficiently. Hence, choosing a truck slightly bigger than your requirements is safe and better if some things take up more space than anticipated.

Let’s not forget that this technique is more reliable and accurate than the bedroom count technique. It might take more time to calculate the size and set the boxes in the truck accordingly. Still, it’s more consistent as it counts the total cubic space of everything you intend to store in the vehicle.

The best way is to pack all your small and loose items in boxes and measure the size of the parcels rather than the objects individually. It will give a more accurate size estimation and won’t be time-consuming. The total measurement will be almost equivalent to the whole space you need in the truck.

Consider the Add-On Services With the Moving Truck

Planning to move doesn’t only require a moving truck. Other services can come in handy and make your move easier—E.g. insurance. If your insurance company doesn’t cover the rental truck insurance, then ask the rental truck company for insurance. If they offer insurance, you can avail yourself of the advantage. It could save you time and money if an accident occurs.

If you have been looking for storage facilities to store your valuables for the short term or long term while you settle, consider the other services. Most storage companies like STORED offer packing services as well. It ticks off one primary task from your list! Their two-person team will load everything into the moving vehicle making things more manageable for you.

Lastly, consider if you have large pieces of furniture. They often need extra moving tools to move safely to and from the moving vehicle, like dollies and additional straps to hold them in place. Opting for a pickup storage company won’t require you to buy or rent these tools. They will handle the heavy lifting, and your moving costs and struggles will exponentially decline.

Keep in Mind the Distance of Relocation

The correct moving truck size also depends on the distance you have to travel while shifting to your new place. If you are moving locally, you have the option to rent a smaller truck size and then rent another truck if things don’t fit. You can easily make multiple trips. It might be a slight hassle, but it can be done to avoid inconveniences.

However, if your move is not local and requires a great distance of travelling, it’s not practical or cost-effective to rent another moving truck if the number or size you rented isn’t adequate. It might make things go awry, causing stress and chaos. It will also end up costing you a lot more time and money.

To ensure a stress-free move with no additional and unintentional charges, book a hefty enough truck that can comfortably accommodate all the goods at once. Pack everything into the truck tactfully, so there’s no need to rent another moving truck.

To Conclude

Bonus Tip: Before looking for moving trucks and before you begin packing for the big move, consider decluttering. Get rid of everything that doesn’t serve a purpose. Donate what’s in good condition but hasn’t been used in years.

Decluttering will help you save a lot of time and effort while packing but also help you to book an appropriate truck size you can afford within your budget. If you opt to pack things yourself, use the correct number and size of boxes so you can save on moving trucks.

Packing smartly will let you keep things in check and balance while moving. This way, you won’t have to rent a moving truck more giant in size than required. It will make the entire moving process convenient, cost-effective and manageable.




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