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Want to expand your personal storage space instantly? Self-storage units are a perfect way to increase your space without putting a dent in your finances. Thousands of people use self-storage units for several reasons.

Some people rent storage units to declutter their house or workspace; they chuck all the unused bulky furniture and stuff in a storage unit where everything remains safe. Some people use self-storage units while moving; they utilise home storage units to keep all their household stuff safe for a couple of months.

No matter what your reason is, self-storage facility presents great solutions at economical prices. Are you looking for a reliable storage facility that offers flexible storage solutions?

Bystored started providing services in 2014, and since then, it has come a long way. From an enthusiastic start-up to UK’s number one storage company, Bystored makes storage simple, easy, and hassle-free.

Bystored Lets, You Take Care of Your Personal Storage Needs

Gone are the days when people used to get overwhelmed by the whole storage process. Stored lets you focus on other matters while they take care of all the storage-related tasks.

They offer an all-inclusive service which means they pick, pack and transport all your stuff to their storage facility on their own. You, too, can make your life easy and enjoy the following benefits of the personal storage unit.

Declutter Your House

Have you accumulated a lot of unrequired things only because you are fond of shopping? We sometimes buy things we never use, so it lays at the back of our wardrobe, taking up all that precious space. If you think your wardrobes, pantry, linen cabinet, and garage are filled to the brim, maybe it’s time to shift everything into a personal storage unit.

The great thing about storage units is you can practically store anything in them. You can swap your old and bulky furniture with something minimalistic and put everything in a storage unit while you decide its fate.

Renovation And Remodeling

Many people want to renovate their residences but don’t know how. If you, too, want to refresh the outlook of your home, the best thing to do is to rent a storage unit instantly. Transferring all your household stuff to the storage unit will allow you to carry out all the renovation projects without any hindrance.

Renovation can get messy, and having your domestic things in the way can cause damage and injury. Once you have everything out of the way, you can start renovation without fearing any damage.

The good thing is that Bystored can collect all your stuff from your given address, so you don’t have to waste a whole day hauling boxes in your car. An all-inclusive storage service will solve all your storage woes with ease.


Moving is one of the most common reasons people rent residential storage units. Moving can get overwhelming, whether you are moving to a new city, town or country. It is a long and tiring process where people often fall behind their schedule and further stress out. So we have a quick fix to let you enjoy moving without hassle or stress!

Rent a storage unit at Bystored and urgently take off the pressure of packing and unpacking. If you want to sell your house and buy a new one, the storage unit will keep all your stuff safely tucked for as long as you want.

Follow Your Passion

Do you want to pursue your passion, but a shortage of space keeps holding you back? One more benefit of personal storage unit is you can use it to follow your passion. You can take up any hobby, like painting, pottery, candle making, or ceramic making, and store everything in your storage unit.

You can unleash your creative side and make all kinds of art. Once you have a storage space, you can also utilise it to store your collectable items such as mugs, toy figurines, and ceramic plates. A climate-controlled storage unit will ensure all your stuff remains in pristine condition without any harm.

Important Life Events

Significant life events sometimes require you to upsize or downsize. Occasionally unforeseen circumstances compel people to sell their house and move into something smaller. Renting a storage unit in this scenario will let you hold on to your possessions at minimal expense.

If your kids are moving out, maybe you can utilise their room by clearing out all the furniture. Storage units can hold all the stuff safely while you decide to keep or sell the things. Marriages and childbirth are important life events that can take up space in your home. You can clear up your old belongings to make room for new beginnings.

Start Your Business

Times have evolved, and people use storage units very creatively. You can rent a personal storage unit and start your own business. Many entrepreneurs work from their homes and keep their inventory in storage units. You can successfully run a business on this model, expand your business, and move into a large storage space.

Starting up a business requires capital and a whole lot of ambition. You can track and manage your business inventory more effectively from a storage unit. This will allow you to save money compared to renting a commercial storage space.

Park Your Vehicles

Do you have more than one car but no parking space? Finding an appropriate parking spot can be a daily hassle; some storage companies offer vehicle storage options. People living in unsafe neighbourhoods often park their vehicles in storage facilities if they travel or go out of town.

You can also store your boats, jet skis, and surfing board in personal storage units if you don’t have space in your house.

Ending Note

No doubt, storage facilities are a Godsend when expanding space. They allow you to instantly increase your storage space without costing much. There are hundreds of benefits of renting a storage unit from BYSTORED; it all depends on your creativity and needs.

Stored is a new kind of storage company — Making storage as simple as it gets and making our customer’s lives easier is what we’re all about.

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