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Spring break packages

12Sqft Storage
12sq ft
What can it fit?

Similar to a large locker, ideal for those who need to declutter their room.

£ 11 /week
£51.75 month
Most Popular
12Sqft Storage
15sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for students storing over the summer holidays or those with a small amount of belongings to store.

£ 15 /week
£66.75 month
12Sqft Storage
25sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for those with a studio flat, who need to store a mix of furniture and boxes.

£ 20 /week
£89.25 month
12Sqft Storage
50sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for a typical 1 bedroom flat, allowing you to store a mix of household furniture and boxes.

£ 36 /week
£156.75 month
(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)
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Why Choose Storage Loughborough?

Students at Loughborough University have nothing to worry about because we at STORED have all of their storage needs covered with our Storage Loughborough services.

Students are usually beginning their own independent lives, and sometimes they have more belongings than space when they move out of their home.

You need not fret; we have a service that is better than self-storage Loughborough and is the answer to all your problems!

We offer help in ways self-storage does not as we particularly understand what students are going through.

Don’t have a car and don’t know how to carry all that storage to the facility? Don’t want to be pushed around in the metro and try to squeeze out 5 suitcases at your stop?

With our serviced storage units Loughborough, you are not expected to lift your heavy belongings on your own. Instead, we send a professional team of two to your doorstep for FREE collection and we take care of everything!

You can also avail the packing service if you need a hand getting your things together!

In case packing becomes hectic or you do not find the essentials to do it yourself, our team will provide help as well as all the required materials upon request.

In today’s fast-paced world, priority is given only to the quickest. So, you will be happy to hear that booking our storage Loughborough services takes only a couple of minutes and you don’t have to do much after that yourself!

This means that you will not have to ride the bus or drive all the way to our facility to book or otherwise! Transport to pick up your items is included in your all-inclusive package and getting them back is very cheap!

With the pandemic, we have realized that some situations are unpredictable and require immediate action. We offer urgent slots to pick up your belongings and we can ship them to anywhere you want in the world-something that self storage Loughborough does not offer.

You don’t have to wait and tug your stuff with you!

What you may consider extraordinary effort, may all be part of a normal day for us. Let us handle your belongings and you can make the most of the other things in life!

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Easy Booking
Book your free collection in seconds and get access to your STORED account to keep track of your bookings, items and invoices.
Free student service
Hassle-Free Pick-Ups and Returns
Our 2-man team will arrive at your address on your selected time-slot to collect and load all your items.
secure storage
Secure & Reliable Storage
We store your items in all purpose-built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.
Hassle-Free Returns
Hassle-Free Returns
Need some or all of your items back? Book a partial or full return from your account.

Better than Self-Storage Loughborough

Our prices are not out of the ball park since we only believe in nurturing strong and long-term customer relationships.

STORED has both long-term and short-term packages for students, your stuff can stay for a month or more! You get a 15% whole stay discount if you book a unit for more than 3 months!

If you searching for a unit on budget, you can get our twelve square feet unit to house a multitude of large suitcases, boxes and crates.

You can always go a bit larger with our 15 square feet unit that can hold a little more. Choose the size you want all up to 400+ square feet. The more space you book, the cheaper it gets!

In our largest storage units, you can fit living room furniture, boxes, mattresses, refrigerators and many other bulky items.

Usually, students looking for self-storage Loughborough will require approximately fifteen to fifty square feet of space, which is just enough to fit a couch and a mattress. Unlike self-storage, STORED offers these units with a fully serviced package leaving nothing for you to do!

Safety in Loughborough Storage

London is undoubtedly one of the greatest but maybe not the safest cities in the world, so it would make sense for students to worry about their things getting stolen.

Thankfully, our storage Loughborough has 24-hour surveillance throughout the year, which guarantees your valuables will stay where you put them until you want them back.

Our facility has an alarm system monitored by a professional surveillance company and the storage units are secured with padlocks. Therefore, all of your belongings are kept in a highly secure environment and are always in good hands!

If the idea of driving to and from the unit annoys you somewhat, you aren’t alone and we have the perfect fix for it!

Our warehouse is restricted to team members and you are never required to visit! We pick up your belongings for free from your doorstep, put them away, and return them when you want them back after you book an affordable return trip!

This works out perfectly for the students of Loughborough University who may have so much on their plates and no time to spare for visiting storage facilities. You don’t need to arrange transport on your own or pull, heave, and tug your belongings to a facility.

Since we are affiliated with the institution, we can pick up what you need to store directly from your campus or we can pick it up from your doorstep, whatever you prefer!

It’s a very convenient, easy solution to storage that leaves you all the time in the world to handle other things- because we know you have a lot to achieve.

Don’t worry about your stuff, our storage arrangements are more than enough!

Call us today to book or simply book via our website in under 5 minutes!

What to Store in Self Storage Loughborough?

Moving into the university dorm or sharing a small apartment with friends? You might start running out of space and fast!

With multiple people sharing closets, you will be lucky if there is enough space for your clothes. One incredible use of a storage unit is to store away your out-of-season clothes to make space for other important items.

Instead of stuffing them into boxes and bags or finding spaces to shove them into, simply put them in a suitcase or a box and schedule a pickup.

The same applies to the seasonal equipment such as skis and rollerblades! When their season has arrived, you can ask us to deliver them to you. In this way, you would not have to discard or sell anything while still maintaining an organized room and closet.

Storage Loughborough brings you countless benefits, and students of Loughborough University can make the most of it!

Not only does our storage solution give you some space but it also helps in saving time and energy!

STORED’s impeccable deals, pricing and convenience for students makes it an ideal and reliable solution to all your space-related problems.

Make life easier on yourself right now and stop trying to cram your belongings where they just can’t fit!

Choose our service that is cheaper than traditional self-storage and provides the most value for money! Vacations, moves, going back home, emergencies, and organizing has just become easier with storage Loughborough!