London School of Economics (LSE) Student Storage

with pick-up from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

LSE Storage is the Easiest Way to Handle Student Belongings

Summer break packages


12 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

4 large boxes or storage crates

(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)

£20.54 week/£89month


£25.15 week/£109month


A little more

25 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

15 crates
If you're storing extra items
that don't fit in a crate

£29.77 week/£129month


Store with friends

50 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

30 crates
Sharing a larger unit works out even better value

£45.92 week/£199month

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Student Storage Service
in London with STORED

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Easy Booking

You book online or over the phone in less than 5 minutes

Bystored van

Hassle-free Pick-Up

Our 2-man team loads and transports all of your items

Storage facility

Secure & Reliable Storage

We store your items over summer or winter break in our secure trusted storage facility

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Personalised Delivery

We return your items when and where you request

We can also ship your items anywhere in the world if you’re not returning for the new term, and can supply purchasable boxes and packing materials for international shipping.

Enhance Your Student Experience with LSE Storage

Student life can be a challenging experience, especially when you need to live away from home.

The best way to overcome challenges is to be creative and organized.

Whether it is coping with limited living space or managing your belongings before upcoming holidays, we know, students of the London School of Economics (LSE) like those of other universities, encounter several difficult situations.

Luckily, STORED has introduced LSE Storage to save students from all inconveniences of conventional student storage. Our mission is to provide inexpensive yet dependable services and to literally take the hassle out of self storage.

The cost of renting or purchasing property in London has escalated tremendously over the years, which has made the need for self storage (and better) services crucial in the city.

Unlike most of the storage companies that prioritize income over customer satisfaction, STORED strives to provide high- reliability storage facilities to its customers within an affordable budget.

Our uniquely designed services outperform self-storage and provide an experience that our customers deeply enjoy and value.

There used to be a time when convenience and student storage were two different things. You were not only required to visit the facility for bookings but were also responsible for the packing and transport of your belongings on your own. That is now in the past!

Reliability used to be a concern as well, and you could not trust student storage facilities with your valuables.

STORED is dedicated to change that with our strategically designed student storage services in London. You can reserve your LSE torage units over the phone or online and everything is super simple!

Get Spacious LSE Storage Units at a Low Price

To make it as effortless as it gets, STORED collects items right from your doorstep.

Imagine the time and effort you would have to put in if you had to haul 5 suitcases and your favourite bean bag across town to store in a self storage facility. The experience would be enough to give you higher stress levels for the entire week!

Our purposely-designed service maximises convenience and puts you at ease, giving you enough time to focus on other important things in your student life. And if you are worried about security, don’t be!

Our storage units are padlocked and our facility has CCTV-surveillance to ensure a worry-free and secure experience. Our security is high and our prices are low! Making sure you can afford student storage and comfortably deal with your belongings is our prime motive.

Student storage never got as simple as it is with STORED.

Starting at a very low monthly cost, you can choose from four of our incredibly cheap storage plans for LSE Storage. We offer a Lite package, a Winter Pack, A little more, and our Store with Friends package!

With liability coverage of £500 and whole-stay discounts of up to 15% with our long-term storage plans, you have found yourself the best deal for student storage in London.

Our procedure takes merely a few minutes, and items are collected as early as the same day.

Our collect-and-return service saves students from troublesome handling and costly transport. We leave nothing for you to do except book and wait for our man with a van.

Additionally, we offer extra discounts whenever we are happy or want to give our customers something to be happy about. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be sending amazing offers your way!