Cheap London Business School Storage Units

with free pickup from London Business School or from your doorstep!.

The Best London Business School Storage Solution

Summer break packages


12 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

4 large boxes or storage crates

(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)

£20.54 week/£89month


£25.15 week/£109month


A little more

25 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

15 crates
If you're storing extra items
that don't fit in a crate

£29.77 week/£129month


Store with friends

50 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

30 crates
Sharing a larger unit works out even better value

£45.92 week/£199month

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Student Storage in London

Making Student Life Easier with London Business School Storage

Student life is synonymous with hectic schedules and tough studies. And being a student at a prestigious university such as the London Business School makes it all the more of a challenge!

If you are a local student living in London or an international one who’s flown in from miles away, tugging your belongings and trying to pull those heavy suitcases in can pose a real challenge.

You wouldn’t want any obstacles getting between you and your studies, and especially not everyday storage problems!

STORED offers an all-inclusive solution to all your storage dilemmas. With no pick-and-drop tensions, we will help you make your life simpler and hassle-free. So, get the stress off your shoulders and opt for STORED’s exclusive London Business School storage service today!

Student Storage Service
in London with STORED

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Easy Booking

You book online or over the phone in less than 5 minutes

Bystored van

Hassle-free Pick-Up

Our 2-man team loads and transports all of your items

Storage facility

Secure & Reliable Storage

We store your items over summer or winter break in our secure trusted storage facility

Delivery icon

Personalised Delivery

We return your items when and where you request

We can also ship your items anywhere in the world if you’re not returning for the new term, and can supply purchasable boxes and packing materials for international shipping.

STORED Saves the Day with London Business School Storage

As a student, you tend to always be on the move. Whether it’s switching hostels in between semesters, traveling back home during the summer, or just taking a casual trip with your friends on the weekend, you’ll always need some place to store your left-behind belongings.

As a first-year especially, you’ll find yourself bringing in more valuable belongings than you can handle. If you don’t know what to do with all that extra stuff, then London Business School storage services come to your rescue!

Whether you are a local or international student, an under-graduate or post-graduate, STORED has an accommodating package to fit in with all your needs!

Rent a storage unit near you so you can then focus on what you’re actually here for: exploring, socialising and studying your way towards success!

Secure & Cheap London Business School Storage Units

Our accommodating storage packages include everything from packing your items in storage boxes, picking them up in a moving man, storing in cheap and secure storage units, to finally delivering your items back to your doorstep whenever you ask for them.

And if you plan on not coming back for the next semester, we can even ship your package to anywhere in the world!

STORED’s storage units range from 12 square feet up to 400 square feet in size. You can choose any storage unit size depending upon your needs and pay accordingly.

As a student, staying on a budget is probably very important for you. That’s why our London Business School storage services are much cheaper than other self-storage services in the area.

With padlocks and constant CCTV coverage, our cheap storage units are also an extremely safe space for your valuable belongings!

London Business School Storage Units of All Sizes

Whether you’re looking for short-term storage or long-term packages, STORED has it all!

Our short-term rates are cost-effective and very accommodating while our long-term rates are even better!

If you book our storage services for 6 months or more, you can avail an exciting 15% discount on your package!

The solution to all your storage problems is here! Book our most popular 12 square feet storage size which is ideal for 5-6 heavy suitcases or 8-10 boxes. You can store anything from extra books and bedding to your summer clothes and even a bicycle!

Let STORED help clear the path for you with its London Business School storage by relieving you of any extra hurdles and stress! Book a storage unit size within 5 minutes by calling 020 3637 1234 and make your student life as hassle-free as it can be!