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Storage in Coventry Made Easier

Spring break packages

12Sqft Storage
12sq ft
What can it fit?

Similar to a large locker, ideal for those who need to declutter their room.

£ 11 /week
£51.75 month
Most Popular
12Sqft Storage
15sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for students storing over the summer holidays or those with a small amount of belongings to store.

£ 15 /week
£66.75 month
12Sqft Storage
25sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for those with a studio flat, who need to store a mix of furniture and boxes.

£ 20 /week
£89.25 month
12Sqft Storage
50sq ft
What can it fit?

Perfect for a typical 1 bedroom flat, allowing you to store a mix of household furniture and boxes.

£ 36 /week
£156.75 month
(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)
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Our All-Inclusive Coventry Storage Package

In university and have a lot on your mind? Maybe you also have a lot in your room/apartment and need some help decluttering your premises.

Or maybe you are going on vacation and moving out of your accommodation for the time being? You can’t carry your coursebooks, extra clothes, and furniture items around only to bring them back when the new semester begins.

STORED is a student’s best friend when it comes to solving their storage dilemmas. Coventry storage has never been easier and quicker than it is with us!

When you avail STORED Coventry storage facilities, you sign up for a complete service.

Our 2-man team will pick up and load all your belongings on our moving van, and then transport your belongings to the storage units. You can easily get your belongings back whenever needed with just booking a return.

Need something back while you are away? International shipments will make your day! We can send your stuff anywhere in the world, whenever you want it!

A complete 360-degree storage solution that leaves nothing for you to do but book is what STORED offers you.

UK’s best Student Storage

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Easy Booking
Book your free collection in seconds and get access to your STORED account to keep track of your bookings, items and invoices.
Free student service
Hassle-Free Pick-Ups and Returns
Our 2-man team will arrive at your address on your selected time-slot to collect and load all your items.
secure storage
Secure & Reliable Storage
We store your items in all purpose-built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.
Hassle-Free Returns
Hassle-Free Returns
Need some or all of your items back? Book a partial or full return from your account.

Taking the “self” out of Coventry Self Storage

We assure you that all your belongings will be safe in STORED storage units Coventry and you need not worry!

Students can choose the package that best suits their needs. In storage Coventry, students always have the benefit of a fully serviced storage experience. We come to your doorstep to pick up and return your belongings with a moving van and a 2-man team!

So, you never have to visit the unit yourself

If you are thinking of opting for self storage Coventry, rest assured that we offer something better!

Our services are all-inclusive and provide transportation, £500 liability coverage, and the option of online inventory, so you know exactly what’s in your storage unit all the time.

Our Coventry storage services are what students prefer to self storage as they completely eliminate hassle and are cheaper overall!

No extra transportation costs, no tugging and pulling, and the peace of mind that only comes with using STORED.

Self storage Coventry doesn’t provide that ease and peace of mind. However, with STORED, the problems associated with self storage Coventry are a thing of the past.

Coventry Storage service by STORED is reliable, and easy. Coventry storage by STORED is at your service!

Our Coventry Storage Units in Different Sizes

The reason we started STORED is we wanted to take the hassle out of self storage and meet the needs of people who were spending too much and taking too long while dealing with their storage needs.

We decided to offer free collection from your doorstep, storage units of different sizes, and a package that also had extras such as liability coverage and online inventory.

We love making things easier for students, as they already have so much on their plate. And students love us too!

We offer packing services too for those that need a hand in getting their things together!

Just call us on 020 3637 1234 to book one of our services now. For safe storage, Coventry students need to look no further!

If you opt for a long-term package that is over three months, you get a 15% whole-stay discount! Our short-term prices are great too and we regularly have new student offers to make storing even cheaper for you.

Choose your storage size and duration and make a booking today! Our 15 square feet space is most popular amongst students as it can easily fit in most of their belongings.

Students also like opting for the larger storage units and sharing the space with friends! Storage Coventry is very easy and very cheap now with STORED’s all-inclusive service!