Courtauld Storage by Stored

with pick-up from Courtauld Institute of Art.

Secure and Reliable Courtauld Storage Service

Summer break packages


12 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

4 large boxes or storage crates

(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)

£20.54 week/£89month


£25.15 week/£109month


A little more

25 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

15 crates
If you're storing extra items
that don't fit in a crate

£29.77 week/£129month


Store with friends

50 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

30 crates
Sharing a larger unit works out even better value

£45.92 week/£199month

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Student Storage in London

Storage for Courtauld University Students

Getting to university is an exciting feat and this is the time when real life starts to slowly creep up on you. Struggles and stress require a lot of stamina and a lot of this comes from moving from one place to another, handling your belongings, and keeping your valuables safe besides the usual university worries. STORED’s Westminster storage services make life a lot easier and come as a breath of fresh air for those that need a place to keep what matters to them.

Use the storage services between moves, while on vacation, or to store those daily extras that your accommodation does not have room for. Safe, secure, and stress-free is how your belongings and you are going to be!

Student Storage Service
in London with STORED

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Easy Booking

You book online or over the phone in less than 5 minutes

Bystored van

Hassle-free Pick-Up

Our 2-man team loads and transports all of your items

Storage facility

Secure & Reliable Storage

We store your items over summer or winter break in our secure trusted storage facility

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Personalised Delivery

We return your items when and where you request

We can also ship your items anywhere in the world if you’re not returning for the new term, and can supply purchasable boxes and packing materials for international shipping.

Why Student Storage is Important at Courtauld University

Students often live a nomadic lifestyle as they move from residence to residence, go travelling, or frequently travel from their home city to university. It is important to save time, money, and effort in the most convenient manner possible in order to make the most of this time and handle all of the sporadic moves. STORED’s Courtauld storage services are the perfect solution that make all of these things much simpler and allow a safe haven for a student’s belongings.

Whether the student opts for a smaller unit to a larger arrangement that is shared with friends or kept exclusively, STORED has it all. Plus, student discounts are offered to students who opt to store long-term for a period of over 6 months- a whole 15%! The prices are already great and the arrangement is superb. All you have to do is call or book online - 020 3637 1234!

Secure and Cheap Courtauld University Storage Offered by STORED

STORED’s Courtauld storage services are provided in a purpose-built facility that is closely monitored by CCTV and has a dedicated monitoring and alarm system. The facility is completely secure and safe, ensuring that all storage is placed there risk-free. The package comes with a £500 liability coverage making the process all the more simpler and straightforward for student customers- not to mention cheap! Different sized storage units are available for low rates and the larger the unit, the more the savings. In fact, if you store for a longer period of time, you save even more with our 15% student discount. The size of the storage units ranges from small 12 square feet spaces to larger 400+ square feet rooms for placing furniture and other equipment. You can choose units according to your particular needs and for the time period you require, a package tailored to your needs.

The service is end-to-end and our prices are all-inclusive, meaning that it includes

  • £500 liability coverage
  • Moving van
  • Online inventory

We provide complete and convenient Westminster storage services that completely surpass self-storage. Without the time and effort required to manage storage yourself in a self storage arrangement, our Courtauld storage services are fully facilitative and timesaving.

Choose Our Courtauld University Storage Units

Our storage services are the best in town and leave no convenience point unturned. We can help you pack, pick up your belongings, safely store them, and then deliver them to you with a simple call or online booking. We provide all of this and more at a very affordable price, making sure our services are well within the budget of students.

Being a student and moving around has never been simpler than it is now with STORED’s storage services!