City University Storage by STORED

with pick-up from City University London.

Secure and Reliable City University Storage Service

Summer break packages


12 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

4 large boxes or storage crates

(our crates are slightly larger than a carry-on suitcase)

£20.54 week/£89month


£25.15 week/£109month


A little more

25 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

15 crates
If you're storing extra items
that don't fit in a crate

£29.77 week/£129month


Store with friends

50 sqt ft student storage unit

Equivalent to

30 crates
Sharing a larger unit works out even better value

£45.92 week/£199month

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Student Storage in London

Storage for City University Students

Student life is arguably the best time of your life, even on meagre means- and absolutely nothing should ruin it. As a student at City University, don’t burden yourself with anything more than your academic progress and extracurricular activities, specifically remain burden-free from the stress of managing your belongings.

No matter how minimalistic students want to be, they have some things that are important to them and they can’t haul them around while moving between residences or while on vacation. STORED’s City University storage services provide everything you need from helping you pack to picking up your belongings from your room and then returning them to you when you require. It’s a no strings attached thorough service that makes storing easy for you!

Student Storage Service
in London with STORED

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Easy Booking

You book online or over the phone in less than 5 minutes

Bystored van

Hassle-free Pick-Up

Our 2-man team loads and transports all of your items

Storage facility

Secure & Reliable Storage

We store your items over summer or winter break in our secure trusted storage facility

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Personalised Delivery

We return your items when and where you request

We can also ship your items anywhere in the world if you’re not returning for the new term, and can supply purchasable boxes and packing materials for international shipping.

Why Student Storage is Important at City University

STORED’s City University storage services make sure students receive a convenient hassle-free package for storing their belongings. Storage units are of various sizes and can serve several different needs from the smaller units for keeping small personal belongings, a few suitcases, your stereo system, to putting away furniture pieces from your apartment in larger accommodation.

Clerkenwell storage makes the process very simple and time-efficient as it offers an all-inclusive service that is much more facilitating and accommodating than self-storage. The package specifically includes:

  • Moving van
  • £500 liability coverage
  • Online inventory

Make the most of your time at university by being stress-free with the best storage services!

Secure and Cheap University Storage Offered by STORED

Security is one of your main concerns when it comes to your possessions and trust that STORED’s City University storage services make sure your belongings are properly protected. The facility is purpose-built and CCTV-wired in order to provide a very secure surveillance system. You can store your belongings in the facility risk-free and without a worry in the world.

All of these facilities are available at a very good price, depending upon the size of your storage unit and the duration of your stay. Longer durations are rewarded with better service rates and we offer an exclusive 15% discount for students who opt to use the service for longer than 6 months. Our rates are all-inclusive and provide a thorough door-to-door service without the wastage of time and effort in hiring a separate moving van and packing and moving your belongings yourself.

You can opt for storage units that start from 12 square feet to 400+ square feet and you can choose to share your unit with friends or exclusively keep your belongings safe and to yourself. You can book our services online or by calling one of our experts at 020 3637 1234 for more information regarding student discounts and how to use our services.

We love making life easier for students and we love the look of pure relief they have when they can roam around freely without struggling to keep up with their belongings!

Choose Our City University Storage Units

Our Clerkenwell storage services are specifically tailored to meet the needs of the growing student population in prestigious universities in the UK- such as City University. From short-term stays to storage services exceeding six months, we provide it all and in a highly convenient manner, surpassing the benefits of self-storage.

No effort or hassle is required on the part of the student, all they need to do is book and enjoy!