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Storage in Woking

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Storage Woking with STORED

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Easy Booking
Book your free collection in seconds and get access to your STORED account to keep track of your bookings, items and invoices.
Free student service
Hassle-Free Pick-Ups and Returns
Our 2-man team will arrive at your address on your selected time-slot to collect and load all your items.
secure storage
Secure & Reliable Storage
We store your items in all purpose-built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.
Hassle-Free Returns
Hassle-Free Returns
Need some or all of your items back? Book a partial or full return from your account to any address in Woking

STORED services include:

Pick-up from your home or office

Pick-up from
your home or office

Return straight to your door

Return straight to your door

Online inventory

Online inventory

Rental of 80L storage crates and packing materials

Rental of 80L storage crates and packing materials

Flexible pick-up slots

Flexible pick-up slots

£500 standard liability

£500 standard liability

5 star service & support

5 star service & support

Price guarantee vs self-storage

Price guarantee vs self-storage


with 10% off every month

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Storage Units Near Woking

Woking is a big town in the northwest part of Surrey, England that’s about 23 miles away from central London. STORED can help you store your belongings from Maybury to highway A3, or anywhere in the surrounding area.

Whether that means you’re located in one of the neighbouring towns like Farnborough, Chertsey, Weybridge, or Guildford, STORED has storage solutions for every situation.

STORED provides a storage Woking solution for you that will work with your unique moving needs since not all moves will be the same.

One of our friendly storage specialists will be able to guide you through which unit would be the right fit for everything you need to store or you can get an estimate online.

Simply slide the marker to different unit sizes to see the amount of furniture/boxes that can fit in that unit.

Are you looking for business storage to store excess equipment? Are you attending University and looking for student storage in between terms? Our storage in Woking is perfect for any situation that you might find yourself in.

We have proudly served the London area for 7+ years and we are thrilled to bring our storage company and removal services to Woking and the surrounding areas.

Self Storage in Woking Alternative

There are plenty of self-storage Woking options, but the difference with STORED is that we’ll do all the legwork and lifting so you don’t have to.

With other secure self-storage units in Woking, you will have to do all the heavy lifting yourself plus navigate a bulky moving vehicle through the busy Woking streets.

It can be time and cost consuming to hire a van and pay for petroleum, disassemble larger furniture, and visit the storage unit each time you need something.

At STORED, we try to alleviate all the problems you run into with other storage facilities while maintaining an affordable cost and eliminating hidden fees.

We go beyond typical moving and storage companies by offering additional services if needed to help make the transition as seamless as possible. Packing materials, pallets, boxes, and more are all available for you.

With other self-storage units near Woking, you are responsible for getting your items to the facility and doing all the unloading of heavy boxes.

Our two-man team offers pick up storage in Woking and will come directly to your house or office space.

They will pick up your items, deliver them to the storage facility and then return them at the time and place you request. This allows you to focus on other important matters.

Cheap and Secure Storage in Woking

When STORED was founded, creating a self-storage alternative wasn’t enough. We had to ensure it was as secure, if not more, than our competitors and we strove for the most affordable price for our customers.

We have achieved this by offering discounts such as 35% off long term rentals and student discounts. Even with offering a full door-to-door experience, our customers can save up to 50% compared to competing services.

You can see how we compare to other self-storage companies by viewing our price comparison page.

Besides getting you the most affordable price, you can also rest assured that your belongings will be in good hands and stored securely in our storage Woking warehouse.

Our security measures include:

  • CCTV surveillance monitored by a professional security company
  • Alarms monitored by a professional security company
  • Dual security locks on all doors

The fact that no one can access the warehouse also makes it extremely secure. By our team transporting everything in and out, we are constantly monitoring the facility.

STORED units are also climate-controlled so your more delicate items will be protected from the outside elements. We always treat your items as if they were our own.

Price Comparisons

Finding storage can be a painful and stressful experience, but not when you choose STORED.

We’ve had a look at how storage companies operate, then chucked their blueprint in the bin.
Instead of sticking with a system that doesn’t work, we’ve improved every aspect of the storage experience.

  • Price sqft unit (Price for 15 sq ft unit)
  • Collection Collection & Return
  • Padlock Packing Service
  • Online Inventory Online Inventory
  • Material Sell Packing Materials




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STORED Offers Top-Notch Woking Storage Units

Woking is an appealing town and borough in northwest Surrey, England. Its proximity to London makes it a hotspot for commuters, who can jump on the train and arrive in the capital in around 30 minutes.

This commuter town has a rich history, beautiful parks, fantastic leisure facilities, arts venues, and excellent schools. It's also a great place to bring up a family. However, in Woking, the winters are long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy.

Despite summers being short, comfortable, and partly cloudy, there are many storage issues faced by the residents of Woking during the winter season. Valuable belongings stored in garages, spare rooms and warehouses get damaged due to wild weather patterns.

How to Book?

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*Prices correct as of 23rd February 2024 are based upon 6-month storage, including promotional discounts and new customer offers. These prices are for storage within the Woking area, Central London.

**Competitor prices do not reflect van/vehicle hire, insurance, packing materials, or other associated costs. Stored prices include London zone 1-3 collection, storage, packing crates, and £500 standard liability cover.