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Guildford is a historical town located in southern England, just below the A3 trunk road. It is an art lovers dream with a rotating gallery in the Guildford House and an artist village at Watts Gallery.

Guildford also offers scenic landscapes and very good primary and secondary schools. While certain areas can be more posh, overall it feels like a miniature Kensington and Chelsea.

There are plenty of attractions in Guildford to keep you entertained but if you are looking for lively activities, London is only 43 km away.

Due to improvements north of Guildford and its connection to Woking, it’s recently been officially labelled as the southwestern tip of the Greater London Built-up Area.      
Storage Guildford
If you are moving to the area, we provide exceptional moving house services throughout London, Surrey and other areas.

We also provide many different types of storage in Guildford, depending on your needs. At our facilities, you’ll find units as small as 12 sq ft (the size needed to store items from a closet) and units as large as 400+ sq ft (the size of a 10 bedroom house or large office).

Our door-to-door service revolutionized the storage industry in London and we are proud to bring our team to Guildford and other Surrey communities.

Self Storage Guildford Alternative

A combination of our door-to-door service, our competitive prices and reliable customer service set us apart from our competitors and make us the best option compared to any self-storage Guildford alternative.

When using other storage facilities, you have to load the moving vehicle, transport your belongings to the storage space and then load them into the unit. At STORED, we provide a hassle-free solution by including all of that in our service.

To access self-storage, there are so many things to think about - Is there drive-up parking for loading and unloading? Do you have to move your items upstairs? What are the opening hours so you may access your unit?

When working with STORED, you never have to ask yourself any of those questions. We will deliver your belongings to our facility and securely place them in your reserved unit. We also provide an online inventory so you can easily keep track of what you are storing and request it to be returned any time.

Even during these unprecedented times, we are still open and operating as you can see from our coronavirus update on the website.

It doesn’t matter if you only need a week's storage or if you need to store things for a year, you will receive the same quality service! We provide short and long-term storage solutions for:

We consider short-term storage to be under 6 months. Any length beyond that is considered long-term storage and qualifies you for a 15% whole stay discount.

Calculate the cost of your storage unit and receive a free storage quote in under 5 minutes.

Cheap and Secure Storage in Guildford

Our service model offers a lot to be desired but our pricing compared to the competition does as well. We’ve already mentioned the discount to the long-term storage price but let’s look at some other pricing benefits.

The prices you see listed for each unit include the following:

  • Collection of your items by a 2-man professional team
  • Moving vehicle and petrol
  • Padlock for unit
  • £500 standard liability coverage

We know the importance of shopping around before committing to Guildford storage so we have taken the time to compare our services and prices to a few competitors and self-storage facilities in the area. You can see this full comparison on our pricing breakdown page.

Aside from the pricing value, you also benefit from a stress-free storage experience. Over 6,500 customers have trusted us in London and the surrounding areas. You can find several great customer reviews on our website, Google and other sites.

Don’t burden yourself trying to find reliable self-storage units in your postcode or attempting to navigate bulky vehicles through crowded town centres and narrow streets. STORED is happy to help you clear up office space or room in your home by providing pick up storage in Guildford.  

This review comes from Trustpilot about our student services:

During the lockdown we couldn't go to Guildford to move our daughter out of her college room. Stored went to her room on their own, packed everything up and delivered it back home. Everything was expertly packed and delivered by their crew exactly as arranged. I'm really happy with the job - lovely people to deal with and a very fair price. Highly recommended!

— Stored Client

If you need a secure space for your storage Guildford, call us NOW on 020 3637 1234 to book your storage unit.





Our customer teams are available on the phone and chat 6 days a week.

Monday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Thursday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Friday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Saturday 09:00am – 06:00pm
Sunday Closed

Our facilities are secure purpose built storage units monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Personal Storage in Guildford

Redecorating your home or travelling overseas might put you in a position where you need a place to store your belongings for either the short or long term.

Increase your living space by rearranging things that you rarely use and storing them with us for as long as you need.

STORED can help by doing all the heavy lifting for you and makes it convenient for you so you can worry about the bigger things happening in your life.

Business Storage in Guildford

Do you have seasonal items in your business that are used only a few times a year? Declutter your office and store the non-essential things with one of our many different sized units.

You can use the illustrations on our booking page to visualize how many items can fit in each unit. If you are still unsure, our team can help you in under 5 minutes!

Do you have any questions? Give us a call at 020 3637 1234 and one of our friendly team members can help fit the perfect for your needs.

Student Storage in Guildford

Are you looking for student storage for winter or summer break in Guildford?

We are proud to work with several universities, that can help you get more organised without all the clutter in your place of residence.

On our website, we also have informative student guides that are geared towards surviving as a student in the London area.

Furniture Storage in Guildford

Do you have extra furniture that you can’t fit in your home but want to keep? Whether it’s antique furniture that has sentimental value or you are temporarily downsizing your home, STORED has larger storage units for you.

Other self-storage Guildford facilities and removal companies charge extra for picking up your items, plus you get free liability coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to find secure self storage in Guildford?

There are many ways to find self-storage units in Guildford. The most common way is through Google searches, using terms like ‘Storage Guildford’ or ‘Secure self-storage near Guildford’. Both of those searches will return a lot of results but it can be overwhelming trying to compare them all.

You can also search through social media or ask friends who they have used before. Hopefully we’ve made your search for Guildford storage units easier by providing you with our pricing comparison.

How does storage in Guildford work?

Depending on which company you use, storage could work several different ways. Self-storage Guildford options will leave you to do all of the work yourself while our team will provide complete door-to-door service.

With us, our team will pick up your items, deliver them to the storage facility, place them in the unit and return them upon your request.

How do you ensure the security of my items once they are inside a unit?

Besides the padlock and £500 standard liability coverage, our facilities are secured with CCTV surveillance monitored by a professional security company, alarms and dual security locks on all doors.

How much notice do I need to give to get my items out of the unit?

Well, it depends on the day you want your items returned. Saturday returns are subject to availability but we may need up to 3 weeks’ notice to arrange this for you.

For weekday returns, the notice time can be shorter but we would still like to know at least a week in advance.

The quickest and easiest way to book the delivery of your stored items is to login to our website and follow these instructions:

  • CLICK HERE to go to the login page
  • Enter your details. (If you do not know your password, please just click to reset.)
  • Click on ‘Request My Items Back’
  • Follow the instructions, choosing which items you want, entering the delivery address details and picking an available time slot.

Are there any items I’m not allowed to store?

We offer many different types of storage, from commercial to furniture (and more). We cannot store the following items in our facilities:

  • Food/perishables
  • Any living creatures
  • Explosives, weapons or ammunition
  • Any items which emit fumes such as a barbecue
  • Any illegal substances or any good which have been illegally obtained
  • Any flammable materials, liquids or compressed gasses.
  • Things of excessive value such as Jewellery or Antiques
  • Tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, beers, wines, spirits and the like
  • Money, deeds, bullions, bonds, etc.
  • Pollutants that are likely to cause contamination, infestation or encourage vermin or other pests or emit fumes, smell or odour
  • Electronic items (please see our Terms of Service here for details)

See our full storage Guildford rules to ensure you don’t store anything prohibited or commit any other violations.

You can find the answers to other frequently asked questions on our full FAQ page or you can always contact us with additional questions and a member of the STORED team will be happy to help.