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You can find Epsom tucked between Ashtead and Ewell, about 13.7 miles southwest of London. Many people don’t know that this town gave the namesake to Epsom salt because this is where it was originally discovered.

Nowadays, Epsom is known for the Epsom Downs Racecourse which hosts the Epsom Derby.

When you find yourself in a situation where you need a storage unit in KT17 Epsom, STORED is the best alternative to self-storage Epsom companies.

Whether you need personal storage, business storage, or student storage, we have unit sizes that can fulfil your unique circumstance.      
Storage Epsom
There are many reasons why you would find yourself needing a secure storage unit:

  • Temporarily relocating to a different country
  • Downsizing or getting rid of clutter
  • House renovations

No matter the reason, we are your go-to storage solution for pick up storage in Epsom and the surrounding areas.

One of our friendly storage specialists will be able to guide you through which unit would be the right fit for everything you need to store.

We understand that your situation may be different than others and might require more personalised attention.

Give us a call at 020 3637 1234 and speak with one of our team members to guide you through the options that would be best suited for your storage needs.

Once you make your selection, our experienced movers will handle the heavy lifting, protect your valuables and save you time.

Self Storage in Epsom Alternative

STORED is the best option compared to any self-storage Epsom alternative due to our flexibility and affordability.

We understand that moving storage can be a mentally and physically exhausting task to try and get through.

At traditional self-storage Epsom units, you would be responsible for organizing a van for the day, loading and unloading all your things, and making sure things fit.

That’s why at STORED, our two man removal team will do all the heavy lifting for you and you can sit back and have peace of mind during the process.

We pick up your belongings at your requested address and securely store them in our storage facility.

We also have an online inventory system available to save you trips back and forth to the warehouse. Simply pick the items you need and our team will deliver them to your requested location.

At STORED we can even offer packing services, packing materials and more at a discounted price because we understand how hectic life can get when moving.

Don’t spend all your time worrying about packing or where to find the things you’ll need, spend it stress-free while our professional team takes care of everything.

Other self-storage units come with the hassle and frustration of having to do everything yourself or relying on the help of family members.

Take a look at our price comparison page to see all the additional services we offer, you can also speak to one of our team members that would happily walk you through the process.

Cheap and Secure Storage in Epsom

At STORED we are committed to providing an affordable and secure Epsom storage solution.

We have over 7 years of experience in the London area and are eager to provide our services to the Surrey Hills community.

That means from Ewell to Sutton, or Croydon to Leatherhead, you can have one of the cheapest storage services available in town.

With all of our storage spaces you will have:

  • Collection service of two removals experts and a van
  • Fuel cost and a padlock are included in the price
  • CCTV cameras monitored by a professional security company

On top of that, we also provide discounts if you are planning to store with us for long-term storage.

We consider short-term storage to be under 6 months. Any length beyond that is considered long-term storage and qualifies you for a 15% whole stay discount.

Rest assured that your belongings will be in good hands and stored securely in our storage Epsom warehouse for as long as you need it.

If you are ready to reserve your storage space, book online in under 5 minutes or give our team a call at 020 3637 1234.


Don’t just take our word for it, see what a valued STORED customer said about their experience:

The STORED moving team was very helpful and I absolutely loved their packages. I could simply use an add-on service or add more time for the moving process and everything was handled without a worry. Highly recommended!

— Enrique

If you need a secure space for your storage Epsom, call us NOW on 020 3637 1234 to book your storage unit.





Our customer teams are available on the phone and chat 6 days a week.

Monday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Thursday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Friday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Saturday 09:00am – 06:00pm
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Our facilities are secure purpose built storage units monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Personal Storage in Epsom

Redecorating your home or travelling overseas might put you in a position where you need a place to store your belongings for either the short or long term.

Increase your living space by rearranging things that you rarely use and storing them with us for as long as you need.

STORED can help by doing all the heavy lifting for you and makes it convenient for you so you can worry about the bigger things happening in your life.

Business Storage in Epsom

Do you have seasonal items in your business that are used only a few times a year? Declutter your office and store the non-essential things with one of our many different sized units.

You can use the illustrations on our booking page to visualize how many items can fit in each unit. If you are still unsure, our team can help you in under 5 minutes!

Do you have any questions? Give us a call at 020 3637 1234 and one of our friendly team members can help fit the perfect for your needs.

Student Storage in Epsom

Are you looking for student storage for winter or summer break in Epsom?

We are proud to work with several universities, that can help you get more organised without all the clutter in your place of residence.

On our website, we also have informative student guides that are geared towards surviving as a student in the London area.

Furniture Storage in Epsom

Do you have extra furniture that you can’t fit in your home but want to keep? Whether it’s antique furniture that has sentimental value or you are temporarily downsizing your home, STORED has larger storage units for you.

Other self-storage Epsom facilities and removal companies charge extra for picking up your items, plus you get free liability coverage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why is self-storage so expensive in Epsom?

Self-storage Epsom can be expensive because there are many different aspects to think about besides just the unit price. You must also consider the insurance cost, moving vehicle and petrol expensive, plus other things.

Some self-storage prices are so high because they charge a deposit and first month's rent at the same time.

At STORED, our storage solutions are as easy and affordable as possible. Everything is included in the price you see online or receive over the phone so you don’t have to calculate additional costs.

How do you wrap furniture for long-term storage?

There are many different ways to wrap furniture for storage. Bubble wrap is probably the most common of packing supplies to protect items. This is great for wrapping dishes or small, delicate items. For larger pieces, like couches or mattresses, there is furniture wrap you can use or mattress covers.

You can read more about the materials and ways to wrap your furniture in our full list of packing materials for moving house blog.

How much does it cost to put furniture in storage?

The cost of furniture storage units Epsom will vary depending on the size of your unit and the length of time you need to store your furniture. The annual industry report from The Self Storage Association UK, states that the average price for self-storage last year was £23.11 per square foot per year.

We discuss this further in our blog post about furniture storage costs in 2020

What paperwork do I need to book Storage in Epsom?

None! You can book your unit online in less than 5 minutes and then you will receive an order summary from us which includes the terms of your booking. Your subscription is essentially a rolling contract from there so you can take your items out of storage whenever you please. Similarly, if you need to extend your rental period, the storage unit is yours until you book your full return – so you don’t even have to call up and extend!

What can I store in my Epsom storage unit?

Our Epsom storage facilities can house almost anything for business, personal or student storage. We have units big enough to store large furniture and equipment or small enough for a few suitcases.

There are a few items that are forbidden in order to keep yours and other customers items safe as well as our staff members. Forbidden items include:

  • Food/perishables
  • Any living creatures
  • Explosives, weapons or ammunition
  • Any items which emit fumes such as a barbecue
  • Any illegal substances or any good which have been illegally obtained
  • Any flammable materials, liquids or compressed gasses.
  • Jewellery, ivory, watches, stamps, precious stones or precious metals
  • Antiques, furs, fine arts or collections of a similar kind, mobile phones, perfumery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, beers, wines, spirits and the like
  • Money, deeds, bullions, bonds, securities, coins, cash or negotiable instruments and the like (including cheques and any vouchers with a face value)
  • Pollutants that are likely to cause contamination, infestation or encourage vermin or other pests or emit fumes, smell or odour
  • Electronic items (please see our Terms of Service here for details)

To learn more, view our simple rules for collection and storage.

How many items can fit in a 50 square foot storage unit?

Typical furniture that you would find in a one-bedroom flat or small office can fit in a 50 sq ft unit. It can hold approximately 1 double bed, 1 two-seater sofa, 1 bedside table and 15 - 20 storage boxes.

You can better visualize what items can fit in each unit by using the illustrations in our booking tool.

You can find the answers to other frequently asked questions on our full FAQ page or you can always contact us with additional questions and a member of the STORED team will be happy to help.