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Easy Booking
Book your free collection in seconds and get access to your STORED account to keep track of your bookings, items and invoices.
Free student service
Hassle-Free Pick-Ups and Returns
Our 2-man team will arrive at your address on your selected time-slot to collect and load all your items.
secure storage
Secure & Reliable Storage
We store your items in all purpose-built storage facilities with 24/7 CCTV and dual security locks on all doors.
Hassle-Free Returns
Hassle-Free Returns
Need some or all of your items back? Book a partial or full return from your account to any address in Enfield

STORED services include:

Pick-up from your home or office

Pick-up from
your home or office

Return straight to your door

Return straight to your door

Online inventory

Online inventory

Rental of 80L storage crates and packing materials

Rental of 80L storage crates and packing materials

Flexible pick-up slots

Flexible pick-up slots

£500 standard liability

£500 standard liability

5 star service & support

5 star service & support

Price guarantee vs self-storage

Price guarantee vs self-storage


with 10% off every month

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Your Best Bet in Storage Enfield Options

One of the most challenging tasks nowadays is to find storage Enfield service providers that are reliable and acclaimed.

With so many options available out there, it can be pretty troublesome to find something that fits the bill. The same is the case when it comes to picking the most reliable and trusted storage service providers. Fortunately for you, we come bearing good news, and a LOT of it!

Sit tight and let us brief you on the wonders that STORED has to offer. And we're not exaggerating!

Are you looking for ways to make your storage Enfield process easier? Well, you can end the search right here. At STORED, you can get all your storage needs tackled in one place.

With lower prices than other self storage Enfield options, STORED comes with storage units Enfield- a perfect solution for you!

When you choose STORED, we will take care of your storage Enfield needs, and you won't have to lift a finger. Well, you might have to pick up the phone to call us/book a slot online, but that's all!

At STORED, we offer flexible and convenient storage Enfield solutions to all our customers. From picking up your belongings to delivery upon your request, STORED offers to do it all for you.

Once we send a 2-man moving team your way, you can take a sigh of relief and let the experts handle all the heavylifting.

STORED takes convenience to a whole new level. You won't even ever have to come to the storage unit!

STORED takes care of your needs, picks your belongings up from a given address, and even delivers them back to you at affordable rates.

Now, you don't have to worry about navigating rush hours to and from storage units in Enfield. Thanks to us, now storage is a breeze!

Price Comparisons

Finding storage can be a painful and stressful experience, but not when you choose STORED.

We’ve had a look at how storage companies operate, then chucked their blueprint in the bin.
Instead of sticking with a system that doesn’t work, we’ve improved every aspect of the storage experience.

  • Price sqft unit (Price for 15 sq ft unit)
  • Collection Collection & Return
  • Padlock Packing Service
  • Online Inventory Online Inventory
  • Material Sell Packing Materials




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As the UK's fastest-growing business storage and removals company, STORED leads the way in providing an innovative and secure end-to-end storage solution. Your stuff is our business, and we take our business seriously!

More convenient than any other self storage Enfield options

When we say we provide a higher level of convenience and ease than other self storage Enfield alternatives, we mean it. At STORED, the aim is to offer services that give our customers the time to breathe and focus on other tedious tasks they might have to tackle.

With us, you can be sure that there will be no hidden fees or extra charges coming your way for random padlocks or moving vans. With our all-inclusive services, you can sit back and relax while we work.

When you decide to bring STORED on board for your moving journey, there will be no more extra stress that comes with self storage Enfield. Instead, you get to benefit from the royal treatment. Say goodbye to the hassle of calling movers and hiring moving vans.

With STORED, a moving van and a two-man team are coming to your door upon your request. The best part is that you won't have to pay even a cent more than the fees mentioned.

Are you scared of getting your antiques chipped during transit? With us, you can chuck that worry out of the window as well. Our team is well-equipped in the dynamics of safe moving and will ensure that we get your belongings to the storage unit as safely as possible!

You can purchase safe packing material too for extra support!

When you hire our team to begin the packing or moving process, you get relief in two significant areas. Your body won't have to go through the physical hassle, AND your wallet won't go through the financial hassle.

The 2-man team is even aware of all the packing tips and tricks out there. You can give us a call. let us know if you require our help during the packing process, and we would gladly send help your way at affordable rates.

secure storage unit in Enfield
university student storage in Enfield

Storage Unit for Safe and Secure Storage

From the Lordship Lane to the touristy Forty Hall Estate and Alexandra Palace, all of the traffic that occupies the roads of Enfield will be dealt with by our movers. You can instead use the spare time to relax in the beautiful greens that the outdoors of Enfield has to offer.

STORED comes with an all-inclusive approach for taking care of your needs. When ease and comfort are offered during the pickup and packing process, customers also get satisfaction from the spacious and well-equipped storage units Enfield.

At STORED, we understand how important it is that your belongings be stored in a safe, secure and clean location. Just the idea of mold, mildew or dust, etc., in storage units usually scare people away- and we ensure we keep all of that away!

With STORED, the threats are minimal while advantages endless. The storage units by STORED are not only available at highly budget-friendly and affordable rates, but we also offer regular discounts to both old and new customers to make storage even more accessible.

Each and every unit in our facility offers the highest level of security and satisfaction. Here's a glimpse into what you get:

  • Security locks on all storage units
  • CCTV surveillance for 24 hours, every day of the week, all year long
  • Alarms that a credible security company constantly monitors

If you like, you even have the option to call in the team for additional services such as packing material, help during the packing process, and other benefits, all at discounted and budget-friendly rates.

Experts at their jobs, our professionals have been making storage hassle-free for years now and have the expertise and the skill required to move and handle your possessions easily.

What more could one ask for from a storage Enfield service?

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