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Storage Enfield
If you are stuck with a moving truck overloaded with items that won’t fit into your place, you have a problem! If you have inventory that needs putting away, or are a student looking for holiday storage facilities while you move out of your current residence, you require a solution! STORED resolves all your pains regarding Enfield storage, providing simple answers to problems and making your journey hassle-free within minutes.

Whether you want to take the move slow, stow away some possessions that you don’t need immediately, or run a business that has excess inventory, the burden is not on your two shoulders. Enfield storage options can make moving, storing, or doing business all the more pleasurable – and EASY. Our storage units for Enfield offer a spacious solution- we don’t live by one size fits all and have specific arrangements for everyone!
Storage Enfield
STORED is better than self-storage in Enfield and we pride ourselves on the best customer service in town- it’s the STORED difference. Facilitating you from square one until it’s all done- STORED leads the way.

How Does STORED’s Enfield Storage Service Work?

STORED is a top-tier storage provider operating in Enfield. The services offered range from packing and moving to de-cluttering, to managing the full client inventory. Whether you are a commercial business owner or a student hopping from one residence to the next, booking storage, to be collected from anywhere in Enfield is an intuitive process that only takes 2 minutes of your time.

You can book your storage in Enfield by logging onto the online booking system and choosing the size of the storage unit you require. Our two-man team arrives at your designated address and picks up your goods. We do all the handling and storing, pushing and tugging for you, leaving you to relax and focus on other aspects of the move. Your boxes and larger items are taken to one of STORED’s storage facilities and safely put away until you require them again. Whenever you want to retrieve your items, simply call us, send us a message, or chat with our operators and our helpful team arrives back at your London doorstep with your belongings! It’s a simple, door-to-door service that leaves nothing unturned to maximize convenience and provide exceptional customer service! Unlike other services, we don’t charge for the van and offer excellent prices as well!

Whether you are from Ponders End or Freezywater, STORED will cover all your storage and self-storage needs in and around Enfield! Call, book online, or engage with our live chat operators and get moving!

Storage Units in Enfield

Have a few excess belongings that you need to put away and require a little closet room for? Are boxes and boxes of possessions and furniture clogging your home space? Do you need a space equivalent to a 5-bedroom house to store your business inventory? STORED offers it all in its facilities that surpass those offered by self-storage in Enfield.

You can book a small 12 square foot closet for more compact needs while you can opt for storage space measuring over 300-400 square feet for commercial purposes and everything in between! The prices vary with long-term rental rates more rewarding than short-term storage packages. You choose what you need whether it is for a fortnight or for three-fourths of a year. STORED’s storage units in Enfield keep your possessions safe and sound!

The prices will always be market competitive, facilitating and offer the most value for money! STORED’S storage options are the best and absolutely nothing less! The all-inclusive service is better than self storage Enfield and is priced to compete with all such services.

Short Term and Long-Term Enfield Storage

Short-term storage measures a tenure of six months or less and there are a number of storage units that are available for this period of time. If you want small closet space at 12 square feet for a period of 6 months or less, it is priced very affordably. However, if you store for a longer period of time than 6 months, the cost is even lower per month! For a period longer than 6 months, you get a 15% whole-stay discount, giving you even more value for money. Similarly, you can opt for a slightly larger space (15 square feet) for the short-term and you can save more if you opt to store your possessions for the long-term.

Larger storage units offer bigger savings as a 3-bedroom sized 100 square foot unit is priced lower for the long-term while you can easily rent the space for a little more for the short-term. A 200 square feet unit can be booked with massive savings for longer than 6 months. Whether you have short-term or long-term needs, STORED offers exceptional facilities for Enfield with added extras for your ease and convenience.

Why Enfield Storage?

As a major centre in London, Enfield is a beautiful place to reside and well-connected to Central London for work. Nestled near Enfield Palace and running along the New River, are residential units that are highly appealing, cozy, and belong to people who have several storage concerns. From excess belongings to having to store some items in self storage while moving, Enfield storage facilities make it easier for customers to store their possessions quickly, secure everything that they own, and get their items taken from and delivered to their doorstep - a door-to-door storage solution!


Our Valued Customers Tell You What They Think

STORED’s services were highly professional and the service was prompt and reliable

— Sheila

If you need a secure space for your storage Enfield, call us NOW on 020 3637 1234 to book your storage unit.



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Our customer teams are available on the phone and chat 6 days a week.

Monday 08:00am – 07:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am – 07:00pm
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Our facilities are secure purpose built storage units monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Personal Storage in Enfield

Are you going away for a holiday and then moving into a new home? Do you have extra items that need a place to stay? Whatever your personal needs may be, STORED has it all figured out for you. You can rent anywhere from a closet sized space to a full-fledged 2-bedroom house area (or even more) to store your personal belongings without a worry in the world.

The storage units are exceptionally secure, safe, and the process is simple. You call. Our team arrives, helps you pack and disassemble, takes your possessions to the storage units and puts them away to be made available for you again whenever you wish. All of this comes with a £500 standard liability and a risk-free, easy to use and understand process. Personal storage was never as simple and as cheap!

Business Storage in Enfield

As a business owner, you may often deal with a lot of excess inventory or you may want to store items for just-in-time production. Regardless of what you may need, STORED offers a very strategized solution in the form of storage space that makes your inventory easily accessible and conveniently safe. From smaller commercial units to larger units exceeding 300-400 square feet, STORED offers very reasonable rates and both short-term and long-term storage facilities.

Our online illustrations can show you how much can be stored in each unit and if you are still confused, one of our experts will be at your service. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about dropping off or picking up your goods as we handle all of that within minutes. Save your time and your money and make the most of what STORED offers you!

Student Storage in Enfield

If you are planning on making the most of your student life and enjoying the weather in another pleasant tourist attraction, you are probably worried frigid about your belongings and what to do with them. You can’t tug three suitcases full of books, clothes, and even a large lamp you brought from back home with you. Before you start the nomad life and chill with your friends, it is imperative to be free of worry regarding your possessions and that’s where STORED comes in.

We offer you anything from a small block of closet space to a few hundred square feet of room for your belongings for both the short and long-term. All of your storage pains will go away in no time and you can be on your way to that long-awaited vacation completely stress-free! You can share space with a friend, rent a smaller portion, or put everything you own and more in the storage space and for a very reasonable fee. Our prices are the best in the industry!

Furniture Storage in Enfield

Do you have an extra couch for which you have no room in your house? Are those two chairs a bit extra for your interior and need to be stowed away? Do you have a lot of packed boxes of decorations and pieces with sentimental value that you just can’t do away with? Furniture storage in STORED’s Enfield storage facilities is as simple as it comes with a free pick and drop service with the rental of a storage facility. You don’t do the pushing and pulling, our team does and your furniture gets to the STORED outlets in perfect condition. The package comes with £500 liability coverage ensuring that storing is a risk-free process for you!

Our Enfield storage facilities range from small, medium, large, to extra large depending on your needs. Everything you need in one place and through only a few clicks to book and get the process going. You can opt to chat with or call one of our operators too

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are there any items I am not allowed to store in Enfield?

You are not allowed to store the following items in a STORED facility. If any of these items are found, they will be removed without warning and STORED reserves the right to search for forbidden items in your belongings. These items are not permissible for the safety of your belongings and the staff at STORED.

  • Food/perishables
  • Any living creatures
  • Explosives, weapons or ammunition
  • Any items which emit fumes such as a barbecue
  • Any illegal substances or any good which have been illegally obtained
  • Any flammable materials, liquids or compressed gasses.
  • Jewellery, ivory, watches, stamps, precious stones or precious metals
  • Antiques, furs, fine arts or collections of a similar kind, mobile phones, perfumery, tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, beers, wines, spirits and the like
  • Money, deeds, bullions, bonds, securities, coins, cash or negotiable instruments and the like (including cheques and any vouchers with a face value)
  • Pollutants that are likely to cause contamination, infestation or encourage vermin or other pests or emit fumes, smell or odour
  • Electronic items (please see our Terms of Service here for details)

I don’t know what size unit I need. How do I find out?

Our Prices and Book page includes illustrations to each storage unit and clearly mentions the size and space that each unit offers. You can refer to this in order to determine which unit fulfills your requirements. If you need additional assistance, please call or chat with one of our experts.

What is the average cost of a 12 square feet unit in Enfield?

The cost is determined by whether you want to store for the short-term or the long-term. For the short-term the unit costs £89 a month while it costs £75.65 a month if you are storing for a period longer than 6 months