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Top 5: Ways to Organise and Declutter Before Renovation

Renovation only means one thing: chaos. There will be chaos at each turn, and dust falling from every possible crevice. There may be tears, tantrums, and the fear of running out of tea bags for the builders (the latter may not be as serious, but builders do love a brew).

One of the best ways to avoid these problems is to plan ahead and declutter before taking on your renovation project. At STORED we love getting stuck into home renovations and we thought it was only right to share a few hints and tips for a more stress-free project.

1. Be Clever and Systematic:
Delve deep into the cupboard you never go into, and pack up a room or two in order to free up space. Pack up frequently used items into transparent storage boxes, label them clearly and move them to another room. They’ll be out of the way of dust and builders, but still easily accessible.

2. Consider your needs:
If you’re turning your kitchen into a living room, or vice versa you need to figure out what you need from these rooms in order to make living on a building site less stressful. If you find yourself struggling to stick your generously sized corner sofa in your cosy kitchen, you could always give STORED a call. We’d be more than happy to swing by and pick up your things and store it for as long as you’re knocking down walls.

3. Use Storage that Moves:
Apart from us, who move up and down the motorway to houses across the country, for small belongings pack them in plastic storage boxes with wheels. These come in very handy when you have to let Paul and his team in to your abode to fit the new bathroom suite.

4. Store Valuables Securely:
We can confirm that the STORED team are a group of trusty professionals that will lock up your family heirlooms and anything else with sentimental value. You can carry on with your renovation project with the knowledge that everything is safely away from prying eyes and hands.

5. Outside De-Cluttering:
If your project involves some external work, do the outside decluttering you’ve been putting off for months. Clear away all the mess you’ve left outside to deal with in the future, as it’s finally crept up on you. Hire a skip or a van and get rid of your accumulated junk/dodgy patio set.

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