Moving home

There’s a bun in the oven

There’s a bun in the oven and it’s not a cheese and onion pasty. That’s right, a wee nipper is on its way. While the ‘congrats you’re pregnant’ cards are flooding in thick and fast, and your Whatsapp group is on steroids since hearing the news - it’s also time you became practical. Because a baby takes up a lot of room (physically and literally).

A question that always crops up is ‘are you moving out?’ and ‘you’re buying a bigger house right?’ - just because a baby is arriving doesn’t always mean you can uproot your life and move house. Cash and work don’t always allow you to seek a bigger place, so it’s time to get realistic. Room is probably the most expensive commodity going, so figuring out how to make some space for your new bundle of joy is one of the best ways to get ready.

Have a big clear out and ask yourself if you really need all your Star Wars figurines, the endless Vogue editions and whatever else you picked up on the cheap. Decluttering and freeing up space which was once occupied by stuff you didn’t really use, it can be good for the soul...and space.

While it’s easy to go hell for leather in Mothercare kitting your baby out with a walker, nappy stacker, gadgets, toys and other baby items - it’s easier to not buy anything until you need it. Many unnecessary baby products are purchased before the baby ever arrives. One easy way to avoid this is to wait until you have an actual need for an item before purchasing it.

There’s plenty of neat little storage tricks such as using vertical storage like a three-tiered basket or assembling an extra pair of shelves to store those baby supplies you need close at hand. How about installing another wardrobe rod? Baby clothes are short, so you can always double up your wardrobe and place an extra row underneath. Hidden storage is also another godsend - add a storage box in the space under the crib, and if you can, just add storage boxes anywhere else in the house.

Ditching big items such as coffee tables and armchairs is another excellent solution for gaining space quickly. We’re not saying you need to ditch your bulky items forever, but if you need to make some space, stick it all in storage and keep it there for as long as you want. Put the kettle on, and we’ll be more than happy to pop by and collect your goods. A few months down the line when your baby has outgrown its clothes and toys - you can also use storage to make even more space to grow.

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