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Why Storage is an Asset During Divorce

Divorce is one of the most stressful things you can go through as an adult. As well as the emotional stress as you separate from a partner, there’s also a high burden of extra work as you deal with the administration of the disentangling your two lives, and finding somewhere new to live.

In challenging times like this, STORED can provide a vital service. Reliable storage facilities can lift the burden in some important ways until your life is back on a solid footing.

1. Personal Storage

One of the first issues is finding somewhere new to live. It’s easier to face the other challenges when you have your own space, and aren’t suffering the tension of stepping around the ex-partner you are separating from and your shared history.

Until you find somewhere more permanent this could be a friend’s spare room, or even a hotel. This buys you some valuable breathing space and your own territory, but it leaves you needing to keep your personal items safe elsewhere.

It’s also common for separating couples to downsize. When you’re looking for your new home, you may find yourself moving from a two or three bedroom house into a flat, or even into a single room in a shared house while you plan for the future. STORED can keep bulky possessions safe for as long as you need, and then deliver them to your door when you have the room to give them a home again.

STORED doesn’t just offer secure, well priced storage. We also include free collection, and free rental of 80 litre storage crates. When you need to move your things out, you don’t have to worry about transport or finding lots of cardboard boxes: STORED’s experts will arrive with everything required for a smooth move.

If you look at your STORED account online you can view your items, to make sure everything is in place in your unit. You can also book more pick-ups, or a return slot to your new address. Returns are available with 24 hours notice, so your personal belongings can be back with you as soon as you’re able to find a home for them.

STORED’s services can create peace of mind, so when you’re looking for your own space to work through the burden of handling a divorce, moving and storing your possessions doesn’t have to be one of your worries.

2. Neutral Territory

A necessary but difficult step in the separation process is dividing your possessions. While some things will clearly belong to one partner or another there will be a lot that are shared. You have to take into account not just the financial value but also the sentimental value of every item, and try to divide them fairly, despite being in the midst of an emotional dispute.

You’re not going to be able to do that well if you’re arguing. Neither of you will be thinking clearly and you won’t get the best outcome if you’re more focused on trying to win the argument than on settling fairly and reasonably to ensure you get ownership of the possessions you need to keep. There’s also the risk of precious items getting lost or broken in the heat of the moment.

To avoid these negative outcomes, it’s best to move the most sensitive items away, geographically and emotionally. If you’re dealing with an inventory rather than physical possessions, you can have the discussion with cooler heads, by phone or email if necessary to keep things constructive.

Having them securely stored also means they are safe until you’ve reached an official agreement. You won’t run the risk of losing out on something you’ll need for your future life by leaving it freely available.

STORED’s free pick up also means no one party has to be responsible for taking the items into storage. You can rest assured that professional movers will collect all the items under contention and transport them safely to STORED’s facilities, where they’ll be kept until you’re ready to collect what’s yours. That means there’ll be no disputes over who moves the items or who has access to them.

All of this will help to keep the temperature of your discussions down, so don’t have to make important decisions while the anger is raw, and risk getting a bad outcome.

STORED has storage units available in a range of prices and sizes, so whether you need to store a whole house worth of contested belongings, or simply some important documents you need to keep safe, there’s an option available that fits you.

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