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Storage Hacks: How to Clear Clutter in Your Family Spaces

Children - you can’t help but love them even though they turn your living room into a jungle gym and your wallpaper into a spontaneous blackboard. But oh my - they need to tone it down with all those toys. The pain of stepping on a handful of lego with a shoe-less foot is no fun...for anyone.

We store everything at STORED, you name it, we’re 99.9% sure we’ll have stored it at some point. Trouser presses, skis, guitars, trampolines, garden sheds, and wheelbarrows (a popular choice for many). So what’s a few more action men and unicorn-shaped bears to add to our storage units?

As your family grows, so does the collection of stuff that seems to magically grows without you ever realising. It could be anything: more toys, prams, clothes, shoes...children love stuff. And you know who else loves stuff? STORED.

We understand the value of storage, when space in an already filled house becomes a scarcity. If you’re finding it hard to free up room, you should consider the possibility of self-storage. And we’re not talking about filling your Vovlo Estate full to the brim with building blocks and board games, and ferrying it down to some storage centre in god knows where (probably Watford).

With STORED you can be on the sofa, watching Eastenders and within minutes book us to come round and take away any toys and other children-related items - and store them so your family has more room to grow. If little Kieran kicks up a fuss that his 18 strong Marvel collection has gone awol, we can return in whenever you like.

For other quick fixes, if you already have unused suitcases around, they can be great for storing seasonal clothes (and won't take up any extra room). Make use of your doors (we’re being serious here), you can build a display shelf over the door to show off your prized knick knacks, books or for more storage space in any small room. For the kitchen, expandable or pull out shelves are an easy way to add extra room without changing anything else or messing up the kitchen cabinets.

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