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5 Storage Problems Only Students Will Understand

We get the student storage problem. We really do. We remember it well - getting lumbered with the box room in student halls, and your mum declaring it ‘cosy’ or saying, ‘look what you can do with limited space’. Truth be told, you can do naff all with a room that size! Not even a lamp from Wilkinson’s or an Ikea bed set can help – but we’ll damn well try to make it.

Trying to fit all your belongings into a room that’s probably half the size of your bedroom in your family home is a tough task. So, let us introduce ourselves – we are STORED. We offer stress-free storage to the masses and have got a few handy tips on how to navigate the, all too familiar, problem of storage space in student accommodation.

1. No storage space

This is a big one. If you’re in shared accommodation, then you’ll probably have to share many aspects of your humble abode - from cupboards in the kitchen to the same caddy in the shower. Even though you have your own room, you may find that there’s less space than you expected or are used to. You can either get creative with your space (bang a few shelves up, go hell for leather with door hooks – at the risk of not getting your deposit back), or you could go down the STORED route of sticking the stuff you don’t urgently need into storage.

2. Sporting equipment

In your first week at Uni, you’ve probably been roped into signing up for a Sainsbury’s Nectar card, joining the lacrosse team and whatever that fit third year student roped you into putting your name down for. However, the only downside to joining all these sports clubs is the equipment you need to partake. Good news: all your equipment can be stored with STORED and we’ll drop it off whenever you please. Got a big game coming up? Just give us a call.

3. Trips home and holidays

So you’re hitting up Southeast Asia for the summer. Classic. But before you can sink buckets of mystery alcohol and feel the warm sand beneath your feet - you have to decide what you’re going to do with all your stuff. Contact us online, and we’ll collect and store your stuff until you come back bronze and broke - and we’ll even drop it off for you. Meaning you can head home, abroad or just about anywhere, knowing your stuff is securely stored.

4. Bike Storage

Just about every student and his dog will invest in some sort of wheels during their Uni stint - whether that’s a car or a bicycle. If you have a bicycle and you don’t have room to store it at your accommodation over the summer - stick it in storage, it’s a lot safer than that lamp post out front. We imagine you’d like to still have a front wheel and a seat when you get back.

5. Cost

We’re not going to beat around the bush here: trying to budget on a student loan is no fun. That’s why we offer great student deals on storage, meaning your summer fund stays intact.

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