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With fast-paced life and evolving technology, some things are better-left old-school. Cardboard boxes have been used for decades and are not going anywhere soon. They are cheap, sturdy, and recyclable, making them the first choice of every delivery service. 

The fact that a cardboard box can be recycled up to 5-7 times has made it a hot favourite for every retailer and business owner. Every day, items are shipped and delivered in cardboard boxes, which is why each of us usually has a stack of cardboard boxes around the house. 


Creative Ways to Reuse Cardboard Boxes

Did you know that cardboard can deteriorate over time? Do you know it can get damaged by moisture and water? If not, now’s the time to use that old stack of cardboard efficiently. Don’t store it for a long time; recycle it, or re-purpose it with creative suggestions. 

So let’s take out our thinking caps, wear our creative gloves and make some creative cardboard box crafts.


Storage Boxes

This craft is straightforward to execute since the boxes are already in the shape you want. Storage boxes are practical and highly functional; you can use them for literary anything. The great thing is that it takes very little time and effort.

Choose solid and sturdy cardboard, and wipe it clean with a dry washcloth. Once it’s cleaned, you can paste strong glue all over it. These storage boxes help organise toys, blocks, and Legos. 


Tags and Labels

Another practical use for cardboard boxes you can make tags and labels out of them. This might be the perfect craft if you have some old cardboard boxes that you think are not strong enough. 

Take out your cutter and draw a tag stencil; you can make it any size you want. Once satisfied with the stencil, you can go one and make as many as you like. Punch a hole in the top right corner of the tags and twine through them; voila, you are all set.

Not to mention, the tags can be put on luggage or gifts, and you can even write sweet notes on them for your loved ones. 



Organisers help make things look neat and clean. Whether you have official files and folders in secure storage or a pile of books at the corner of your table, you can organise everything with this craft.

You can decorate your cardboard boxes just like we did for the storage boxes but make dividers in the boxes this time. You can use as many dividers as you like to categorise your documents, files, or books.


Shoe Rack

This craft is a little time-consuming, but the end result is worth it. You will need 10-15 extremely sturdy card boxes; the larger the size, the better. All you need to do is to cut and fold the cardboard into triangular shapes.

You will then need to paste all the triangles together so that it starts replicating a honeycomb pattern. You can either use crafting glue or tape to stick triangles. You can also paint the triangles before pasting them together so that it looks pretty as well.  



This is one of the simplest cardboard crafts, and anyone can do it. All you have to do is decorate cardboard in pretty patterns and cut out coasters.

To make coasters more practical, you can add a layer of plastic beneath them so that liquid does not seep through. 


Stunning and Creative Cardboard Crafts for Fun Activity

Kids’ summer holidays are just around the corner. In fact, in many places, it has already started. We have compiled a list of fun and creative cardboard crafts you can do with your kids. It can be a great bonding time, and the kids will learn something fun and attractive.



With kids, there are no limits to imagination. If you have large-sized cardboard boxes, you can make castles out of them. Large-sized boxes of furniture, fridge or air conditioners will work best for this craft.

After cutting out the castle, you can decorate it any way you want. You can engage your kids to paint their hearts out. It can be a great way of letting out creativity and being as imaginative as they want.


Doll House

This craft is a little time-consuming, but the end results will blow your little one’s mind. If you have kids who love to play with dolls and dollhouses, make them a dollhouse out of cardboard. They will cherish cardboard dollhouses much more than store-bought.

Cut out the walls of rooms, and paint them in a solid colour; you can then paste these walls and make a dollhouse as extensive and detailed as you want.


Wall Art and Decoration

Do you have creative minds at home? We’re sure you do! There’s a fun weekend ahead that involves taking cardboard boxes and cutting them into small frame sizes.

Let your kids be as expressive as they want, and let them create art. You can then use this wall art to decorate their walls and fridge as a token of appreciation.


Pet House

Do you have a small pet in the house? Make a house for them from cardboard and see your children’s faces light up. You can make a cosy little house for your cat, dog, or hamster.

Make sure to line the house with spare clothes to make it truly comfortable for your pet. You can cover it with any light cotton cloth to give it a nice feel. 


Stationary Holder

Do you have those little cardboard boxes and have no idea how to repurpose them? Here is a crafty little idea, decorate those boxes and cut the above tab. You now have a stationary holder for your kids.

This stationary holder practically costs nothing, so you can make as many as you want. You can create separate holders for different kinds of stationery such as markers, coloured pencils, pastel colours, and so on.

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