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Whether moving to a new house or down-sizing your office, storing furniture in a storage unit is your best option. Storage units are generally considered safe; storage companies go out of their way to ensure that the safety and cleanliness of their facility are up to the mark. 

If you have some expensive furniture pieces on your hand and want to tuck them away for a few months, getting a storage unit at a good storage facility will help you preserve them. But hold on, you cannot just toss your furniture in the storage unit and return to your busy life. Furniture requires extra care and contemplation while stored to remain in pristine condition.

How To Store Furniture?

No matter the size of your house, you can make it look the prettiest on the block. You don’t always have to ornament it with fancy fixtures, supremely lavish lighting, and extra furniture; sometimes, focusing on the basics does the job well. 

Here are some tips you might need to beautify your premises, and they have everything to do with ensuring your furniture is kept in the right place, whether at home or safely in a storage facility. 

Make an inventory

No matter what your purpose for storage is, the first step you should take is to make a list of all the furniture pieces you want to store. You can easily divide your list into categories to quickly check and see what you require.

Whether you are sprucing up your living room and swapping all the old furniture or receiving some family heirlooms and want to preserve everything, the safety of your furniture comes first. Steer away from cheap storage units London and consider this an investment. 

Making an inventory will also help you determine the functionality of your furniture, what you will use in the future, and what you can giveaway.

Clean Everything

You cannot just pile your furniture in a storage unit and call it a day. Storing furniture properly takes time and a lot of effort, but it will ensure that everything will be in its peak condition once you decide to vacate your storage unit.

Make sure all the furniture is squeaky clean before you take it to the storage facility. Any residue of food, water, or dust that stays in the service of your furniture will damage it over time. Take out all your furniture in your backyard or garage and clean it properly.

You can use warm soapy water or buy a wood and leather-safe cleaning agent for this step. Take your time cleaning every piece, and then wipe it with a clean washcloth to dry. If you are busy and short on time, consider hiring external help and let the professionals do their work.

Dissemble Large Pieces

Storage costs London is not cheap by any means; you pay for storage depending on its size. When you rent a storage unit, you pay for every square inch of it; this is why people like to go smaller and rent a small storage unit to cut costs.

If you are also short on budget but direly need a storage unit, we suggest you dissemble all your large furniture pieces. This step is essential for the safety of your furniture, and it will also help you utilise your storage space effectively. 

After thoroughly cleaning your furniture, take out your tools and dissemble every furniture piece that can be affected. You can take apart your bed, dresser, Chester, and cupboard easily with a friend’s help. You will reduce the risk of bumping large pieces on walls and stairways and stack everything neatly in your storage unit.

Buy Appropriate Covering And Packing Material

Once your furniture pieces are clean and dissembled, it’s time to pack everything. You cannot place your furniture as it is in a storage unit without any packing or coverings; dust will start accumulating on it pretty fast.

Leather and wood both require care and protection while being stored. If you are storing wood pieces, buy a good quality bubble wrap to protect all the edges and corners. You should also buy a thick plastic wrap to cover oversized items such as dining tables, armchairs, or Chester drawers.

If you are planning to store your wooden furniture for a long time and you live in a place with extreme weather, consider waxing your furniture to give it an added layer of protection.

Choose A Climate-Controlled Unit

Now that your furniture is ready to be stored in a storage unit, the next step is to search for an appropriate storage facility. There are many cheap storage units in London, but they compromise on the service in one way or the other. We recommend not skimping on prices and only choosing the best when storing furniture.

A climate-controlled storage unit will be perfect for storing furniture in the long term. Extreme temperature can devastate wood and leather; it can get ruined by moisture, heat, and cold. A climate-controlled storage unit maintains a specific temperature inside the storage unit, no matter what temperature it is outside.

Organise Everything Carefully

Last but not least, the step of organising a storage unit appropriately comes. Furniture is often large and bulky; even if everything is dissembled and put apart, it may take up a lot of space.

The key is to organise everything carefully and take it as a game of Tetris. Utilise every square inch of your storage unit by stacking it. You can also ask for help from the storage unit employees, as many storage companies offer organising services for a fee.

The Final Word

Storing furniture in a storage unit might be tricky, but it is possible. It will take some time, but with the help of our above tips, you might be able to do it perfectly. And, when you do manage your home’s infrastructure and setting effectively, you’ll be the happiest in a quick time.

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