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Finding the perfect storage unit for your needs is an extensive task. It requires a lot of work and research but organising a storage unit is no piece of cake either. There are a few tips and tricks to make you an expert in organised and functional storage units. We are here to guide you with our storage unit organising ideas!

Cluttered space tends to give anxiety to most and adds to stress and frustration. If your room is messy and disorganised with things lying everywhere, then there’s a chance your storage unit might end up likewise. To avoid inconvenience and make the most of your storage unit, read further to understand how you can stay on top of your organisational game.

Declutter your storage

First and Foremost, Declutter

The first step is decluttering. Storing everything and anything in a storage unit just because you don’t have enough space at home or work isn’t a practical approach. You might soon forget things you have stored in the unit and repurchase them when needed. It will add to the existing clutter causing hindrance in your everyday tasks and functionality!

Before packing your belongings, divide everything into categories: donate, keep and discard. Donate anything that you haven’t used or worn in an extended time and doesn’t serve any purpose to you anymore but is in good condition.

Next, keep everything that’s not only valuable to you but serves a purpose, and pack it away. Lastly, discard anything broken or beyond repair so you have space to pack other purposeful things in the storage unit.

Create a Master List of All Inventory

Creating a list of all your inventory will save you the trouble of going through boxes to find something particular. It’s not only tedious but will cause a lot of mess that will be difficult to navigate. The advantage of creating a list is all you have to do is look at the inventory list and see which box/container contains which item.

On top of that, it’s difficult to remember everything you have stored in the storage unit, especially if you plan to keep it for the long term. While large furniture pieces, like beds, tables or sofas, are easy to remember, smaller items like electronics or clothes often slip from memory when stored for longer.

We recommend adding each item to a spreadsheet to maintain organisation and focused storage planning. It’s much easier to access and handle your unit this way. However, if you are old-school and prefer a notebook and a pen, go ahead and write down everything. 

Don’t forget to categorise them for maximum convenience. If you want to be one step further, you can also take photos.

Invest in Good Quality Bins and Cardboard Boxes

There’s nothing worse than having boxes deteriorate while in storage or falling apart when you move them around in the storage unit to fit them all perfectly. Investing in good quality boxes to avoid inconvenience is the best decision, whether short-term storage or long-term storage.

There are different kinds of boxes to store various things, like vertical wardrobe boxes, which lets you store clothes vertically on hangers ensuring they retain their shape and quality. There are clear plastic containers which are much more convenient than cardboard boxes. 

They are, however, more expensive, but when you consider their practicality, they are worth the extra cost.

Additionally, clear plastic bins make tracking what’s inside your storage unit much more manageable. They make it possible to see what’s inside a container without digging through it, making it easier to locate your things. Lastly, we recommend you choose STORED to be your storage provider. You will get impeccable services and can purchase all the necessary packing materials in excellent quality at affordable rates.

Arrange All the Boxes Strategically

As necessary as it is to pack your belongings with utmost care to prolong their lives, it’s also essential to strategically arrange your boxes and containers for easy access. 

As you start storing items in the storage unit, remember to start with large and more overweight boxes. Keep them first on the bottom towards the back of the unit, then stack lighter boxes and items on top of them.

Most importantly, never keep heavy boxes and items on top of lightweight containers. They will crush the lightweight and smaller boxes and damage your things if you do so. To create a stable base for lighter items and easy access, store heavy boxes and items like furniture at the bottom.

Next, there will be items you need to use more frequently, like seasonal clothes etc., and there will be things you won’t need access to for a long time. While you won’t need these items every day, you will be making trips to the storage unit to retrieve them at least once a year. Remember to store these items towards the front of the unit in an easy-to-reach spot.

Label Everything

We can’t stress enough the importance of labelling every box before storing it in the storage unit. You might think you can remember where you have kept all your things, but trust us, you won’t, especially if you have opted for long-term storage.

To avoid undue stress, label every box clearly and in bold letters with a permanent marker, so it’s easily readable. You can also use a label maker if that is readily available for you. Ensure the labelled part of the box faces towards the storage unit’s entrance. Having them placed otherwise will not serve the purpose intended.

If you wish to take one more step to make your storage experience more manageable, allot a number to each box and note down the room it belongs to and everything inside. The more specific you are, the better it will be for navigating the unit. 

It might seem time-consuming, but you will be grateful later when you won’t have to go through every box to find one specific thing.

In Conclusion

These tips will help you understand how to have an organised storage unit for easy access and management. To find a storage unit nearby, all you have to do is contact STORED. The team will help you find the perfect storage unit for your needs quoting the best prices in town!

Luckily, you can also compare prices and services offered by other storage facilities on the website, so you know you are getting only the best with STORED. It’s the fastest-growing storage facility offering premium features and incredible deals and promotions. Happy storing!




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