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There are many reasons you might need furniture storage — from the positives of moving house, refurbishing your property or downsizing, to the unfortunate practical reasons such as  divorce or bereavement.

With everything going on in your life during these transformative moments, storage is the last thing you need to worry about.

Those moments also come with their own costs so we understand you want an inexpensive but reliable storage option

That’s why we have created this guide.

We will break down the process and cost of self-storage, furniture storage options with STORED and furniture storage prices in 2022.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, there is no time to waste

Storing Furniture with Self-Storage

Photo by Théo Dorp on Unsplash

When people are trying to decide which type of storage they need, self-storage units are usually the first that come to mind. 

This option is usually more affordable but it leaves all the work to you.

Not only do you have to pack up all of your items but you also have to load and secure them into the moving vehicle, transport them to your new home and unload them. 

That can be a full day’s work and moving furniture requires some heavy lifting.

What if you don’t have a vehicle to transport all of your items? 

Well, there goes the affordability of self-storage facilities because now you have to rent a moving van.

Some people prefer self-storage because they don’t trust removal companies to handle their furniture with care but keep in mind if you are unfamiliar with moving furniture, it can be trickier than you think. 

It takes a special skill set to be able to fit all of the furniture into the moving vehicle and then to secure it all in a way where nothing shifts or gets damaged during transit.

The from The Self Storage Association UK, states that the average price for self-storage last year was £23.11 per square foot per year.

This all depends on factors like how big the unit is, whether you’re paying for extra services, and the quality of the facility. 

1. Location

The price of storage facilities will vary depending on the location of the unit. 

The city centre will be more expensive than in suburban areas. 

Central London will be more expensive than Enfield and so on.  

With self-storage units, sometimes you will have to sacrifice either an affordable price or a convenient location to get something that you feel comfortable with. 

It’s important to consider how far you are willing to travel, especially if you are going to be visiting the unit frequently. 

Saving £20 a month sounds appealing until you have to sit in an hour of traffic each time you make the journey there. 

It can end up wasting your money and time if you do not choose correctly. 

2. Additional Costs

It’s also important to keep in mind the additional costs that are related to using self-storage units. 

Like we mentioned previously,  most likely the storage unit will not be right next to your home so you’ll need to find a way to move your belongings from one place to the other. 

Professional movers will do the best job but will cost you between £30 and £50 per hour (per moving professional).

If you want to rent a van yourself, you’ll have to consider hourly/daily rates in addition to the mileage you will use

Travelling a longer distance will end up costing you more money. 

We have broken down the prices of several self-storage companies in the area to our pricing so know exactly what to expect:

3. Other Things To Consider

Some self-storage units are accessed from the outside while others have entry doors within the building. 

Some are climate controlled and some are not.

Accessing the unit directly from outside can pose security risks, while climate-controlled units keep the temperature and humidity of the room stable and prevent your items from rotting or deteriorating.  

These slight differences will come with different price points so it’s imperative to know exactly what you are looking for and if you might end up sacrificing something or paying more because of it. 

At STORED, we pride ourselves on being transparent about the price you will pay and what is included.

Storing Furniture with STORED

When you choose to store your furniture with STORED, you avoid high self-storage costs and save yourself a day of labour. 

We aim to make the entire process as simple as possible, from booking the right size unit to the delivery of your items when you are done storing them.

We are ready to take care of all of your storage needs. Here is what is included with our services:

  • 2-man professional moving team
  • Van and petrol
  • Padlock
  • Rental of 80L storage crates and packing materials
  • Standard liability coverage
  • Pickup and delivery services

Moving costs are expensive enough without additional fees being added in. 

This is why we believe storing with STORED is the best alternative to self-storage.

Not only is it cost saving but you don’t have to spend a full day lifting heavy dining room tables, couches, bedroom sets, etc. from your house to the moving vehicle and then to the storage unit.

Some storage companies will promote “free quote” on their website as a selling point but you always get a free quote with us as all of our pricing is broken down for you on our website.

Our dedicated team is ready at a moments notice via phone, chat or email. They are experienced and trained to give accurate quotes, understand your specific needs and get you the best price!

In addition, STORED does not require a deposit like other self-storage companies. 

Some storage services require a month’s deposit that you may or may not get back. 

With STORED, the price you see on the website and through our storage calculator is the price that you will pay. 

If you realize you have more items than you originally planned for, that is no problem—we allow you to change your unit size at any time after booking.

Pay only for space you need and since it’s month to month, it’s flexible for your needs so you will not be trapped in a long term contract. 

Whether you need short or long-term storage for your furniture, we have a perfect unit waiting for you to make things easier with your busy life. 

Furniture Storage Costs for 2020

We understand it is hard to estimate your monthly storage costs or how much storage space you will need, especially if you haven’t had to store anything before. 

That’s why we are going to break down two specific situations to give you a better idea.

Short-term Furniture Storage

The first situation will be short-term storage for a single bedroom house. 

This could be a single adult needing short-term storage as they relocate for a job or an individual dealing with death in the family. 

You might not have room in your home for the furniture at this time but you are certain you don’t want to get rid of it so short-term storage will give you the time you need to figure out how to move forward.

Once you select short-term storage, you will choose the unit size you need. 

For this example, we will use a 50 square foot unit that can hold furniture from a 1 bedroom flat or small office.

This unit can hold 1 double bed, 1 bedside table and 15-20 storage boxes. 

If you are storing different types of furniture you will have to estimate their size compared to traditional furniture.

The storage calculator tool can help you do this because you can enter custom sizes.

The pricing breaks down to:

  • £199 per month
  • £45.92 per week
  • £6.63 per day

You will be billed monthly and the return fee to have our team deliver your items when and where you request is only £29.

This option is great for storing things for less than 6 months but what about those situations that require longer storage?

Long-term Furniture Storage

Long-term storage is no problem for us and you will even receive a 30% whole-stay discount when you book one of our storage options for 6 months or more.

For our long-term storage example, let’s imagine you are moving companies so you have to relocate the furniture from your 2-bedroom house but aren’t sure about your living situation in the new city yet.

After selecting the 6 months+ option, you’ll slide the red marker to choose how much space you will need. 

For this example, we’ll use the 75 square foot unit. It can hold the furniture from a 2-bedroom flat or small office.

This unit can hold 1 double bed, 1 wardrobe/drawers and 25-30 storage boxes.

The pricing on this unit breaks down to:

  • £202.30 per month
  • £46.68 per week
  • £6.74 per day

This type of unit is also billed monthly and has a return fee of £29.

Wrapping Up

As you can see there are a lot of things to evaluate when comparing storage unit costs. 

We hope this guide has helped you fully analyze all of your storage options to pick the best choice for you.

Through this guide, we hope you view storage as an asset instead of a burden

If there is anything we failed to address in this guide, our team is always available to discuss storage options further.

Contact us via email, the chatbot on our website or by calling the office. We look forward to storing your belongings in the most efficient, affordable way possible.

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